The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has advised Members of Parliament (MP’s) not to politicise the unit and distribution of relief food.

DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe says his office is saddened by the escalating media reports where MP’s are now politicizing the distribution of relief food, and are now accusing the unit, to gain political mileage.

Speaking to journalists in Kaoma District today, Mr Kabwe said reports reaching his office suggesting that the unit diverted some relief aid from Ikelenge to Mwinilunga, were not true. Mr Kabwe said DMMU has since carried out a vulnerable assessment report which is in public domain, including all identified districts receiving food.

The DMMU Coordinator narrated that the unit is targeting to aid about 2.2 million people, with its exercise having started in October last year.He disclosed that the unit in Mwinilunga District has so far sent three consignments of relief food in amounts of 200, 200 and 300 metric tonnes.

Mr Kabwe reiterated DMMU’s commitment to continue assisting vulnerable communities across the country.

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  1. MPs are politicians so they’ll always talk politics. Chanda Kabwe you’re the most politicized civil servant so you can’t accuse others. Just do your work impartially. The mere act of taking you to DMMU is an act of politicization. Just quit and join politics because you’re a politician and most of your deeds are politically motivated.


  2. Do not politicise hunger..Always the same story from the same people. Who has been politicising the hunger situation in zambia? Its the PF of course. Why stop HH from donating to the need if not politics?



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