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Three Parties Challenge LAZ over decision to sue President Lungu and National Assembly over the Constitutional Amendment Bill

General News Three Parties Challenge LAZ over decision to sue President Lungu...


The three political party leaders have submitted that the Constitutional Court has jurisdiction to preside over their matter in which they have challenged the Law Association of Zambia- LAZ.

The three parties and two individuals have challenged the decision by LAZ to sue President Edgar Lungu and National Assembly over the Constitutional Amendment Bill.

The five litigants have contended that their matter relates to the interpretation of the Constitution.

The five have consequently asked the Constitutional Court to dismiss with costs, a notice of motion by LAZ where the association is seeking an order to throw out their case.

These are Zambia Republican Party-ZRP President Wright Musoma, New Congress Party -NCP- President Peter Chanda, Citizens Democratic Party-CDP President Robert Mwanza and sympathiser’s Richard Mumba and Mwanalushi Mulemwa.

They are seeking a declaration that LAZ’s decision to sue President Lungu, is illegal and contravenes Article 98 sub-article one of the Constitution.

The litigants further want an interim order to stay proceedings in which LAZ has sued President Lungu, the Attorney General and the National Assembly to withdraw the Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019.

They are also seeking, among other reliefs, an order declaring that LAZ’s decision to sue the National Assembly is illegal and contravenes Section 12 sub-section one of the State Proceedings Act, and therefore null and void.

LAZ had asked the court to dismiss the litigant’s matter with costs on the ground that it is illegally before the Constitutional Court.


    • They are sponsored ofcourse. They should keep within their lane.
      Otherwise why waste time to vuvuzwela the reference point that is within the domain and juridiction of the Constitutional court?

    • LAZ’s decision to sue the National Assembly is not only illegal and contravenes Section 12 sub-section one of the State Proceedings Act, and therefore null and void but also childish, immature, naive and unprofessional.
      LAZ has gone to the dogs.

  1. The jokers are not news worthy, they are hoping to get some dinner table scraps from President Lungu. They don’t deserve a news headline

  2. Irrelevant news for a country that has a power debacle and hunger. So I won’t comment on this. However I will leave you with a quote of day :

  3. These guys have never lost their petitions since 2016 so even this one LAZ will be squeezed.
    I remember they forced Speaker of National Assembly to quicken a process against CK .

    • You know them better. Congrats!
      They study the law and hit straight at the target.
      I think that they are smart.
      I am glad you know what you are talking about.

  4. Is this not too late becoz Concourt agreed that Trial on the Merits of LAZ Petition will start tumoro. Is this an attempt to stop the Trial? Let Concourt deal with this Petition once and for all. The issue is who vets the Legality and Constitutionality of a Constitutional Amendment Bill b4 Parliament enacts it into law? ConCourt should do this to avoid Parliament enacting illegal and unconstitutional Bills into Law. The Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC) should vet all Ordinary Bills and make sure they comply with Zambia’s Constitution.

  5. LAZ, they have the right to petition the GRZ, and be heard in the court of law specially if they have grievance. let the government lawyers articulate or summarize the main function of the executive branch.

    looks like PF administration do not respect division of labor.

    “Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket. Meaning: This is a piece of advice which means that one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything.”

  6. They’re just good-for-nothing idlers. Let me put it this way, if you take me to Court for whatever reason then you’re also sued for suing me! If these chaps have something to say they should apply to join the Laz case not to start another. The problem is when you’re an adult and you depend on another for your livelihood you stop thinking properly. Any serious Court of competent jurisdiction can’t entertain such a case. Where is Mutembo Nchito? We need him to mince some of these chaps

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