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Police nab Charles Chanda, daughter for fraud


UPPZ leader Charles Chanda and daughter Esther being taken away by police
UPPZ leader Charles Chanda and daughter Esther being taken away by police

Armed Police officers have arrested opposition UPPZ President Charles Chanda and his daughter Esther on fraud related charges.

Mr Chanda was picked after appearing at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court after taking plea on 20 of the 160 counts of obtaining money by false pretences.

Before his arrest, Mr Chanda 49, who is jointly charged with his daughter pleaded not guilty to 20 counts of obtaining money by false pretences.

It is alleged that Chanda jointly and while acting together with his daughter, obtained money by false pretences from over 120 people who expressed interest in purchasing the land situated near Kenneth Kaunda International Airport which he had advertised.

When the matter came up for plea before Magistrate Alice Walusiku this afternoon, counsel for the accused requested that the matter be adjourned saying he did not have an opportunity to discuss with his clients but the application was not granted.

Magistrate Walusiku has since set October 10th for continuation of plea.

UPPZ leader Charles Chanda and daughter Esther being taken away by police
UPPZ leader Charles Chanda and daughter Esther being taken away by police


  1. He’s the second politician cum businessman to share the same dock with his child after Kambwili. Guys please don’t involve your families in shoddy deals. Now inmates will be insulting you and your daughter at the same time. This isn’t good parenting. I hope he comes out clean

    • I also did consider buying land from this man. I have actually spoken to him a few times.

      Something did not feel right.

      I followed my gut instincts.

      In life, when something seems too good to be true, it often is not.

      My anger is that the police should have acted earlier. The people affected are in their thousands. Only 120 have sued him though. Some have even started building on the land.

      This case is messy and many tears will be shed.

    • This is the man who used to make those nonsense videos on Facebook pretending to be a very caring man….People watch out and guard your little resources….and he said he was a Politician….imagine….he once told me that he had a big piece of Land in Makeni 2 years ago ……kawalala

    • Why are all Zambian policians aged 49 years. All victims of political violence are 51, and football players are 22 years old.
      Three months ago there was a story of Freedom Sikazwe 49….

  2. Is there need for this armed response for such a case, surely? The police are always very visible when it involves opposition members – but when ordinary citizens report an ongoing serious crime, they say ‘no manpower’ or ‘no transport’.

  3. Well this is what we asked for. Corruption prosecutions. It is sad to see the lady struggle to keep her shirt closed and trying to elegantly disembark from the police wagon considering that tight ‘bontom’ pencil skirt and the wig flapping about in the wind threatening to blow off! #National dress elegant and better.

    He was obviously, raising general election funding…but went a bit too far.

    Rich, through greed, ……….today a felon.

  4. Not surprised at all. Ngulu, the snake eating Dr, once told us that six out of every ten people from a certain tribe are thieves. Stealing is an inborn hobby and their way of life

  5. This man claimed to have land more than the State or chiefs “sold” to many gullible people many still awaiting title for land he never ever owned. A simple quick check at lands will give you the result.

  6. A thug needs to be treated as such…he didn’t care about who he ripped off in the process the dota was number 1 in the scam…no other employee if any was nabbed

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