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UPND Cadre was killed in Kaoma by his colleagues-Mumbi Phiri

Headlines UPND Cadre was killed in Kaoma by his colleagues-Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

The Patriotic Front says a UPND Member identified as Gadaffi who was killed in Kaoma was shot by his colleagues from the opposition party.

Party Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says Gadaffi was killed by his fellow UPND members and not the PF.

Contradicting a report from the Zambia Police Service which indicated that the UPND Member was shot at by the PF in Kaoma, Mrs. Phiri said Gadaffi was shot when he moved from his side to steal a handbag from one of the PF Chairladies.

In a phone interview on the Hot FM Breakfast show, Mrs. Phiri said the deceased wanted to take advantage of the fracas between the two political parties to steal from one of the PF Chairladies but unfortunately met his fate in the process.

Mrs. Phiri said she is shocked that the UPND claims that their member was shot by the PF when in fact he was shot by his fellow UPND members.

She said the PF is waiting for an Autopsy to determine which gun was used to kill the deceased.

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    • Wow! Where do you even begin? We have the wrong people admitted in chinama!
      This is so offensive, so disgusting. And yet no action will be taken against her.
      Such insensitivity and disrepect to the bereaved family. What a disgrace this woman is..As.a bemba am ashamed to have this person coming from our region. These are the kind of careless utterances that lead to disasters in a nation.
      I pity the husband. Living with such woman as a wife….mayo ehhh!

    • And this is the deputy secretary general of PF!
      No sense of moral compass, no decency, a running mouth with diarrhoea, no modesty. A disaster of a woman. I Remember the filth that came out of her mouth about GBM and his tummy. Bushe mweLesa wesu, while are we cursed with such people in leadership?

    • I said it. He was sacrificed by UPNDEAD. It is settled.
      Otherwise let investigations ensue.
      Then let the court determine.

      “Otherwise we have seen a murderer walk to freedom because the witness was a drunkard”.

    • Mrs Mumbi Phiri,
      Your latest statement has just punctured whatever evidence the PF might be in possession of. In pursuant with your unmeasured utterances, which I herein paraphrase. In line with your own allegations, Qaddafi met his demise when he attempted to exploit the circumstances by committing an uncompleted offence of theft during a feud between PF members and UPND rank and file. My conclusion is that you have failed to dissect earlier statements which were tendered by other sources. Another seemingly related but dissimilar inference is that you did not review your narrative before you presented it to the print media for publication. It is impossible to shoot someone twice in the head during a feud between two rival groups.

    • The UPND has no motive for killing one of their own. Rather, the PF has the motive for executing a young man identified as “Gaddafi”. The central argument of investigating officers and state prosecutors is that a lady’s handbag was purposefully placed next to the deceased body by a perpetrator(s) and/or his/her co-perpetrator(s) preferably PF carders, in order to make it appear as if the dead victim robbed a female victim (PF member), yet not. My careful reading is that after dissecting tendered narratives, PF carders concocted an account which was designed to appear as a legal act of self-defence. However, PF’s self-defence narrative does not meet the legal criteria for self-defence which permits a legal firearm owner to discharge his/her armament. With that being so, reckless…

    • Mumbi wabe akaloffu…
      He died of a gun shot, yes he died…. Shut your assshole and let family with you mwee mbwa mwe.

    • we need cops with minds of Ezekiel” Easy” Rawlins, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes,Agatha Christie, Inspect Morse, etc to sought this case diligently. Someone with a detective mind needs to ask why the obsession with the handbag that was found on the crime scene, are some people trying to use that as a cover to what actually transpired on that fateful day?

    • Hehehehehehe!
      Died a HERO my foot.

      You’re enjoying your nshima and his family is left in shambles battling the shackles of poverty and you sit there yapping that he died a hero.

      You deads don’t get it, yeah?

      He died not knowing who shot him.
      He died leaving his family grapple with the fact that he is gone.
      He died to be forgotten by the UPNDEADs within weeks after being buried.
      Yes indeed, he died fighting a losing battle for H². He died a sacrificial entity.

    • Edgar Lungu & Hichilema have opnly said that no life should be lost in their name!!! So, in whose name has GADDAFI’s life been lost?????

    • So this woman has already made investigations on behalf of the Police. Something then tells me she knows who the killer is and trying to shield him. Time for reckoning is surely coming. All you spilling innocent blood and those who support it, God says you will see no peace for their voices are crying day and night in his ears. Cursed be the day you were born Politics aside and may you be rewarded as you have rewarded others.

  1. Wow! Where do you even begin? We have the wrong people admitted in chinama!
    This is so offensive, so disgusting. And yet no action will be taken against her.
    Such insensitivity and disrepect to the bereaved family. What a disgrace this woman is..As.a bemba am ashamed to have this person coming from our region. These are the kind of careless utterances that lead to disasters in a nation.
    I pity the husband. Living with such woman as a wife….mayo ehhh!

    • @ Journeyman I am surprised that you are surprised. I am sure you as a Bemba by now you know who you are and your attributes. Bu kabwalala, Ubuloshi, insele, Ulubuli, ulwambo
      ubufi etc. Do not be surprised !!! We know them by their fruits!!!

    • Mumbi is a wh0re for sure.

