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HH will Never Spill the Blood of Young People for State House

Headlines HH will Never Spill the Blood of Young People for State House

HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area
HH interacts with youths working in the Lusaka industrial area

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has ALWAYS been categorical, that he does not want; neither will he allow the blood of innocent young men and women to be spilt all in his name, or indeed the party has led since for many years, in the name of politics.

Recently, HH has been spending a lot of time with young men and women from all backgrounds, encouraging them to participate in constructive national conversations that affect them; reaffirming his commitment to investing in their futures.

The Premeditated Political Violence, which must STOP, is not what he espouses. It is not party of the UPND’s agenda for social and economic reform.

This young man should never be dead right now, however he has died.

This culture of militarized politics has never been seen in this country until the PF came to power. We are now witnessing the degeneration of our national politics on an unprecedented scale because we have an unpopular incumbent government that will deploy any method to hang on to power.

This is the culture of violence, intolerance, breakdown in the rule of law the Economist Intelligence Unit have been warning us about as our country edges towards 2021.

Our politics have become dangerous, wasteful, toxic, unproductive and counterproductive.

With a host of PF government Ministers in the area of Kaoma, acting for and on behalf of PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu and his quest to remain in power, the life of this young man should have been most safe, and yet it is patently clear that their presence in Kaoma did little to promote a peaceful election’s environment, much more than it promulgated deathly violence.

If we do not collectively act, particularly the youth, and refuse to be a part of a political gun subculture being openly perpetrated by the PF, where assault weapons are openly carried, brandished and used in full view of an immobilized police contingent, then we must brace ourselves for worse as the General Election season dawns.

The youths in the PF who have killed this young man have done so in the name of PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu and his quest to win the 2021 General Election.

UPND youths must commit and vow NEVER to spill blood for PRESIDENT HH and the party, principally because HH has refused to sacrifice the lives of the young and energetic for political latitude.

This is NOT the politics the party espouses.

The UPND is very clear around the principles we stand for. Propagating violence is not one of the reasons we exist.

If PF youths will spill blood for PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, HH will preach restraint – maximum restraint; even when the need to defend their own lives arises while the police fail in their duty, UPND youths will and must do so while exercising maximum restraint.

We must get back to civil, productive, intelligent politics.

The PF and PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu must provide the requisite leadership


  1. (HH) is ready to spill blood. He is ready to promote the African Gay Liberal Network. He’s ready for anything.

    • HH and Lungu please stop your nonsense….am appealing to all Zambians to stop listening to these useless Politicians…stop attending their useless rallies….stop giving your hard earned money to Pastors…..stop being brain washed..

    • Enemies of the people…Politicians,Pastors and the Media…..these 3 are the major causes of trouble in the world……and its strange that a white man who told us about heaven rarely wishes of going to heaven himself…but Africans/ blacks dream of going to heaven…..and they even give the little money they have to Pastors….Cleflo Dollar asked his church to donate so that he can buy himself a US $ 65 million jet….and the majority of his congregants are on welfare and they live in the ghetto….Politicians and Pastors are evil

    • And to show you that the media is evil…when such things happen its celebration time for them…just look at how the headline is crying for attention…..i repeat….Politicians,Pastors and the media…all useless and evil

    • Poor people fighting and killing each other while HH and Lungu are enjoying and living in comfort…eating healthy food….enjoying all the luxuries of life and some Cadres are willing to sacrifice their lives….just like have you ever tried to talk to born agains about not giving their money to their Pastors….same like Politicians…people are brainwashed and misled…someone is willing to die for Lungu and HH…someone is willing to kill his fellow brother for Lungu and HH….and the media is there to make sure everyone sees the grizzy pictures and spread the bad news

    • Just look at CNN…they salivate on bad news…look how they’re dividing people with their impeachment theories….someone might think Trump is already out of office….people back home are asking me how things are on the ground here in the USA because according to what they see on CNN…..USA is on fire…and yet everything is normal here…calm

    • Anthony Bwalya you are part of the problem…stop your nonsense of dividing and misleading Zambians…..why cant you just identify yourself as a Zambian….whats so important about being a Cadre….you guys are sick in the head…..Lungu,HH,Kambwili,Nevers and you Anthorny Bwalya all useless kaants

    • And HH sends the above picture to his donors overseas and the donors are convinced he’ll form government and more money enters HH’s pockets whilst Cadre Anthony Bwalya is busy killing his fellow Zambians……

    • This untruthfulness is actually extremely childish and boring.
      Yaba! I am developing a headache over this.

    • It is Not HH or LUNGU, The Zambians are the foolish ones who even Kill a family member for their stupid political affiliation. WAKE UP AND STOP THE NONSENSE, NO POLITICIAN WILL COME TO HELP YOU ONCE ELECTED.

  2. Am I missing something here? Why isn’t the name of the murderer in Kaoma released? Who are the accomplices?! Someone was killed and we are busy issuing position papers. Who killed the young man? Let’s get the details?

  3. Mapatizya formula was used by UPND long before PF came into being. Can the auther please do a bit more research and rewrite the article.

    • Misrepresentation of fact,the based on what UPND is suppose to be and not what it is.Remember mufumbwe it was UPND and MMD, and now it is UPND and PF,judge for yourself who is intersection here,who is common.

  4. Mr Anthony Bwalya ( aka I don’t know)

    Do you really understand HH well….?

