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Campaign in peacefully, Davies Mwila pleads

Headlines Campaign in peacefully, Davies Mwila pleads

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila
PF Secretary General Davis Mwila

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has advised party members to ensure that campaigns being carried out are issue based.

The PF Secretary General has further extended the same message to other political players, adding that issue based politics yield positive results as opposed to acts of violence, which only hinder on national peace and security.

Mr Mwila, who was speaking when he addressed journalists in Kaoma District this morning says political campaigns have continued to bare a wrong tag, due to some members who are not following the right channels.

Mr Mwila said that the incidence that happened in the area on Sunday, October 6th, where a cadre was killed is very unfortunate, and must be dealt with, with the urgency it deserves.

And Mr Mwila has dismissed stories suggesting that the PF clashed with the UPND, adding that there was no occurrence of such nature.

He said it was important political parties based their campaigns on issues that affect the entire nation, as they prepare for the 2021 General elections, adding that it was cardinal at this stage to refrain from all forms of violence.

This week on Thursday October 10, 2019, the people of Kaoma District will vote for a Council Chairperson, in a by election, where the incumbent UPND’s Bindundu Mutti resigned to join the Patriotic Front in July, this year..

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  1. It’s sad the unnecessary resignation of bindundu mutti has led to loss of life due to by election. The height our politics has reached is very dangerous. Very ugly. Very anti development. We need change.

    • Please to Ba Edgar to stay and mourn a citizen who was murdered by PF. Bushe lishilu balya bamudala?
      I still can’t believe that such a tall grown man can go to provoke citizens in rural Kaoma.
      Did his first baby teeth start from upper mouth?

    • Mr.Mwila,please tell your Edgar that he is a failed project. He had failed on the economy, he has failed on electricity, he has failed on being Commander in Chief. He is good for nothing. The sooner we realise that this man who stole from a client ad was subsequently disbarred by LAZ is no good for this country, the better.

  2. Davies please do the same pleading to Ba Edgar not to go for campaign. He should stay in office and work.
    I plead with you Ba Davies, it is so childish of him going to provoke HH, and arrest for treason for mere council elections, a by-election for that matter.
    Ba Edgar is just bringing guns instead of food.
    Please please tell him to focus on his job and wife.
    Ukuteka imbwaa, mano.

  3. Mr.Davies Mwila your hands are red and dripping with Gaddaffi`s blood.You arm your PF thugs to kill and now you talk about issue based nonsense. What issues is your PF Party discussing when load shedding is 50 %,mealie meal over K130,starvation in many areas,no salaries for parastatals etc.Shameless and incompetent man. You will be called to account.These crimes will not go unpunished.

  4. PF should be concerned with not having an eligible candidate to stand as President in 2021. Time is running out yet they still in lala land thinking the law supports their current dream candidate. The populus will have the last LOL.
    Loving this quagmire.

  5. Violence is politically motivated. There are people who are benefiting from this violence. They can’t stop it. They issue cosmetic statements and nothing is done. These are not leaders, they are charlatans.

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