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President Lungu Orders Zambia Police Service to Charge Civilians Found with firearms


President Lungu with Zambia Police Chief Kakoma Kanganja
President Lungu with Zambia Police Chief Kakoma Kanganja

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Zambia Police Service to ensure that civilians found in possession of firearms in Kaoma District in Western Province, are punished before elections are held on Thursday, October 10th, 2019.

The President has also warned that he will not allow the repeat of what happened during the Sesheke by-elections, as well as the happenings that occurred during the Kuomboka traditional ceremony a few years ago.

President Lungu said he was aware of the presence of the Opposition leader in Kaoma District respected the situation, adding that he, however, called for respect of the law.

President Lungu was speaking at Kaoma airstrip as he addressed scores of residents who welcomed him.

The President added that Zambia will remain a peaceful country, for as long as he was in charge of the country, adding that he will not allow the country to degenerate in lawlessness.

Meanwhile President Lungu reiterated that the Patriotic Front remains a peaceful party and he will endeavour to ensure that it remains so.

The President called on Kaoma residents to reject violence and embrace peaceful campaigns.

And President Lungu further urged the police to ensure it extensively investigates the recent incidence which happened in Kaoma and bring the culprits to book.

The President called on the police command to also ensure that order is maintained, and fairly address all matters reported to the department.

The President is in Kaoma District, where he is this afternoon expected to address two public meetings in Mangango constituency, to drum up support for PF candidate Ngebe Ngondo, who is contesting in the Council Chairperson by-election slated for October 10, 2019.

The other contestants include United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate Austin Muneku, as well as United Peaceful and Prosperous Zambia (UPPZ) candidate, Chuulu Maseka.


  1. I didnt even read this story,just saw the headline and typically nothing is gonna change,am sure am not the only one who has totally lost confidence in “Dr Lungu”,all talk….

    • The blood of the slain is on Lungu’s head. it’s his lack of real leadership that has caused the death of the departed. Remember the cops who were retired in national interest for apprehending PF cadres? These are the fruits. Lawlessness from PF cadres.

    • Mr president it’s time you put your foot down and let these cadres go live in prison where they belong. Truth be told they are pulling you down cause they dont even vote. How can one cadre be everywhere. They just destroying the part and you’ll see them on the other side when power switches. They are not human. To them its work

    • Corrupt clueless Lungu is the gangster in chief himself. He has allowed guns to proliferate in the country. What he doesn’t know is that this will open the doors to more shady foreign gun runners and criminal gangs that will totally destroy the image of Zambia, and make the country virtually ungovernable. Tourists will begin to stay away from the country, once they realize that Lungu’s gun totting thugs can shoot them at any time. All these guns falling into the hands of hooligans need to be confiscated and the thugs sent to prison. But he won’t do that, because the thugs are on his side. What a shame.

  2. It is very bad that it should take the Head of State to instruct the Police to arrest and charge people who commit crimes.

    Does the President also command them not to charge anyone? If the answer is no, then sack the top Police Command and appoint competent and professional men and women.

    • Chi Mugabe has sworn a very very bad seed of leaders who are gross incompetent, blood thirsty, corrupt, nepotism, tribalism, lack empathy … For instance a citizen is killed Lungu is not requesting the immediate arrest of the culprit/s.

  3. This is really sad! The president giving instructions like a Boy Scout! Where is the law? Kaiser Zulu shoots at people and Jonathan remains mute. Which civilians is he referring to?

    • 13th Desciple
      We shall soon reach a state where no one will listen to him.He even dreams of third term?I think even within his useless PF Party they have lost confidence in him.We should be talking of managing the man out of office,he cant win an election or lead,let him just continue partying and hope for him

    • Hot air ba Jona like Puff the majic dragon.
      Look around your own shoulder kaizer Zulu is a gun wielding psychopath and your own PF carders are an indiscipline lot.
      This President and his followers are getting paranoid by the day as the hush reality of a looming electrol loss becames more and more vivid.

