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UPND wins Kaoma council Chairperson by-election

Headlines UPND wins Kaoma council Chairperson by-election

HH arriving in Kaoma on Monday afternoon
HH arriving in Kaoma on Monday afternoon

The Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has defeated the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in the Kaoma council Chairperson by-election held yesterday.

According to results published by the Electoral Commission, Opposition UPND Candidate Austin Muneku scored 7 8 01 votes against PF Candidate Ngebe Ngombo who polled 7 649 votes.

29-year old UPPZ candidate Kevin Maseka polled a distant 421, and there were 193 spoilt votes.

The Seat fell vacant after Bindundu Mutti who belonged to the UPND resigned in July.

Kaoma Council stretches across Mangango and Kaoma Central Constituencies and based on 2016 statistics, has 47,789 registered voters

UPND also scoped the Councillor seat in Samuteba Ward of Mwininlunga District, with 1140 against PF’s 827

However, PF managed to win the councilor seat in Chikonkwelo Ward, Kabompo District with 241 against UPND
UPND candidate’s 156


    • Congrats PF, you were so close. That was a spirited fight: Thank Kaoma people for the job well done

      Congrats UPNDEAD but you sacrificed a young man. A win is a win.
      Austin Muneku – UPNDEAD 7,801 votes
      Ngebe Ngombo – PF 7,649 votes
      Mathematically stipulate a 152 UPNDEAD advantage over PF in the stronghold.

      I put it to you that at this pace, PF has advantage at the 2021 polls because numbers don’t lie.
      We shall put up an antigay compaign.

    • Lungu says he’s worried about voting patterns, something he has little or no control over. But he has full control over appointment patterns in the public sector and he’s absolutely unworried about it. Release the report on voting patterns and also the appointment patterns in the public sector so that it is possible to ascertain if you mean wht you say.

    • People are learning to take PF money, T shiryts, Chitenge etc and vote wisely. In a general election, thesis PF thieves will not have enough money to buys off voters. They have to change strategy, they need to stop being corrupt and bring meaningful development. Otherwise, kayak babele

    • If the losing party had played humble in steady of bulldozing politics, perhaps the result would have been in its favour.
      The hungry, and the weak hardly take kindly to boastful, bulldozing gun behaviour even if you through tons of food in their way.
      A win is a win, even with one goal difference. Better luck next time.

    • However, PF managed to win the councilor seat in Chikonkwelo Ward, Kabompo District with 241 against UPND
      UPND candidate’s 156

    • How can a difference of 152 votes be loud and clear although a win is a win even by 1 vote but LOUD AND CLEAR? This is about 2% difference.

    • No need to celebrate a Council Chairperson election created by PF to prove a point that they are popular but still lost. Imagin the whole state machinery camped for a small election like that. Voter apathy characterised this as you compare 47 847 against that number of voters. This was still a white wash and congrats UPND.

    • Signal is very clear indeed. Another humiliating defeat. You will be lucky to win 30% of the votes come 2021. As things stand now, UPND only has southern province as a stronghold.
      Otherwise, congrats.

    • Like already said, a win is a win.
      The aggregate away PF goals will gradually turn back to haunt team UPND where you put on a tight face or a relaxed one.
      Both parties must use the dressing room in soccer terms or round table board room in business terms.

    • HH lost by 100,000 votes in 2016, about 1% difference but yet PF celebrated like Jesus had arrived. General rule of thumb is that a ruling party should NEVER lose by elections. Coz PF used state machinery, distributed a lot of food, money and bicycles and still lost when there was major voter apathy. There is no excuse bane and really no need for UPND to worry.

    • You mean the General Election that saw PF garner an inaugural 50% +1?
      I enjoy seeing UPNDEAD gnash their teeth when they lose the main one.

      2021 uzalila anso futi mambala gay iwe.

    • UPND need not worry, am sure even the figures the other party got might have some question mks.they are not trustworthy.

