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Kasolo urges ZNBC board to pay salaries on time as directed by the President

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo
Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has warned the ZNBC Board that he will not allow mediocrity by frustrating President Edgar Lungu’s directive to ensure that salaries for civil servants are paid on time.

During the 2019 Labour Day commemoration in Lusaka, President Edgar Lungu assured civil servants across the country that their salaries will never be delayed again.

Mr Kasolo’s warning follows a go-slow by ZNBC unionized workers over delayed salaries.

He notes that people have rentals and other bills to pay therefore the need to ensure that they are paid their salaries on time.

Mr. Kasolo has told QTV news that his ministry is concerned that an institution under it is not operating normally.

He states that it is for this reason that the Ministry through the board is looking for a new Director-General who is commercial-minded to maximize the asset of ZNBC considering that a lot of money has been spent on Digital Migration.

ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza’s contract has not been renewed by the board.

Meanwhile, Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information Disseminators (ZUBID) General Secretary Andrew Mpandamwike says the Unionized workers decided to go on go-slow over delayed salaries.

Mr. Mpandamwike says the workers want an assurance that the delay in paying them salaries will stop.

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  1. Money is available for him to jump on Appollo 11. Niel Armstrong. Bushe up to now talacika pa Mweshi. Awe pakokola


    • Does management choose to delay the salaries or funds are just not available when needed? I doubt they would delay deliberately. Perhaps what was needed was to query management the cause of the delay in the first place.


    • Pardon me who is a civil servant? You’re telling me in in this story that ZNBC unionized workers are civil servants. Since when?


    • Why’s Chanda Kasolo always warning people? How about just urging them them to ensure that psy is timely. These are adults and they should know their role.


    • “the Ministry through the board is looking for a new Director-General who is commercial-minded to maximize the asset of ZNBC. ” You wont find someone who fit this description as long as you refuse money from opposition parties. Political parties have alot of money and all you have to do is level the playing field and money will flow into ZNBC


  2. Zambian politics – interesting stuff 🙂
    Kasolo – You are government, the majority shareholder in ZNBC – I thought you are responsible for the staff salaries lol


  3. Sad indeed for our country, no one is being paid on time. Times not paid on time now ZNBC not paid on time how do these politicians think those workers will survive. Come election time they will intimidate and abuse those employees for their own personal agenda then abandon them afterward. You ZNBC, Times and other civil servants next time vote wisely instead of voting based on a song see now the consequences of your wrong choice


  4. Where are they going to get the money for paying salaries. Tv levy which is always abused? A major chunk of revenue would come from advertising but very few companies want to advertise on a broadcaster that no-one watches due to boring programmes & biased reporting.


  5. Kasolo should just shut up,he knows the problem is useless PF Government, which sensible business can advertise on “the Great Leader’s useless station”,just find the money and pay the equally useless workers…


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