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South Africa is now safe for business


Njabulo Nzuza
Image: Gallo Images / Beeld / Cornel van Heerden

South African Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Njabulo Nzuza says Zambians should not be afraid to conduct businesses in that country because peace has been restored, following the reported attacks on foreign nationals.

Mr Nzuza assured the Zambian Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo that South Africa is now safe for Zambians to enter and conduct any business without being attacked.

The South African Minister said it was important for the two countries to continue collaborating and enhancing the bilateral relations that have existed since the pre and post-Independence period.

He said close collaboration between the two countries is vital and hinted that his office will ensure that before December this year, a structured engagement with Zambia will be organised in order to have a framework in place.

Mr Nzuza said South Africans have no problems dealing with their Zambian counterparts in either trade or any other area of engagement.

He has since confirmed his country’s participation at the 5th International Conference for African Ministers responsible for civil registration and vital statistics which Zambia will host later this month.

He said South Africa will send the Minister of Home Affairs to support Zambia as it hosts the conference, to take place from October 14th to 18th October, 2019.

And Zambia’s Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo noted that there is need for Zambia and South Africa to continue building on the strong foundation initiated by the country’s founding fathers when they liberated the two nations.

Mr Kampyongo said maintaining enhanced cordial and mutual relations between the two nations is one way that can be used to build on the foundation of the forefathers.

The Minister said failure to maintain cordial and mutual relations between the two countries would be betrayal to the forefathers who fought for political emancipation for both countries.

Mr Kampyongo and his South African Counterpart held a bilateral meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on the sidelines of the 70th Session of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commission for Refugee.

He stressed the need to enhance ties between the two countries by having bilateral engagements and putting up frameworks to regulate the interactions and trade between the two peoples.

He stressed that even as the two countries collaborate to create a conducive environment for trade across borders, there was need to be vigilant of the criminal minds who may want to take advantage of the process.

Zambia will host the 5th International Conference for African Ministers responsible for civil registration and vital statistics being organised by the African Union (AU) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Development Bank and the Zambian government.


  1. Just remember to remind us also the time it will not be safe again , because unsafe it will be no doubt, it is a matter of time. Probably you could have emphasized that it’s only safe for those entering, do business and quickly exit for now

    • This is nonsense….South Africa has never been safe for business and it will never be safe….violent crime is at its highest level….dont listen to this ANC silly Politician…avoid doing business with South Africa…lets work with Namibia,Angola,Botswana,Zimbabwe, Mozambique and any other African Country except South Africa

    • No one in South Africa can give such an assurance. The country is ungovernable. There are just too many rogues in the streets and police has no control over them. There are things called hostels where looting and xenophobic attacks are planned and murderers are hired when you want someone killed in revenge attacks, taxi violence and political lynchings. Don’t listen to that junior minister. Ask yourself why his senior didn’t issue the statement

  2. the lesser we engage ourselves with SA, the better, Zambia was not affected as much as Nigerians due to its population, but it doesn’t mean Nigerians should be alienated in their Continent, our nations have been in engaging each other on ways to build a Continental free trade and Nigeria happens to be part, if we quickly rush to SA, soon another xenophobic attack may occur, let’s trade less with them so they understand the value of Africa. Nigerians are our people too

    I’m breaker I’m transcendenta and I approve this message

  3. It will take a bit longer for South Africa to be welcoming to fellow Africans to do business in your country and that will be when you lift your people out of the lowest levels of standards of living and improve their housing employment opportunities, then those problems will go without doing that it will still remain a nightmare for other Africans to do business in South Africa.

  4. Sugar coating Zambian’s. Just say am trying to protect South African interests in Zambia .black foreigners are not welcome here let’s say the truth..If you are looking for green pastures this is not the right place for you..

  5. South Africa is not a safe place to be in. My South African friend is not happy with Cyril Ramaphosa. He clearly said it is their president who have this type of xenophobic politics. If a South African could say that you foreigners you will always be attacked, South Africa is a home of thugs and criminals. If any Zambian dies we will hold our minister responsible.

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