Employment and Labour market policy launched

Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko
Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko

Government is contemplating on introducing the study circles at places of work, to enable employees understand the importance of their institutions.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Joyce Simukoko said it is disheartening that despite the country having good labour laws in place, very few people read the employment code.

Ms Simukoko underscored that because of the poor reading culture of the labour laws among the employees in Zambia, some employers take advantage and start abusing their workers.

She said this in Lusaka today during the launch of the national employment and labour market policy, 2018 labour force survey and future of work report for Zambia.

The Labour and Social Security Minister disclosed that her ministry will soon start engaging other stakeholders in a series of discussions surrounding unemployment, in order to come up with home grown solutions.

“Zambia has one of the best labour laws in the region but very few people have read the labour code. This is what makes some employers infringe on the rights of employees because they do not understand the labour laws,” she said.

Ms Simukoko further said the best solution to unemployment is through embracing skills development which move in tandem with the global labour trends.

And United Nations Resident Coordinator Coumba Mar Gadio hailed government for having developed well-tailored labour related documents that spur the country’s development aspirations.

Dr Gadio whose speech was delivered by International Labour Organization Director for Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, George Okutho, said the launch of the employment and labour market policy was a firm foundation to achieving vision 2030.

She cited the Seventh National Development Plan as among the national documents that are moving on a positive trajectory and will lead to the creation of one million jobs by 2021.

And Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Chairperson Cosmas Mukuka pledged maximum support to the Ministry of Labour and Social security in the implementation of the plan.

Mr Mukuka said the path which the ministry has taken to include ZCTU in its programmes, will lead to the economic transformation of the country.


  1. This Honourable also. No one notices her but five years from now we will discover that through her labour laws and policies she did the most damage to the economy of the country, far more than the sum total of unsuitable and incompetent leaders currently directing the affairs of the nation.

  2. We need more labour inspector’s on the ground to inspect this companies if they are complying with the law .most companies are not complying it’s take it or leave. .

  3. Employers do mistreat employees knowing fully well that those employees have nowhere to complain to for fear of Job Loses, I work in a place where I see a foreigner just waking up and telling someone to go back home and that is the end of employment, when such a person goes to complain at the labour office the first one to reach there is the abusive employer and once the employee goes to complain he already finds the labour officer is siding with the employer – Agly face of corruption, so where do you think employees can go, even if inspectors where to come to these industries they will just end up at the directors office and go away smiling without bothering to see the suffering that employees go through, anywhere I am learning I hope when my time comes things will change for the better.

  4. Joyce Nonde can’t think properly, it’s not because workers don’t read the Law, it’s because they are weak and you politicians have weakened the labour movement that employers abuse the workers. One day when the workers decide to speak for themselves there will be chaos. Can you move in and address these injustices now? And when it comes to pensions GRZ is the worst culprit

  5. On labor issues PF has worked.I know you’re not managing the country so well for now but on labor you deserve credit.

  6. There is need to regularly speak to union readerships at various establishments when concerned govt officials visit to know what is actually obtaining on the ground. Most govt officials end at management without engaging union leadership.

  7. Please distribute those labour laws and regulation to all employees in the country. You hide them and you are saying employees dont read… where are they??

  8. #Let_the_Truth_be_Told!

    Let every person be subjected to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God,and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed,and those who resist will incurr jugdement. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct. Therefore one must be in subjection not only to avoid Gods wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

    Issued by
    Moral Clarity Media Team

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