President Lungu directs RTSA and Zambia Police to quickly remove broken down vehicles from Roads

President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and the Police force to frequently check on the roads, and ensure that all broken down vehicles are cleared from the roads, as they pose a danger to other motorists.

“RTSA and Police must develop a culture of clearing roads of vehicles that have broken down. It’s sad that people perished because a truck was left on the road for a long time,” the President said.

This follows the accident involving a broken down vehicle on the road which led to the deaths. President Lungu expressed sadness over the death of Catholic Choir members who perished in a road traffic accident along the Kitwe Chingola road yesterday.

The President who described the death as tragic and disturbing has since sent a message of condolence to the bereaved families and the entire Catholic fraternity.

The Head of State has further extended a message of goodwill to families of those who are nursing injuries and has since wished the injured a quick recovery.

And the President Lungu has sent a message of condolence to the family of Patriotic Front (PF) member, Petronella Bowa who died on Monday, after an illness.

Dr Lungu said Ms Bowa was a dedicated member of the party who will be missed for her commitment and contribution to national development.

“Ms Bowa was a hardworking and passionate woman who died at a tender age. She was a good party mobiliser who will be greatly missed,” the President said.

This is contained in a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Special Assistant to the President Press and Public Relations, Isaac Chipampe.


  1. Ignorant, clues, drunk president….
    How on earth did Zambia end up with his man….?
    Does he realise not a single person obeys his directives?

    • Fellow Zambians. We really need a competent president, and not what we currently have in State House. We don’t deserve this mediocrity. It doesn’t matter what party the president comes from. But he/she has to be competent. Lungu wouldn’t even qualify to be a dog catcher, and he knows it. We deserve better than this. The country can’t be running on Lungu’s directives alone. It just shows that something is terribly wrong in the country. Our neighboring countries, such as Botswana and Tanzania, are progressing in development while we’re stuck with this corrupt, clueless guy. Vote this clown out in 2021. We deserve better.

  2. ìgnorant, clueless drunk president
    How did Zambia end up with this man as a president?

    Does he realise no one obeys his directives?

    • Even the f00lish cadres do not listen to him when he tells them to tone violent. He is a good for nothing president. He stole from a client and was disbarred by LAZ. What do you expect

    • Your excellency President Lungu, are there not hundreds of more critical matters for you to attend to than this? Why do you have a minister of home affairs?
      You are behaving like a minister who has nothing to do. A bit like being minister of religious affairs. No sir, you are the president. Please focuss on dealing with real issues that are presidential.
      There is grand corruption and theft, and yet you are passive. People have been killed by police and PF cadres, and your response has been weak.
      People have raised concerns about cheap fire truck bought at more than three times their price and you have kept silent as a grave. You even fire Lucky Mulusa because he called them what they are – wheelburrows. Awe ba kateka.

    • Ordinarily, RTSA need not be told how to work, they must be preaching to the president how they work.
      It’s highly unprofessional for RTSA to be told to work.
      RTSA should take action.

    • Ignorant and clueless is when you insult the President of today who has done nothing but bring development and peace to the Zambian People. It’s time for the Zambian people to realize that PF Government is doing it’s level best to sure the peace and safety of the Zambian People , It’s time for you to understand that you as Zambian people of this country that you must define PEACE and UNITY in our country by appreciating the Government of today because that’s the beauty of the Zambian People.

      If i am not for myself who will be?
      If I am for myself alone, who am I?
      If not now, when? And if not you then who? We need the undying love for Zambian people.

    • @ 1.5
      So to you Pompos, everyone who does not agree with you is Tonga or Lozi? Are you from hello to harbour such pernicious hatred? Guess what, Tongas, Lozis and the Northwestern cousins will never give thieves a vote until all their haters choke to death! That is silent treatment for losers like pompos! Don’t mistake people’s silence for weakness! It’s just that they don’t have time for f00l$! Stealing is an abomination in Northwestern Rhodesia! Grow up!

    • Wondering just how he thinks. Everything is directing and directing. Findout why the vehicles are not removed quickly, than just giving directives, RTSA and Police sure do have a reason for not being quick

    • Mr president, you have too much on your plate. Every time you issuing directives . What are your PS and ministers doing. Try my style, dont issue anymore directives, just fire and hire new ministers.

    • This is where we have ended up with a distance from Lusaka to Kitwe being more hours than normal. I was in Zambia recently where i was driving from Lusaka one day i left for Kitwe around 12noon i did not arrive in kitwe until after 8pm. You can not over takein this one lane road and its terrible. getting into Kabwe is a disaster and get out heading to Kapiri mposhi is another story. From Kapiri Mposhi heading to Ndola same story. I wonder when they will start working on the 1.2 Billion dollar road they mentioned last time but people are still paying for Toll road. let me stop here its not helping.

