Driving time between Mporokoso and Kasama has reduced due to the tarred road

The government has called on the general public to own and take care of infrastructure being built in their respective areas.

Solwezi district commissioner, Rosemary Kamalonga said members of the general public must take kin interest in monitoring projects and constructors working on the infrastructure in their respective areas.

Ms Kamalonga urged the communities to desist from vandalism and ensure that they maintain the infrastructure by fixing what may be damaged.

She said this when she visited the construction site of a modern laboratory sponsored by Kansanshi mining company at Kyafukuma secondary school in Solwezi.

Ms Kamalonga commended the mining company for the developmental projects they are implementing in Kyafukuma community and the rest of the district.

She, however, appealed to the constructors to ensure that the community is engaged to do some works that do not require professional skills.

Meanwhile, sub-chief Wangabanya thanked the government and the mining company for bringing a school nearer to the community as most children used to cover long distances to acquire secondary education.

The sub chief said this development will enable more pupil enrolment and greatly reduce early marriages.

And Kyafukuma secondary school parents’ teacher association vice-chairperson, Petros Kalemba appealed to the parents to stop encouraging early marriages by taking their children to school.

Mr Kalemba said the community, with the support from the sub chief, is working tirelessly to ensure early marriages and teen pregnancies are reduced by punishing those who marry off their children at a tender age.

Mr Mutupa said that the teachings have helped in the reduction of Gender-Based Violence in homes especially during pregnancy, there is an increase in food security and pregnant women now have knowledge on health issues.

He added that, with the men coming on board to attend the lessons, they are able to assist their wives on nutritious food for the family and women during pregnancy.

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  1. Govt should stop getting cuts from infrastructure contracts. The thieving by PF is just too much. They build 10km of road when they could have dome 20Km


    • Only a witch does not give praise to the good being done! And we know who! Let’s develop this thing Mr. President and Zambians. We know with no shadow of doubt that he is UNELECTABLE.


    • This PF government is not even funny.

      Most of the infrastructure being built belongs to corrupt politicians, their mistresses, and cadres.

      Not ati “look after the 48 houses” blah blah.

      When you start building schools and hospitals in rural areas, come back and tell us to look after them well.


  2. Zambia is one careless nation i know. we dont just care about anything even if its for our own good. whoever bewitched will never see heaven.


  3. Asante don’t generalize, there are many Zambians who appreciate and care. I am one of them. I remember driving along that good road in the picture up North early this year and witnessed a lot of maintenance works going on. It is never wrong, never too late to contribute in national development by putting your shoulder to the wheel and supporting government projects to uplift the living standard in our country.


  4. You zambian continue allowing pf to rule u and you will continue eating roads and infrastructure. My white wife is wondering how a poor country can fail to feed itself but build poor roads that only last 3 years. My white wife is very intelligent. She advised that failed government while we lived in Zambia as she was a top official for an international organisation I can’t mention. Plus she has royal blood too. That is why Zambia women and even men hate me. Its jealousy




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