  1. If pf will perform like this in 2021. UPND will lose again . The problem with UPND is they have no strategy. UPND has no structures. Even in Southern province they are no proper structures. They just win bcoz of tribe. However even pf also has week structures in UPND stronghold, not bcoz people don’t want to work with pf but bcoz of self defeat, PF thinks it is difficult to penetrate Southern Province but look at the damage they have caused to UPND in Western and North Western, if they can do the same in Southern Province then 2021 is for PF. On the other hand UPND need to pull up their socks everywhere. Their structures are very weak. They have to go flat out and create structures throughout the country, especially in Northern, Muchinga and Eastern. They stop wasting their energies on…

    • We don’t care who wins 2021. All we want is this load shedding to stop. Food prices to come down. Economy to pick. Taxes to be reduced. Corruption to stop. Better life for all. That is the main objective. If pf can turn the mess around and achieve this than that will be good for their chances to bag 2021. If the country keeps on sliding downwards then it will be time for us to try another party be it upnd or the next popular party. If they also fail than they should also be ejected. We should learn to put our country first before any party, any politician any tribe. Once we learn this than we will be able to hold our politicians accountable. Always Zambia first!

    • UPND WOM because of tribe? Are you telling me the the tribe that votes for UPND gave the party over 1.7 million votes in 2016? PF, it’s now time for you to change your delusion about tribe because you will again be depending on Concort to retain you in power

  2. PF “lost” by a margin of 152 votes? I suspect rigging by trible UPND. Order a recount, those PF votes will be found among the 193 spoilt ballots.
    Anyway not worth it, In an area that Trible UPND boasts to be their stronghold, this surely amount to be large drain in their performance. In 2021 all these reduction add to PF.
    So anyway, is this what Trible HH meant when he said Kaoma should teach PF a lesson for 2021? He must have a problem with his English, or even his brain. If I were trible HH and trible UPND, I would not celebrate this “victory”, I would just congratulate the UPND candidate and start crying for myself for 2021.
    Trible UPBD definitely on a death bed.

  3. ..and Trible UPND sacrificed Gaddafi’s life for this “win”? Anyway according to Trible UPND he was the wrong trible, so no issue there for Trible HH and UPND.

  4. No point celebrating as this was a waste of tax payers money even when it was clear that upnd would win. On to the next one. We are working hard behind the scenes. My white wife has been very helpful engaging with the party all the way here from UK. Can you please thank her . My white wife has more love for Zambia than your president

    • @N.e.e.z
      What do you mean there’s no point of celebrating? just because you do not support the government of the day. it does not give you the right to talk about His Excellency the President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu mind what to say,he has much love for us all.

  5. What a close race it was.UPND has retained the seat and PF has made inroads in UPND strongholds as evidenced by consituency results and the sharing of wards with PF in their own backyard.If this trend continues,the UPND strongholds will become battlegrounds and certainly UPND needs to constitute a team of strategists and chart the way forward otherwise their stronghold are progressively becoming fertile ground for PF.

    • You are a poor analyst..please view the last results of this area and also take note that your sick vice president hails from this area so there has been a lot of money pumped in from public resources. So that result doesn’t surprise me.howebee wait and see how those people vote in president election. Some one will cry. We now have onboard my white wife as advisor to the upnd with me as strategist. Powerful team including Larry m

    • All that rigging and voter buying by pfstill couldn’t win them the election kiki you cannot buy people

    • This UPND cadre disappeared just after the general elections,now he has resurfaced with this difference of 152,mind you that young chap from UPPZ also had a considerable share of votes in your stronghold, 193 where rejected (suspect ). in fact what has happened to your partner gay gay,is he the one you refer to as your white wife?

    • @N.ee.z(UPND strategist)

      Here are 2016 Kaoma Council Chairperson election results:

      Mutti Bindundu (UPND)- 2,346.
      Chingumbe Janet ( PF)-509.


      Its strategists like you who are not helping UPND.So from the 2016 election results,who has gained?

