Standard Chartered to reward clients who open an account on its Digital Bank with free fuel

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered has announced that it will reward clients who open an account on its Digital Bank with free fuel.

To recognise Zambia’s Independence, which falls in the month of October, Standard Chartered has launched the ‘Total Freedom’ Fuel Campaign, which will reward clients with up to 25 litres of fuel. One simply needs to download the SC Mobile app, open an account and fund it with ZMW500 to stand a chance to win up to 25 litres worth of Total fuel vouchers during the month of October.

Following the successful launch of Standard Chartered’s first-ever digital bank in Zambia, the Bank has since introduced additional features to make it even easier to open an account within 15 minutes from the convenience of one’s Smartphone.

Last week the Bank announced that it is no longer mandatory to provide Proof of Address to open a Current account (ZMW20,000 limit) or a Savings account (ZMW18,000 limit) on the digital bank.

The Bank also recently introduced the SC Keyboard feature on the app, which allows clients to transact without leaving their social chat platform.

Standard Chartered launched Zambia’s first-ever digital bank in June this year, with the backing of Pompi – the Bank’s Digital Bank Ambassador. Within 15 minutes and from the comfort of one’s smartphone, you can open an account without visiting a branch. A Visa Gold Debit card is delivered to you at a location of your choice within 48 hours of opening the digital account.

The SC Mobile ZM app if free to download on both Google Play Store and the App Store.


    • They are feeling the pressure from people using mobile money networks. They should have offered a 3 bed house, it is a better reflection of their desperation, not 25 litres fuel

  1. Ha! I can fill up my own tank without putting my money in some extortionate system called RETAIL BANKING!

  2. I was amazed to learn that Stanchart has no POS systems except ATM Machines. You can’t use a visa or MasterCard on a Stanchart POS because there are nonexistent. When you go to European capitals even cabs have POS let alone restaurants supermarkets and bars.

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