Murder in Kaoma: UPND confirms one cadre shot dead by PF

The UPND leadership led by Secretary General Steven Kakunta at UTH awaiting for news on the condition of cadre Lawrence Banda who shortly died
The UPND leadership led by Secretary General Steven Kakunta at UTH awaiting for news on the condition of cadre Lawrence Banda who shortly died

The opposition UPND has confirmed that one of its youth cadres has been shot dead in Kaoma in politically motivated shooting ahead of the by-election.

Both UPND Chairperson for Mobilisation and Strategy Sylvia Masebo and Party Spokesman Charles Kakoma confirmed the death of Lawrence Banda, popularly known as “Gaddafi” who was shot dead on Sunday.

“It is with a heavy and broken heart that I receive the news of the demise of a vibrant and committed youth member in the UPND, Lawrence Banda, popularly known by his mates as “Gaddafi”. Lawrence was allegedly shot twice in the head by a known PF cadre after they [PF cadres] attacked the UPND camp in the ongoing Kaoma district council by-elections,” Ms. Masebo said.

“I have personally known and worked with this young man and this sad news is really crushing. My heart bleeds at what our Zambian politics have now become under the PF and President Lungu’s administration,” she said.

Ms. Masebo said political violence has taken root and is currently at an advanced stage where guns are now being used indiscriminately.

She said the police, unfortunately, seem helpless especially after the recent Sesheke by-elections, where senior police officers were fired for acting professionally.

“The effect of that unfair act has now left the police scared to do their job professionally. And this has left the opposition party members very vulnerable to attacks by the cadres of the ruling elite who openly move around with guns .”

Ms. Masebo said the opposition members have no protection from the police, especially during these by-elections.

She charged that there can be no free elections under such a violent atmosphere where lives are being lost.

“My only wish right now is for the Police, under the leadership of Mr. Kanganja to stop downplaying these horrendous crimes being committed by the ruling party cadres. These are serious matters requiring the Police to quickly bring the culprits to book. Please for once let the law take its course. So many lives have been lost without culprits being punished and as a result, the situation is getting out of control. What will the 2021 elections look like?”

“My sincere condolences go to the Banda family for losing such a young member of their family. May you remain strong in the Lord. May the Holy Spirit comfort you.

And Mr. Kakoma confirmed that the UPND Members were shot by PF cadres in Kaoma in the head and was battling for his life in Kaoma General Hospital at the time the media statement was released.

“The UPND member was shot twice in the head after armed PF cadres invaded the UPND camp in Kaoma Central today. The PF cadres found some women at the UPND camp in Kaoma Site and Service preparing some meals and attacked them. One of the youths tried to save women from attackers. It was at this point that one-armed PF cadre shot him twice in the head. The bullets have not yet been removed by doctors at Kaoma General Hospital. Police have not arrested the PF cadre who shot the UPND member.”

“Meanwhile, as the news went around that there was fighting going on at the UPND camp, some more PF cadres mobilized themselves and on their way to the scene of the fighting, they met the UPND Kaoma youth chairman Chola Simwaba who was riding a motorbike, unaware of the fighting that had broken out. The PF thugs started stoning him. He fell to the ground and beat him up. In self-defense, he used his gun to shoot in the air to scare away his attackers. Police have now arrested the UPND member Chola Simwaba.”

Mr. Kakoma said, “As UPND, we would like to strongly appeal to the police to be fair and impartial in handling the situation in Kaoma and other places where by-elections are taking place. We would also like to warn the PF that starting political violence and blaming it on the UPND will not help them. They should stop it or regret it.

But Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja denied that anyone died in Kaoma due to political violence.

Mr. Kanganja stated that four people were injured and were hospitalized at Kaoma General Hospital.

He also refuted claims that there was an exchange of gunfire between the Police and party cadres.

Mr. Kanganja said one person has since been arrested and a gun has been confiscated.

“Good afternoon colleagues. The Police never exchanged any gunfire with anyone. Four persons have been injured and hospitalized. One person has been arrested and one pistol recovered from him. No deaths have been recorded,” Mr. Kanganja said.


    • Was it not last week we called on the snake-eating Commandos to go and disarm PF cadres in Lusaka? Look now what has just happened…..
      Lawrence “Gaddafi) Banda is a cadre from Lusaka, well known. He was shoot twice by PF cadres from Lusaka, also well known by Lusamba, Kanganja and Kampyongo.

    • Its not all about eating snakes in public. This is were the commandos need to control the situation. Police Has failed as ruling party cadres have become more powerful than them. Like this everyone will start moving with a gun for protection and turn our peaceful country into a war zone.

