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Chisamba Farmer in Court For a Homosexual Offence

General News Chisamba Farmer in Court For a Homosexual Offence


A 53-year-old farmer has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates court for having canal knowledge of a male grade twelve pupil against the order of nature.

Douglas Quentin of Chisamba is also charged with being in possession of obscene pictures that allegedly have the potential to corrupt morals.

When the matter came up the suspect pleaded not guilty to the two counts.

He took a plea before Lusaka Magistrate Lameck Mwale.

Earlier, the state discontinued the matter for the victim who was jointly charged with Mr. Quentin.

Magistrate Mwale asked the minor to leave the accused’s dock after the State entered a Nolle prosequi in the matter.

The matter has been adjourned to November 5, 2019.

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  1. And pf will fail to politicise this because chances are that is one of lungus relatives. Sexual orientation is not a choice. I knew a lot of zambian political officials in pf who are gay. Due to the backward colonial law in zambia they have to hide their true feelings in living with a wife they don’t love. If its it’s consensual between two adults I don’t care what I doing. **************

    • I expect the gay in chief H² to offer solidarity to his member like he always does with CKinsultor.

    • I thought this is HH appearing in court for bonking his male friends from the backside…but still he is supposed to offer sympathy and visit the Farmer in Jail

    • No wonder he wants to be a president of “Against order of nature society!” Three Mansions! He people say “it does not affect the economy!” Satana.

    • You can stay in whatever fantasy you live in. You Neez, or is it jay jay are a let down. Nonsense is all you always type. protection of young Zambians is paramount. God blessed us with a normal country, that suffers from the PF’s dullness, and the UPND’s dull and subservient MPs.

  2. This time to put the money that hh receives from the gay supporting organization to work. He needs to offer solidarity and visit these gays in Prison. Some people in life like shewing money without working for it.

  3. Hate is sin……even if you love Lungu, don’t insult Lungu’s opponents. I really sympathize with this generation…. The fear of GOD is far from us…..

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