      This chakolwa is a chamber for chagwa and it reflects that her character is rotten to the core.

  2. We know who killed Gaddafi. Even the UPND know who killed him. It was friendly fire. Let the police tell the truth. Ifyakubepesha PF all the time is not fair.

  3. Instead of showing contrition and sorrow, this good for nothing n1ncompoop takes to playing politics. But, that’s all there’s in PF….

    • My friend @ mayo Mpapa it was the UPND who started playin politics and lying that GADAFFI was killed by PF when they new for sure who killed this innocent man. Let them owner up. Ubufi tabwawama bane!!!

    • Look Gadaffi met his death on political tour of duty (for upnd) therefore his death is political. Mumbi is in titled to her opinion especially if she witnessed the incident. What also is interesting is the none mentioning the name of the assailant. Does it mean that there were no people around to apprehend the same assailant. At least his name must come out. No one from pf or upnd is mentioning the his name. Both upnd and pf hiding something?

    • Ati kalaba, you pf goons are really beyond description. The police could not manage to distort facts, yet here you are with your fellow goon mumbi defending the indefensible.

  4. Just waiting to listen to these mouths drooling bl00d on 18th October in 9 days. Not sure how they will hold the Holy Bible with their hands dripping with bl00d of all they have slain in PF interest! The spilled bl00d is crying for vengeance as the Bible puts it (Genesis 4:10). The one who pulled the trigger whether protected by PF or UPND will not end well! He who kills by the sword must die by the sword (Matthew 26:52; Revelation 13:10). Zambia is defiled by bl00dshed and its inhabitants are at risk of being vomited by the land!

  5. These are very distressing comments, especially to the family of the deceased. However, we are comforted by the fact that of all the people that went to campaign in Kaoma only one has the Oath of Office. It’s only President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has sworn to defend us irrespective of our race, creed, position in society, political affiliation, etc. Therefore President Lungu must take responsibility of this unnecessary loss of life and ensure that the culprit or culprits are brought to justice. He’s the only one who can get the offenders punished. We will ignore whatever is coming from PF or UPND or any other quota as mere politics, we await your action Bwana President

  6. I am just going to the Gym and work my frustration out. I thought age comes with wisdom and compassion. Is civilization and development alien to Zambia, I wonder?

  7. So this good for nothing woman has carried out an investigation contradicting police reports and has even accused the deceased of trying to steal. No initial words of regrett or compassions but what appears to be the usual uncouth statements. It’s disheartening to say the least. Is that the story they want the police to adopt?

  8. The Catholic church though allowing freedom o conscience and association among its flock must issue guidelines in the use of it’s regalia such as the rosary. It is abominable to wear the rosary on top of a political party regalia regardless of political affiliation. Mumbi Phiri should either wear it under/hidden under the political party regalia or not wear it at all. I am offended.

  9. who will give his son a snake when he asked for a fish???…there was a reason the bible refereed to a snake, it being just next to Lucifer, but pa last ati solidarity with commando, as for mumbwe silly, no need to comment, he who stops and looks/throws stones at each dog that barks will never reach his destination

  10. Let us take this seriously because mental health is a reality. This woman needs our support and prayers. She should attend their national prayers .Anyway guys yesterday I was sat watching my white wife get on with her business around the house. I watched her for a good 30 minutes and pondered on how lucky I was to have such a beautiful blonde white wife with an amazing body. She puts to shame lots of zambian women half her age. This woman is the epitome of stunning . After that I carried her to bed and the rest is x rated.

    • @ N.ee.z (upnd strategist)

      Are you at it again?
      Does anyone in your ‘family’ ever read any of your drivel?
      I cannot believe that an intelligent woman (white or not) would not successfully hammer you.
      By now, she must be pretty shy to whow her face anywhere in public!

  11. Some medication seems to be taking toll of her. Just look at how thin she is becoming. Day by day getting thinner and thiner until when we shall be talking to bones only. What a disaster!

  12. Now can the all-knowing Sherlock Phiri also tell us who really shot Kennedy or solve the bigger mystery of who owns those 48 houses!

  13. Sounds like she is a few days behind, in her mind, still thinking the handbag planting next to the body idea can work. Anyway let the police do their work Inspector Mumbi

  14. This is an uncalled for statement by Mrs Mumbi Phiri. She has no facts to prove that what she has stated is factual. Simply put, she has based her assumptions on a one-sided hearsay and in so doing, wanting to protect the image of PF. She should know that it’s only right that she lets the police carry out thorough investigations because the police are best suited to do this before stating the cause of death. It’s premature for her to jump to conclusion and be the de facto police spokesperson. If this was a court case, she can be cited for contempt. Let the police who are professionals do their job, and not cadre-speaking elements like her.

  15. I have been advising people to stay away from the sa.tanic party….Sacrifices by sa.tanist in upnd, HH was telling his support to fight back what a shame. HH is not a christian but a de.vil worshipper

  16. If the UPND know that commander two is the killer let them do the needful. An innocent soul should never be taken in such a manner while we stand aside and watch otherwise next time it may be your brother or sister who dies needlessly so time to act is now. There are legal ways to end this matter once for all. Mapenzi died, vespers died, the NDC youth chairman died and now this man is dead too all at the hands of the PF.


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