  3. Lungu too many orders are we in a military of police state. You cannot be ordering people around, why don’t you go consult with them first. Go talk to people find out if they have other issues that’s causing the issue like lack of equipment

  4. Isn’t that just common sense?! Rwanda has just made the first African smart phone for crying out loud! Can’t you direct a more comfortable economic model for entrepreneurs to grow and trade on a global scale, address the hunger issue, block the resource abuse by the Chinese, combat climate change… Please put your time to more pertinent issues Mr president!

  5. All institutions of governance and law enforcement have been destroyed by the politicians themselves, leaving incompetent skeletons which wait for political directives.
    Did we have to lose lives in order to remove broken down trucks from our roads?. This is what is called politicising issues, when votes are the prime objective. We see it in all leaders including HH.

  6. RTSA owes Zambian taxpayers an apology and an explanation as to why they’re not doing their job.Lungu or no Lungu the job MUST be done.

  7. A wellsoon there will be a call for the supply of 42 accident clearing and towing trucks at 42 million $ but insured for 250 zmk to “ implement” the presidential order to tow broken down vehicles and also a mobile crane and helicopter all at 100 million $ each to airlift heavy duty broken down trucks. Don’t forget a car crusher as well.

  8. Issuing directives every where because every where systems are not working….

    Why are systems not working ??

    Because he surrounds himself with advisors like freedom sikazwe and the terrorist KZ……..

    • You have missed it HAGAIN! The WASTE President Hever was MWANAWASA. Mr. President stay focused, Sir and develop this thing! Under FIVE is UNELECTABLE. He is a leader of a TRIBAL UNION called UPND.

  9. Worst president on earth… thieving lawyer wanna be who stole from a widow and now stealing from all the Zambian people.. Jona Meno Meno scatter teeth

  10. It is stupidity of the highest order for RATSA and the Police in Chingola to wait for a Presidential directive to to act clear broken down vehicles on our roads that are causing unnecessary deaths to our people. The accident in Chingola could have been prevented had RTSA and Chingola Police adopted a Pro-active approach. How can a broken down truck be packed in the middle of a busy highway for over a week and three (300) metres from the check point and police are just watching. The Chingola Police Chief and Chingola RTSA Head must be fired to set a precedent for consequences of such incompetence and criminal negligence. The check point is just 300 metres from where the accident happened. Ukutemwa ukuposafye amano mukulyamo mu ma trucks instead of doing the needful duty. This country…

  11. So everyone now has to be directed by ECL to perform their duties? Let him through his press aid direct me to continue funding my side chick, she has lately been complaining of lack of funding from me.

  12. While the broken down truck contributed, the other driver was at fault too. What speed was he doing to fail to stop after noticing the truck.
    We need to improve the training for drivers in Zambia. Many people drive carelessly because they did not go through proper training.

  13. Lungu always giving orders reveals weaknesses in his GRZ that institutions have been weakened to serve the “big man” culture.

  14. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    The entire country that operates on presidential directives and orders. What a shame! Shouldn’t he sit with his ministers and formulate policies which should then be implemented by those lower than his position. I have lost count on the number of directives he has issued this year (maize; load shedding; broken vehicles; etc.). This is a really bad sign that things are not working. An entire president should have to make so many public orders for a government to operate/function… he might as well fire everyone so he could be a minister for all government institutions (they used to call it ‘minister without portfolio’).
    What a failed project this is!

  15. Patriotic Man. I love my country.. righteousness makes a nation great , sin is a disgrace to any people.

  16. Work culture in this country is damn poor that it has to take ECL to say something..REALLY. We see a lot of broken down trucks , busses, small cars on our roads and some of them dont even know where to place triangles to alert other motorists..MTSRIEP..Wake up RTSA

    • “When HAZALUZA HAGAIN becomes President, Zambia will be like JAPAN!” Larry Mweetwa Chairman of a TRIBAL GROUPING called UPND. INCOMPOS.

  17. The only work RATSA knows is mounting roadblocks to check for licenses they even fail to print. Very hopeless characters. To buy Road Tax takes the whole day as their archaic internet breaks down every 10 minutes. They are only good at buying latest vehicles and drinking beers in those vehicles.

  18. why are you all condemning Lungu? are you not the same chaps who were dancing dununa not so long ago? awe bane lets be real. infact ine i will vote for PF in 2021 so that you feel how we are feeling right now!!