    Take enough time understanding HH and UPND the level of which they are.

  5. Imwe, open your eyes, HH and UPND have vowed to do anything to try and get to plot one for one simple reason that this might be HH last election fighting. So anything that threatens his hold on UPND leadership is a big enemy to him and is ready to k1ll. Just take a moment and analyse the trend, its only when elections, bye-elections are held in UPND stronghold do we see extreme violence. This is a fact and you can verify the records. Whenever these elections are in PF strongholds, you never hear or see violence. HH is a bitter man, he hates to see the colour green and the question is why is this man so desperate for power? If HH is not handled carefully, he can bring chaos in this country, remember, he has a lot at stake, privatisation saga, gay supporter, and a perpetual loser, these are…

  6. contd
    If HH is not handled carefully, he can bring chaos in this country, remember, he has a lot at stake, privatisation saga, gay supporter, and a perpetual loser, these are big issues in elections that will forever haunt HH.


  8. PF as a party in power has all the authority to stop this rot if they wanted. Kanganja seems toothless because he fears for his job. He is not thinking independently and professionally because of the effects of the Sesheke issue where some police officers lost their jobs after doing a nice recommendable job on the unruly thugs that were imported from Lusaka.

    If I may ask a question: Why is it that violence is only committed in UPND strongholds and not PF strongholds?

    The reason is simple; UPND do not make that noise and commit that violence especially in those PF strongholds because they are not violent. PF feel they are beyond the law and can do anything. This is why they are are able to TRAVEL into those UPND strongholds and make that noise and become unruly, violent and…

  9. So sad. We need a major revolution to stop this criminality. This cannot come from political parties. We need to punish political parties that are violent.

  10. ….DO WHAT THEY WANT because they fell above board.

    PF always import cadres and these cadres fell they can do anything with the support of the “POWERS THAT BE”.
    If ECL and KAMPYONGO wanted to end this violence they would have easily done that at a single command. The only problem here is that they are not clean themselves, they are actually the proponents of the is violence. They speak PEACE in the day and ACT EVIL in the night. They support indirectly what is happening in this country.

  11. The one to blame for this madness is the commander in chief of snake eaters! All he needs to do is to do what Mwanawasa did! He empowered the Police and commanded then to deal with anyone engaged in political violence regardless of party affiliation! By retiring Professional Police Officers, he has inadvertently crippled the police and the Panga family (PF) has since graduated from Pangas to guns! When you arm yourself as the victim and open fire in self defense, they shift blame and instead arrest the victim instead of the perpetrators! Shameful! Time to show leadership is now! Can someone remind the snake man that he has been empowered by the people to make the pronouncement and stop the nonsense! The ball is in his court!

  12. HH and UPND must prepare to defend themselves, PF cadres are armed with guns and they are firing and Police are doing nothing about except to cover up the atrocities in fear of the president and PF leadership. What should UPND do in face of such helplessness, look therefore for means of defence equivalent to what PF is using.

  13. As Alangizi(the Counsellor) my only humble apeal to all my fellow youths in our country, we should avoid being used as a tool of violence, it is high time for you and me to promote LOVE, PEACE and start thinking big on how to create our own wealth through enterprenuership. China is developing because their mind set is focused on how should china grow in Billion Dollars. The toys, the phones, laptops and accersories etc are made by youths like us in China.They always dream how should there country develop, it is a shame and unfortunately that here in our country Zambia, youths dream how to be used as a tool of Violence, to insult elders in the leadership, attacking people, condeming business people, provoking a situation in a bid to be paid a K50, oversleeping, meanwhel our Chinese friends…

  14. Zambia is a christian nation. As followers of Christ, it is just wrong to start calling each other names or resort to violence as it will NOT take this country any further. We all know what the Government of today, (PF) under Edgar Lungu has done for the country and how it is still fighting for a better Zambia. It is only wise for all of us to work together for a better Zambia rather than fight neither verbally nor physically. One Zambia One Nation.

    Jona the ever aimlessly flying leader has Kaizer, & (Chimp)yongo, very seasoned Violent Brutes in his pocket, standing shoulder to shoulder with him to ensure they win elections & cling on to power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!
    The very fact that Jona NEVER sanctions his ever Violent criminal deacons in the shape of Kaizer, & Chimpyongo, is a sign he has sanctioned this violence, & is responsible for militarizing P.F Cadres.
    This is so much evidence when the Lazy one is out of Plot No1, & standing in the dock, before Judges, answering to why did he sanction & allow all the violence against Citizens, but did NOTHING to stop it.

  16. hey iwe Bwalya what are you talking about?? Has HH again sacrificed a young man? Why is it that whenever there are elections in the UPND strong hold there are horrible fights of maiming … why? Look at the elections which have been conducted in Luapula for many times… there is total peace and free campaigns for each party. HH has never condemned violence. in fact it was just last week he was encouraging the UPND youths to defend HH himself. Bwalya I think you must be dulll and after HH’s cash…you dont mean what you are saying.!!!

  17. this would have been prevented reason is simple police officers fearing to be fired in due course of protecting citizens

  18. The naivity presented in this article is unprecedented. It is this denial that has led HH to slide further away from plot one. Instead of admonishing these politically violent leaders you are busy exonerating them. Mr Bwalya your memory is either very short or you live somewhere on Mars. To the extent that you have not followed the violent nature of UPND in general and your HH in particular.

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