  4. That man who was having guns in a shop is a PF cadre and PF cadres are not scared of the Police. The Police are under the control of Presiden Lungu and the PF cadres. It is for this reason that the Police ignored to take action
    Why should orders for the Police to take action come from the President himself and so publicly. Why didn’t Lunga call IG of Police and ask him to explain why he did not take action. It is because he is aware of the whole setup
    Conclusion is:
    Lungu is the Police, Lungu is the Zambia Army, Lungu is all the Ministers, Lungu is all the PF members of Parliament. In short Lungu is the Government and not PF. Lungu has taken over control of the whole Government machinery. This is what all Dictators do. Truth be told Zambia is a dictatorship big time

    • And those KNOWN cadres who insulted Kambwili in Luanshya are still not arrested? And you expect us to believe that you are still in control? The cadres run PF and ECL knows it! Stop wasting our time.

  5. Zambian laws should be enforced regardless of Lungu’s orders or lack thereof.Of prime importance is rule of law over rule of president.

  6. Don’t order the police to arrest the armed criminals, just give the freedom to operate without political interference especially from your cadres, then you will see how swift the police will work. The problem is not the police but political interference in their work. In sesheke officers were sacked for arresting cadres, now what do you expect them to do, they fear for their jobs. Let’s not be hypocritical.

    • So next time we hear from plot 1, I bet that will be either landing
      Or just about to take off.. nice one..

  7. God if our ancestors, our land is no longer enjoying the peace left by our freedom fighters. What is this? Show us where we have gone wrong . Please teach us to say no to evil. What is happening is so disheartening. We are no longer peace loving people. Deliver us oh Lord

  8. Is the solution to disarm Kaoma civilians or to arrest the murderer who is claimed to be a known of pf cadre? God help Zambia.

  9. My white wife is shocked at the level of incompetence in Zambia. She says she doesn’t remember it being this bad ever. Glad she convinced me to move to uk

  10. Surely 4 God sake when are we going to realize that this party called PF and its president dont mean well our Country. 4 how long are we going to pretend that all is well. The president knows that his party is the one that is promoting this violence of the worst kind in Zambia, but alas he keeps on giving out orders that dont even change anything. From the time of KK we have never experienced this kind of lawlessness in this Country, its only under PF and its leader. How many people do u want to die in the name of politics sure imwe bantu dont u feel ashamed, what is it that u benefit when people are being killed like that even when u know the killers but u pretend to issue orders. Are u God such u that u will not die one day? We may not be able to have powers and abilities to question…

  11. Hollow statements as usual. No robust action. How about addressing the nation and stating exactly what should strategically happen to get rid of his party’s violence and allow for a level playing field? Rule through violence is desperation – and does he need to be in Kaoma for a council chairperson election?

    It has in fact just ‘hit me’ that this is all for a council chair!

  12. State House bears direct responsibility for the breakdown of law and order in the country. The armed PF cadres committing acts of violence are under the direct command of Kaizer Zulu, the president’s “political” advisor and are funded by State House and PF. This is the reason Lungu will not fire Zulu and why the police are helpless

  13. Very good Mr President, that is the way to go, no violence by any party cadre.
    However, our problem is that politicians have destroyed and politicised all governance and security institutions, to such an extent that they now wait for your directives in order to carry out their duties. Sometimes they don’t act because they don’t know how the president will react, so unpredictable.

  14. So all these barbarism are happening in civilised, educated, Christian Zambia? I thought it’s reserved for only uneducated South Africans

  15. How long has it taken from the time he ate a snake connecting to the killing of an innocent man? God fearing have spoken about snake eating associated to the mark of the beast. The truth is that He will not do the killing but will do it through his people and he shall defend them at all cost.

  16. Vonse ni President to order people to do what they are supposed to do. No wonder these African leaders think they are semi gods.
    Next heading will be ECL orders fish to swim. What nonsense is this???? Both Prez & his police service are clowns!!

  17. If I was an officer protecting President lungu and Hichilema I would get worried about this development of guns being found at campaign rallies where either presidents may appears as it is now a risk to kill either presidents. I now want to believe a past story that HH will be killed by 2021. There is a lot of proof now that PF and UPND cadres can move freely with guns.

    Guns are issued with a license that has conditions on its movements as the police must always be informed when you arrive in a town with a gun

    These conditions are not followed and the police must enforce them for them to zero in on possible suspects should a shooting incident happen.

    As a citizen, I would get worried moving around with a gun knowing well that I am likely to face a murder case. The police need to…

  18. Who has brought this gun / machete culture? It is very disturbing and something must be done; it must be stopped now. No life must be lost during elections. Every life is more important than these by elections. God bless Zambia!

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