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Over 100, 000 hectares of land offered for refugee settlement

General News Over 100, 000 hectares of land offered for refugee settlement

Congolese refugees at Kenani transit centre in the Nchelenge district Zambia
Congolese refugees at Kenani transit centre in the Nchelenge district Zambia

Zambia has allocated more than 100,000 hectares of land to refugees, former refugees and persons of concern, Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has disclosed.

Mr Kampyongo revealed at the 70th Plenary Session of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, that Zambia has given huge pieces of land to refugees in the refugee settlements, resettlement and transit centres.

Zambia has three Refugee Settlements namely Mantapala in Luapula, Meheba in North-western and Mayukwayukwa in Western provinces, plus refugee transit centres in various locations, which include Lusaka.

The Minister stated that in addition to land allocation to refugees, Zambia has maintained an open door asylum policy that has over the past 50 years ensured that thousands of refugees are received, protected and assisted in safety and dignity.

Zambia, which currently hosts over 84,500 persons of concern, refugees, and former refugees, has a total area of 752,618 square kilometres of land of which 9,220 square kilometres is water.

Mr Kampyongo told delegates at the Executive Committee of the UNHCR that 76 percent of the refugee population is from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who live in refugee settlements and urban areas.

Mantapala which is the latest Refugee Settlement to be established has over 6,000 hectares of land in Chieftainess Kanyembo and was originally meant to host about 20,000 Congolese refugees.

The settlement was set up in 2018 as an integrated refugee settlement to enable refugees become self-reliant and develop their livelihoods.

And the Minister of Home Affairs has further disclosed that Zambia spends at least US$2 million per annum in personal emoluments for its officers, in charge of providing services to the refugee settlements.

He stressed that for many years, refugees have been part of Zambia’s national agenda, benefiting from a whole of government approach in the delivery of services.

And High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi commended Zambia for being one of the champions of the practical application of the global compact on refugees.

Mr Grandi stated that although most countries have made strides in responding to emerging needs of refugees, there was still need for close collaboration in finding long-lasting solutions to some of the refugee crisis.


  1. ba kapyongo, while we are still on this subject, please visit Kulima tower and kamwala and see how the masai plaiting boys have invaded our city. you really need to do something about it. the boys even have the guts of harassing innocent citizens sure and we are watching? let the immigration department wake up and do their work.

    • A lesson or two for Namwala and Namwalans (UPND) to learn from! South Africa and their friend HAZALUZA HAGAIN must learn from Zambia which has a big heart. People with little hearts (CHILDREN) should learn from this.

    • I am one for giving refuge to those that need it, and I am happy that Zambia welcomes them.

      But the size of land you are giving them is too big. How exactly did you arrive at 100,000 hectares? Maybe your maths is not good. Try again please.

      Zambians can not even afford land. That is why the land market is now flooded with conmen preying on citizens selling them land they do not own.

      The other thing is that I just do not trust you. What side deals are you lining up?

  2. In Zambia our leaders are very good to show off tht we’re good to foreigners than to ourselves. Today a foreigner can arrive here, tomorrow he can acquire land or refugees be resettled on Zambian land in seconds. But a Zambian to acquire a piece of land jst to build a hut, it a long story.
    So Zambians are more foreign in their own land. In Zambia, In Zambia, Chinese are selling land to Zambians, which a Zambian cant do.
    Leaders awee wake up ad don’t jst be selfish. Do your duties we elected you for.

  3. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. This is a good move to help out own brothers and sisters from neighbouring countries. One Africa one people!

  4. Tell us about the game reserves your fellow pf dogs have given themselves. You are a bunch of corrupt twats. My white wife was right about you pf thugs
    Glad we relocater to UK

    • Ba Neez, just remain a refugee in UK while British people are coming here in numbers. I’m not a supporter of PF or any political party but one thing I know is I have full responsibility over my life and what happens to me. If you didn’t succeed in Zambia chances are so high that you will still be in the position in UK and remain an employee even ending up nursing home if you know what I mean. Napita

  5. Luapula, province should consider Outside Help to divide the responsibility that refugee pause on the province.

    I hope other Provinces have reached out to Luapula, province to share the responsibility, because refugee; they bring different set of skills than natives, which can be key to creating business networks and knowledge diffusion.

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