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Multi-million solar energy project earmarked in Western Province

Economy Multi-million solar energy project earmarked in Western Province

Government says it will soon launch a multi-million solar energy project in Western Province, aimed at cushioning the effects of energy shortages in the country. President Edgar Lungu says his administration is doing everything possible to ensure that dependency on hydro power is reduced, through alternative energy sources.

President Lungu said it is in the interest of his administration to ensure that there is more investment in other sources of energy.

The Head of State said government has lined up a number of solar projects countrywide and will not allow the power shortage to continue.

And President Lungu reiterated government’s continued engagements such as the South African power deal, which is also aimed at addressing the power deficit.

He said it was better for the country to have expensive power, and have the economy run as opposed to having no power at all.

The President said his administration is aware of the critics of government and will not divert from implementing what is right for the people.

The President said this yesterday at Kaoma Trades Training Institute in Kaoma District in Western Province when he addressed the business community.

President Lungu also said he is aware of the dwindled resources which have resulted in a number of projects not been completed.

He recognised that because of this development, projects such as roads and infrastructure have been redesigned to suit the available resources.

The President assured the business community that his office will continue engaging respective wings of government to support their needs.


  1. Power supply diversification.
    It’s not only the working Government but an implementing one too.
    But aka ka reporter ai.
    A multi-million solar energy project in Western Province of what wattage?
    That said, SATA and ECL seem to resemble each other, lolo! Always tempted to making promises when excited by the crowd. SATA used to make districts like that. But promises towards 2021 with limited resources in the coffers could be tricky. I hope you’re working on promises you made in Katuba.

    • No one is an opponent of Government Mr. President. The only challenge that most of us Zambians find with our current crop of leaders is that as the whole world experiences an unprecedented increase in material comforts, our people are still struggling at substistence levels. With the sharp decrease in transportation and communication costs, most Zambians today can travel freely to developed countries and see how the other half of humanity is living. Days are gone when Zambians accept poverty as the status quo. Psychological sciences have revealed that the Zambian is as capable as the American to attain self relience. That is why in the midst of abundant natural resources that our Country has been blessed with, the people point the finger at the leadership which has failed to deliver the…

    • …..deliver the prosperity that less endowed Countries like Japan and Korea are enjoying today. No we are not opponents of Government, we believe our nation can do as well as the others with the right kind of leadership. Sometimes a real patriot sets aside his own small agenda for the benefit of the greater good. We say step aside PF and let the people usher in a new leadership for a new dawn. Yes, Zambia can be among the top nations, our friends in Rwanda are on their way.

    • Zesco should implement a cost reflective tariff so that we attract investment in the sector,
      Electricity tariffs in South Africa are around 12 cents, 14 cents in Kenya, 20 cent in Uganda and DRC,
      Installed capacity in Zambia is about 2800MW and 2600MW in DRC a war torn country, this because our demestic tariff is at 4 cents,
      Which investor would Invest in our energy sector when he knows that it’s impossible to have return on investment?
      Zesco needs to invest in acquiring Tesla storage batteries, a 100MW/129MWH power pack cost $66m each,
      This system will help Zesco avoid energy wastages especially during off peak and it increases connectivity of solar power plants to the grid, currently the system only allows 700MW of solar that can be connected to the grid.

  2. A reactionary government that only does things when things go wrong. My zambian exes were the same. They lacked foresight and planning skills. My white wife is different. She is a great planner and very sharp at reading the mood. I love my white vanilla sweetness

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