  6. No cause to celebrate for upnd. You cannot go with such narrow wins into 2021 with a ruling party that is a master in vote rigging. You dont stand a chance if this will be the trend.
    Winning 2021 will need overwhelming votes to make it practically impossible to bridge the gap even with extensive vote manipulation. More like how MMD kicked UNIP out.

    • Even with voter buying and bribery the ruling party failed to win . I think you as pf should be more worried.


      Ne.ee.z wife x

  7. It wasn’t an but a show of mighty between the Freemason and the Jemasoni guzzler. Elections are over but who has gained from the loss of life? Most of our politicians are just dimwits not even worth to follow.

  8. On 20th August, 2014, the PF won Mangango by election by a larger margin using their candidate Rodgers Lingweshi. One year later they lost in a bye election. The same can be said about Zambezi West and other places. So it is clear that in impoverished constituencies, voter apath and corruption can cause a ruling party to win.

    However, this is a wake up call to UPND to strengthen grassroot politics. They are rather weak in this area. They continue like this, they will lose again despite PF failing.

    The fallacy of UPND is they think because PF has failed implies people will vote for them. If they continue to think like this, they will lose again.

  9. It’s a sweet victory for UPND, congratulations!
    But this is definitely not a good signal for 2021, winning by a difference of 152 votes, and you hope to take over power ?

    • Mauya it will be a totally different situation in 2021.Their main focus will be on the Presidency and so in 2021 PF will lose by a wide margin at both parliamentary and mayoral level.PF had all the money to dish out

    • @12.1 Truth be told, such a margin is not good for a party aspiring to take over power and from an area considered to be it’s stronghold. Acknowledge that things are bad, then work on changing for the better rather than burying your heads in the sand believing that all is well.

    • For Goodness’ sake the PF is a party of thugs and in the just ended Kaoma mayoral election they murdered a UPND cadre. That murder in itself caused a very big disturbance to the UPND campaigns.The campaigns were not smooth. Believe me you if there was no murder and if campaigns had gone on smoothly the opposition could have won by a wider margin

  10. A source of worry not celebration to upnd…!!! For sure with the current economic hardships, we would have expected a landslide victory for upnd in their strongholds…! PF has lost narrowly in kaoma and mwinilunga………then managed to grab a seat from upnd in kabompo….!!!! Congratulations to both upnd and PF. The race is on for 2021.

  11. The difference of 152 votes….? UPND be careful.

    This is not happening in PF strongholds.Usually PF wins with great margins

    in their strongholds.

    My thoughts.

  12. Whats the total cost of the Kaoma bye election anyone with figures? Whatever the amount, see how ideas that have no blessing from God never succeed. Also note how voter buying can not sway Gods will. I see Gods hand in the future of this country no matter what tricks human minds will attempt to deploy, God shall frustrate them. Congratulations to the winner.

  13. Sometimes a close result is not about popularity of a party. This was about two very good candidates even though the winner only recently returned home from the diaspora. They campaigned well and split the voters pit anyone of them with another candidate regardless of party the winner would be clear. Congratulations to the people of kaoma

  14. @ munene don’t forget that was the reference for what is going on with grassroots politics.Compare and constrast In PF strongholds……
    Believe it UPND still have a long way to win on PF strongholds.Reasons are written on the wall.

  15. MWATHULULA BA ROTTEN P.F!! Ni Diarrhoea yeka yeka.
    Where are your ” 300 DEFECTED U.P.N.D. CADRES” KANSI?
    You have been well & truly Donchi Kubeba’d.
    This trend continues till you are discarded to the Dusbin’s of History ba Changa imwe!!
    P.F Goons soothing themselves ati “we lost by a very small margin”, forgetting Jona “won” with a smaller margin in 2016, & that’s after Fraud by Kaizer, Chavula, Priscilla Isaacs, & that Corrupt E.C.Z Judge who was making up numbers in his head, & unashamedly announcing them.

  16. Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has never inspired me with his campaign messages! He is always talking about HH! Does he have a manifesto and development agenda for Zambia? To a large extent, Mr Chagwa cost PF the votes because he had no message for the people except hate speech! Electorates have no time for haters! Do better next time! And please, never taste snake meat again. Snake poison causes incoherent speech!