    • Why do people even waste time listening and hero worshipping these Politicians…whether Lungu and HH they’re not worth dying for…….Politicians and Church leaders are the reason why the world is up……they’re all greedy and selfish characters

    • People stop being misled by these Politicians…stop hurting each other because of there Politicians they dont care about you……they’re just interested in what goes into their pockets…they live very comfortable lives because of your ignorance…same as Church Pastors…..all useless

    • You killed your friend but do you know what HH and Lungu had for breakfast this morning….do you know what they will have for Lunch and dinner plus other meals in between….wake up people….boycott all Politicians….let all Zambians work together…stop identifying yourselves by party affiliations….HH or Lungu or Kambwili is not worth dying for….

    • Am non partisan…neither PF nor UPND,Neither Republican nor Democrat….they’re all the same nonsense…i don’t believe or hero worship Pators…I don’t believe anything that I read in the news and i only believe only a quarter of what i see on TV…and it being just the weather predictions….and am happy…so people try it and you see how happy you will be from the inside of your heart….your face will start glowing with love..

    • And you complain when South Africans kill you but yet you also killing each other in cold blood…Lungu,HH and the Media are dancing to this….its Champagne time in New Kasama and the State House….time to celebrate….and they wish more can be killed and more violence then Lungu,HH and the Media will be very very happy

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      Otherwise, It was only a cadre. Sacrificed! He couldn’t get a student from Unza nearly one year down the line.
      Lives of Cadres look highly dispensable.
      Superfluous, cadre lives are.

  1. UPND is a violent Mapatizya party. They are ready to unleash terror and death even on their on cadres. All in a bid to get (HH) Under 5 gay liberal to State House.
    Abash UPND terrorists!

    • I think Kabimba and Nsanda where better of importing machetes than container of guns of current regime.
      PF can collect all guns back within 2 days. They know whom they gave free guns and whom they sold to.

    • Can the UN and ICC look into this “senseless loss of life” before Zambia defends into another Zimbabwe. All those behind the violence and killing must be held accountable. Kudos and his group should be brought in for questioning.

    • Mr. Kudos my brother what did have for lunch. Meat bone steak from a python lol Kabili ni follow the Leader. When are posting an image where you are eating a snake. Hahahahahaha

  2. My short comment is that these weapons they’re using to sacrifice innocent blood will day be turned against the leadership. It’s very easy for them to simply say they regret the loss of life and offer condolences, are these people normal?

  3. 2021 will be the turning point for Zambia if the status quo remains! As The Archbishop forewarned is, we may lose our peace in 2021 IF cadre violence is not controlled! Let’s pay close attention to words from our Elders! Their words don’t fall to the ground! They have lived long enough to understand cause and effect! We can prevent bl00dshet by beginning to disarm ALL who call themselves cadres! It’s also time to fire Mr IG for professional misconduct! KK once said a Police officer who shows partiality in their discharge of duty is a danger to society! Let’s not allow two small political parties to take away the peace we have enjoyed for many years! The continued silence from the Commander in chief of Snake eating on violence is also not helping! Mwanawasa only said a word and the…

  4. May his blood speak to God as a testimony against the land on which his blood has been spilled. May his blood speak and those who rule and have power to bring justice and yet rejoice in the evil outcomes. May their hands, never be freed from his blood, the blood of Katongo, the blood of Chibulo, the blood of Ms Phiri, the blood of all those who have died at the hands of those seeking power or maintaining it!

  5. The head line said murder but thank God the guy is still alive we pray for him but pf should stop giving cadres guns don’t make Zambia like South Africa those guns one day will be used on you and your families.

    • It’s not only PF even UPND the district youth chairman on a motorbike prodiced a gun to defend himself. Why did he carry a gun around. Was he hunting? Well the point is whilst UPND is busy condemning PF over guns, them too are busy doing the same. All this stinks politically, why import cadres from Lusaka? All this was agreed from Sesheke sagga not to import cadres, but both parties do the opposite. Then the blame sagga follow. It’s rubbish. Both UPND AND PF are taking the electorate for a ride. BOTH these parties have failed to control violence and it’s for this reason that the public order act can not be removed. One thing clear Sylvia Masebo knows this PF assailant as she says “a well known PF cadre” she must go to the police and testify. As usual they fail to mention the name…

  6. “….they met the UPND Kaoma youth chairman Chola Simwaba who was riding a motor bike, unaware of the fighting that had broken out. The PF thugs started stoning him. He fell to the ground and beat him up. In self defence, he used his gun to shoot in the air to scare away his attackers. Police have now arrested the UPND member Chola Simwaba.”

    A cadre is able to produce a gun under those circumstances? That cadre must be a James Bond.
    And so it is admitted that some cadres are armed with guns?

    • The fact is that PF want to rig elections and UPND want to stop the rigging. When UPND tries to stop the rigging violence erupts. Then people who can’t reason say UPND is also violent. The fact is UPND is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they become peaceful, PF will out rightly rig the election. If they defend the vote fools label them as violent. I have advice for UPND. Fools will always say anything but do not be distracted. Do the right thing whatever the consequences. When you are right you are right and when you are wrong the best way is to stop it and do right.