  19. In Management Theories, Ba Chagwa is a classical busket case of a bad manager! This is micromanaging on his part! Why does he have Ministers, directors and commissioners if he has to be the one to do the work? A good manager would have fired a number of people for negligence of duty but ours wants political mileage out of every situation! We know his relations with the catholic community has not been well in the recent past and he seems to want to reach out to the Catholic vote using this tragedy of his making! He has not created a conducive work climate for his Subordinates to work freely! They are all afraid to do their work for fear they may make mistakes and get fired! So they would rather be in survival mode and boot lick!

  20. It is time to hire professional safety officers at rtsa. There are hundreds if not thousands of safety hazards on our roads. Many of our roads have no street signs and nobody seems to care.road traffic safety should not be about radar guns and catching speeding motorists, it should be about noting all traffic safety hazards and advising those responsible to remove those hazards. And road traffic is not just motorists, it includes cyclists and pedestrians. Rtsa do something with your officers, either train them in safety or hire officers that know safety and have them go out and conduct safety inspections on our roads.

  21. It is very sad. The respective government departments, and responsible Ministries are overworking and overwhelming the President. He does not need to be the one to tell them what they should be doing. If he is the one who has put restrictions on them, then he needs to give them express authority to do their jobs, otherwise he should sack them and give their jobs to other qualified Zambians, and there are a lot of Zambians who will lick those jobs.

  22. There is something very wrong within the chain command of the govt. I notice that it is now the president who is telling various officers responsible for different portfolios how to carry out the duties which they were employed to do. This brings out two vivid scenarios. One is that very incompetent officers have been employed or the officers employed have realised that no one can whip them for not doing what they are employed to do. Unfortunately either of the scenarios are costing Zambia heavily.The situation is very frightening. We have reached a stage where it does not matter which party you belong to but to be a patriotic Zambian and save Mother Zambia.

  23. Now you see why that guy is finding excuses to fly all over the place – BECAUSE fo.ols employed in positions are just relocating themselves from their homes to office and back home until someone DIRECTS them to do their jobs. What a useless state of affairs! Atase bane! Ifyabupuba!


  25. I absolutely concur with ANGONI.
    Most corrupt of all the government employees are traffic police who instead of bringing sanity on our roads have resorted to daily practice of corruptly extorting money from motorists especially taxis and minibuses.with such audacity that the police consider it their right to corruptly fill their pockets.

  26. This has happened in Zambia for years. We need professionals heading departments in the nation. There are too many people that think everything is automatic.

  27. President should have summoned rtsa and asked why that broken down vehicle was on the road and caused an accident, not to tell rtsa officials how and when to do their job. Some rtsa official should have been charged for this.

  28. Directive
    1. Home affairs Minister and Investigative agencies directed to find owner of the 48 houses.
    2.Kanganja directed to deal with the situation in Kaoma.
    3. Kanganja directed to arrest the killer of a man in Kaoma.
    4. RTSA directed to remove broken vehicles from the roads
    5. I’m now tired I can’t continue anymore counting these directives mwee

  29. In the event that Kaizer is in the field, no directive will be given. It will be open season… so these directives are given when an all-clear has been given.

  30. I pulled over on the highway to reset my gps and within less than 2 minutes a state tow truck pulled behind me to see if I needed any help.
    Grz or Ratsa needs to subscribe to a satellite system and be able to monitor road conditions. Government can then encourage or facilitate for private businesses in the districts to acquire tow trucks for the job.

  31. A dictatorship is a government or a social situation where one person makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone else. Dictatorship implies absolute power — one person who takes control — of a political situation, a family, a classroom or even a camping expedition


  32. Zambia is a dictatorship government or a social situation where Edgar Lungu (one person makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone else). Dictatorship implies absolute power — one person who takes control — of a political situation, a family, a classroom or even a camping expedition

    Below is a list of dictators
    Adolf Hitler Dec. at 56 (1889-1945) …
    Joseph Stalin Dec. at 75 (1878-1953) …
    Mao Zedong Dec. at 83 (1893-1976) …
    Benito Mussolini Dec. at 62 (1883-1945) …
    Pol Pot Dec. at 73 (1925-1998) …
    Kim Jong-il Dec. at 70 (1941-2011) …
    Saddam Hussein Dec. at 69 (1937-2006) …
    Robert Mugabe age 95
    Lungu Edgar, Ba Koswe mu poto now turned snake eater of Rhodesia, his Royal ya muyaya, Emperor Bokasa of Zambia

  33. Some policy guidance only come after it affects political party in power. Any connection to the accident which happened in Serenje when an Army bus which was ferrying PF cadres careered off the road and claimed some lives.

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