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HH accuse PF of splashing enormous amounts of cash in Kaoma


Hakainde Hichilema siad that the people are not intimidated by the PF gun culture anymore because their most dangerous weapon is a vote and this will be exercised this Thursday by Kaoma residents just like the people of Sesheke, Katuba, and Roan did.
Hakainde Hichilema said that the people are not intimidated by the PF gun culture anymore because their most dangerous weapon is a vote and this will be exercised this Thursday by Kaoma residents just like the people of Sesheke, Katuba, and Roan did.

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has accused the PF of splashing enormous amounts of cash in Kaoma ahead of tomorrow’s Council Chairperson by election.

Mr Hichilema says this is in addition to the government resources at their disposal.

He has questioned where the PF are getting the money from which they are dishing out to the electorate to entice them to vote for the ruling party.

Mr Hichilema has however urged the voters to take the money but vote with their conscience.

Meanwhile the Human Rights Commission has urged the Police to arrest and bring to book the people behind the killing of a UPND member in Kaoma.

Human Rights Commission spokesperson Mwelwa Muleya says it is disheartening that no arrest has so far been made in connection with the killing despite the police being aware of who the culprits are.

Mr Muleya has challenged the police to be firm and stop waiting for instructions from the President to act.

He said it is unacceptable that a life could be lost in a democratically agreed process of choosing Leaders.


  1. I’ve been to Kaoma several times but I have seen such a number of people. Without the Barracks I don’t know how the rural town would be. So when Hichilema accuses the PF of spending a lot of money in Kaoma he’s also telling himself. It can’t cost 20pin to gather such a number of people, most of whom don’t even reside in the area and are not voters. This is self-deception

    • Meant to say that I have never seen such a number of people. This isn’t a campaign but a show of mighty between the Freemason and the Drunkard

    • I’m very much confused, because there was a claim yesterday that he was blocked by the police and failed to campaign. Where is this news coming from now? Ba reporter stick to the truth.

    • If you worked for the money you can’t be dishing it out just like that. Money is earned, only thieves dish out money like that. They never felt how it is to earn it because they just steal it from public confers. Hence they can afford to just dish it out like that. That is PF for you.

    • He never uses his money.
      It’s kind’a conditional.
      It’s kind’a weird.
      It’s kind’a whacky.
      He is just a fake.

  2. I am confused here, was he not blocked by Police. How did he manage to campaign? Mr under5 you can equally dish out cash and kill a few cows. This is the only time electorates can benefit from Politicians. The next time they will see you and ECL will be in 2021 assuming no other bye elections occurs.

  3. We have heard PF is splashing enormous cash according to you well it’s fine let villagers benefit too.but UPND should preach about peace in the country.

  4. It’s a rich party full of rich hardworking members. What you expect? We are ballers. If money grows on trees we are a vine yard

  5. Where are the pictures for the Presidential campaign? We want to predict the winner, and also to explain the violence.
    We know both UPND and PF are violent and we know that both have armed cadres, and the one who fires first can give us a clue of who has the most at stake in the election either by losing or by winning.

  6. HH is not even concerned about the death of a UPND member because his name is Banda. Why is oval head full of lies. Crowd puller in Kaoma for oval head is normal. I don’t even know why PF waste time campaigning in southern province. Southern Province is possessed with tribalism and withcraft.

  7. Zambia needs to enact a constitution where the citizens vote for a party instead of individuals. What that will do is a situation where elections are held after 5 years. If someone dies, is fired or defects the party simply replaces them without having fresh elections. It will reduce amounts of money used for elections as well as the ever charged political environment.

  8. Poverty will make you loose Objectivity, Our People will easily be bought because we are in the midst of hunger and Poverty, this enducement may be done by HH or ECL but its still Vote Buying.

    Offcourse Money can be given but beyond the colosul amounts of money being given to our People, It should be about the Candidate and not the Political Party, the Candidate’s Capability.

    Offcourse, Comrade President HH may have a good vision for the Good People of Kaoma but does he have a good candidate to help him achieve taht? Offcourse Comrade President ECL can be a humble leader, yes it is good to have a humble leader but how are directly benefiting as Kaoma.

    Personally Coming from Kaoma, I will ensure that I, my household, the christian community and my Family Members and all my…

  9. HH tell your people to get that money but also tell them who to vote for.Afterall, it is their money and this is an opportune time to eat it

  10. Crowds is a deception cos we have
    Seen these all these years.Results is
    More important then crowds.How
    Many rallies have we seen with all
    The crowds.

  11. Naimwe ba HH be mature… Sata never cried over the MMD lavish dishing of money to people, he just told people ” the thieves are now giving you back your money, get and ask for more for its your money”. You saw how people were lining up for money and chitenges but at the end they voted MMD out though.
    Now you HH…. awe kuwayawaya fye.

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