  7. What do you expect from a corrupt theiving lawyer lungu who needs to stay in power at all costs ?????

    We have said, one phone call to kapoyongo from lungu can end this violence…………

    But lungu needs to stay in power st all costs….


  8. When you begin to have an alias like “khadafi” it speaks volumes of what it represent. Notwithstanding if a life has been lost that is very very sad. It brings me to my point. Why have we been so divided by two political parties we are prepared to kill, maime, daily insult each other etc. Is it really about just politics or is there something bigger out there? Can we stop this senseless killing already?

  9. The problem with upnd is that they don’t allow other political players to campaign freely in upnd strongholds. They attack others and when the victims defend themselves, upnd plays victim…!!! As a former upnd supporter, I know all the violent strategies that upnd plan during elections. Why is it that in most cases, bloody violence happen during by-elections in upnd strongholds only…?

  10. With unpresidented infrastructure building to the tune of a $17 billion debt , lungu and PF did not even need to campain in any elections……

    But the corrupt theif lungu directs and commissions violent PF caders through kapoyongo to make sure he stays in power……..

    By any way you look at it, this is a damming rotten indictment of failour by lungu who has had the most money at his his disposal then any president yet promotes the most violence ……

    • GMS

      Don’t be fooled by lungu……he is alpha and omega of PF.

      Lungu knows exactly what is going on.

      One phone call to kapoyongo from lungu can end the violence…….

  11. Terribly sad news! Just why should people be killing each over two people(Lungu and HH) who are already rich and comfortable? This is really beyond my comprehension. The late Lawrence Banda has left a wife and children who will never be looked after by PF or UPND. During MMD cadres would be violent but never to the extent of killing one another. We are being ruled by people who are not only stealing but also killing. Lord have mercy on this nation!

  12. “The UPND leadership led by Secretary General Steven Kakunta at UTH awaiting for news on the condition of cadre Lawrence Banda who shortly died” where did he ‘die’ in Kaoma General Hospital or UTH

  13. if this violence is not curbed 2021 will be full scale war in Zambia, I am appealing to PF through Edgar to ensure that this violence is curbed because to say the truth it is PF which will be on the receiving end because they are in the minority, I have seen this coming and please those in authority should act now or they will burn Zambia

  14. Sylvia Masebo is very right. Police are watching helplessly now for fear that if they act professionally they risk being fired. Very unfortunate state of affairs all because we ‘ve got a wrong person in plot 1.Every bad thing happening in the nation especially that which is being perpetrated by cadre-thugs the buck always stops at leadership

  15. This loss of life is uncalled for.
    Why do our people continue to follow politicians to camps. For what? Just turn up on voting day to vote your preferred candidates. Don’t go out rallying!

    On the other hand LT, did you want to say one PF cadre murdered one UPND cadre or should you have written that UPND was shot dead by PF?

  16. As long as only poor people’s souls are the ones being sacrificed
    in this political violence, things will only get worse. It is sad that under Lungu’s reign violence
    seem to be escalating to alarming levels. This is now a matter of national security,
    in case you country men and women did not realise.
    Lungu and a number of those around him are the real enemies to the well being and future of Zambia.
    I now pray that this violence being targeted at the youth should stop. Instead let this
    violence be at the door steps of the same failed leaders.Those of you responsible for,
    and behind the distribution of guns so as to consolidate your grip to power, may you
    start dying by the same guns…

    • The question still remains “why does this only happen in certain areas and not others?”. I personally blame the carders themselves also. Go to rallies to listen to the message, and then go home and digest it. If these foolish carders went to political rallies to listen to the message, they surely wouldn’t carry guns , pangas, catapults, etc. It is like going to the the bar, I am going to drink my ice cold beer, all I need is money and my transport to the bar. Equally, these carders would just carry a bottle of water instead of weapons. Anyway, the ball is in their hands. Otherwise, they will continue to slaughter each other.

  17. …Those of you who would rather set Zambia on fire instead of
    upholding democracy and peace may you be visited by the same sword you are living by.
    Some of you think that you are untouchable.My the Zambian masses realise what you are up to and give a
    taste of your own medicine.Please take a leaf from Yemen were top leaders are also victims of the same
    war affecting ordinary Citizens.May this be your portion you corrupt leaders who have not only become
    liability to the nation but a huge curse to.

  18. My question is that who provoked who, the police did their best to advice the UPND cadres not to use the root their opponents( PF) where, out of desparetion and knowing that its their strong hold they used Mr Chola Simwaba with a motor bike to go ahead and spy on the PF them provoked the situation.
    As Alangizi(the Counsellor) my only humble apeal to all my fellow youths in our country, we should avoid being used as a tool of violence, it is high time for you and me to promote LOVE, PEACE and to start thinking big on how to create our own wealth through enterprenuership. China is developing because their mind set is focused on how should china grow in Billion Dollars. The toys, the phones, laptops and accersories etc are made by youths like us in China.They always dream how should there…

  19. Politicians Stop trivializing human life!We are tired of hearing the same political parties involved in violence as if they own this country.UPND and PF Zambia is bigger than you and not the other way round.We are tired of you behaving like animals and small mindedness.I pray that justice prevails and that you dont get away with it either now or in future.Mulandu siuola

  20. As a concerned citizen ( Shooting star) with humanity respect we are all Zambians firstly, we should stop calling each others names if we mean to enjoy PEACE and SAFETY in our country. The party in power is trying its level best to create safe environment for everyone in Zambia so instead of starting a fight with the party in power we should be helping them to make our country a better place for our brothers and sister because that will be the most human thing to do. For what is worth PF has done its best for our country Zambia.

  21. WHY is it that violence seem to be at higher level when it come to elections in upnd strongholds. I think President HH must take Stoke of what is happening. We are told that their was two incidents of shooting in kama why is it the latest mr HH and upnd are only talking about one of the incident ignoring the one involving their cadre. This what makes violent to increase as it seem HH is incouraging violence from his cadres while correctly condemning ECL and PF violent. HH should for once come out strong on his cadres on the issue of violence. He should have a untainted a peaceful winning compaign manager and team that superseded the Katuba By election under the able peaceful leadership of Mr conelious Mwetwa.

  22. This is very sad. What happened with campaigning on issues? What also happened with the idea of not exporting cadres from other towns?

  23. Last time it was a young lady Mapenzi.No one was brought to Book
    This time it’s Lawrence Banda. so far No culprit has been brought to book
    How do you run a Nation like that? Ba Lungu naba Inonge Wina.
    These people who are being killed,there blood will haunt some one for sure

    • Talk of Penza, Tembo, Wezi, who was ever brought to book?. These stupid carders must just behalf and avoid being used (PF or UPND). Hope his support was not just ending in drinking junta and shake-shake.

  24. Under Lungu so many people have died out of political violence.If only Lungu had wanted there was going to be peace between him and the oposition. No So long ago NDFs(Kambwilis) youth chairman was killed in cold blood. Zambians will continue dieng at the hands of Lungu,Kaizer Zulu,Kampyongo,Lusambo,Kanganja and their compatriots.Clearly Lungu has failed. The unfortunate thing is Zambians are docile.But for how long will they stand aside and watch their country being set on fire. Lungu watch out….Zambians wont be docile forever. You are just about to create monsters out of peace loving people. You and your team end up just receiving impolopolo in your heads. Don’t say you never saw it coming.He who lives by the sword will die by the sword

  25. Both of you UPND and PF are stuupidy and useless. You are taking Zambians for a ride. Stop it you guys , stop it you mad people. UPND you must reflect as to why there is violence in your strong hold whenever there are elections. Reflect and think as to why coz people are saying you are the causer coz why is it that In PF strong hold there is peace and you as UPND campaign freely— eg in Luapula.

  26. As we are preparing for the day of national prayers and reconcilliation we need to pray for our youths in this country to start thinking out side the box, by venturing into enterprituership, they have hands, legs, and brains those energy the are wasting for causing violence can dig a very big farm land which can give then alot of their own money.

  27. Look at how poor the 3 UPND leaders pictured at UTH are…My God ……and you wonder why UPND as a party is so desperate to rule Zambia….Its due to very high poverty levels in UPND camp!!!!!Zambian resources will be in trouble should these broke niggas camped in UPND by mistake win in 2021!!!

    Back to the issue at hand,its bad that both PF and UPND have violent cadres and they import them from Lusaka.Surely,what was L.Banda doing in Kaoma? Gaddafi is a known UPND violent cadre based in Lusaka and UPND leadership took him to Kaoma to and fight PF.In the end this innocent has lost his life.There is always in UPND strongholds,why?It is due to UPND’s desperation for power!!

  28. There is always violence in UPND strongholds,why? It is due to UPND’s desperation for power!!!By elections in PF strongholds such as Luapula,Northern are ever peaceful.Surely HH can do better!!!If this continues,ECZ must disqualify Kainde from standing on this terror group called UPND in 2021 as we cant continue losing innocent souls IN Zambia for the sake of HH!!!
    HH’s UPND must know that they cannot fight a party in power and hope to win in African set up.Hence,let them avoid politics of provocation with a ruling PF because they will ever be on the losing side.Late Michael Sata while in opposition never fought any battles with MMD despite controlling Lusaka and Copperbelt.Mr Sata always advised his PF supporters to simply use a voters cards to teach MMD a lesson on polling day.At…

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