  17. Nobody is talking candidates but parties,this country is hopeless.What if both candidates were strong? why would Presidents go camp for a insignificant council chairmanship? Davies Mwila lost in his stronghold to an independent! how did the party help him?

    • Kikikiki
      This 1d10t sounds interesting and making alot of sense.
      Just listen to him ati an “insignificant council chairpersonship”
      Yaba yet you sleep and wake up in this very country you’re calling hopeless.
      It can’t get any peaceful. This is the democracy we signed up to. Democracy and all its filthness is better than an haphazard political system. If you don’t like it, try Shaka and Sezhangakona’s rule.

  18. Congratulations to UPND!!
    But this is what we always tell UPND that there is no wind of change in Zambia now.If those 3 by elections were held in known PF strongholds,PF could have retained all and differences could have been huge.The results from Katuba,Kaoma,etc are indicating that PF has actually penetrated into the so called UPND strongholds.In Bahati PF retained the seat with more than 12 000 votes against 1000 for UPND candidate!!So PF does not joke in its strongholds!!!Plus this regional voting only favours PF because it is supported by nyanja and bemba speakers who’re the majority in Zambia!!PF will 100% retain power if the current voting pattern continues in 2021!!!

  19. Congratulations PF. The results are too close. This is what we need PF. Keep it up. We expected the worst but the results are fair

  20. Amazing seeing cadres not want to admit a loss. A loss is a loss even by 1. I bet You lungu is super mad and maybe even depressed about this loss. Him showing up there indicates that he wanted a win. PF like prior ruling parties is declining, failing to win major elections. Don’t deceive yourselves about the small margin, come 2021 ECL won’t be able to go to all these places he is too lazy which affect his numbers there. Stop lying to yourselves

    • I hope such defence does not cause you to relax. You should take such comments as a wake up call as you defend. Don’t get me wrong: everything you said is logical but look at how NDC won on Roan. Surely, there must be some weakness UPND can work to win with bigger margins. One weakness could be poor grassroots politics hence UPND likely voters are not turning out to vote.


  22. I dont like the kind of politics we hear of in Zambia why should people behave like animals fighting for a seat which will not be theirs permanently even if it was .
    why become people so crazy about games politics are games really you don’t have to be so excited and start killing each other for no apparent reason .

  23. Worst of time. People are tired of always being in a voting mood. It solves no purpose. It just brings more harm than good.

  24. Good morning people its a shame to still comment like you’re not a true Zambian, respect to elders is very important. However, look at that margin its too close, its a pity that people who voted did not know the meaning of gayism. We believe as Alangizi that come 2021 the whole country will understand the meaning of unbibilical right which the UPND leader is attached to.

    @ Mwendanjangula? you’re a cheap hired gun from the gay right activist, we are inviting you to the National day of prayers and fasting, His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu he is a humble leader who has been preaching peace and God appointed him to be the leader of this country Zambia, to hell with the gay rights here in Zambia.

  25. Is GBM still in Zambia? I thought he promised to dismantle UPND in all corners of Zambia. Just asking. I miss him kikikiki

  26. @KeleniZambolinafwenkule’MwibalamongaZodwa
    Our fellow Zambians, let us mind the way we talk about the ruling party (PF) and its Leader. Calling the PF names will not benefit you in any way. Let us not forget the PF is the PARTY IN POWER and it is only through the party of the day that we can develop this country. The Government under Edgar Lungu accepts the defeat over Kaoma but is still working on its vision to provide for and develop the nation further, thats how a good leader is supposed to act. #Let us think foward now. Kaoma is just a district, not a constituency nor a country.

  27. Akainde buys his secondhand vehicles from SBT. Can’t he afford showroom automobiles? Akaso mambala with all the stolen money from privatization?

  28. @OBATALA
    In the world of morality a present that bows infidelity let the people grow for them to be a shining globe ,
    Government of the day takes the credit of all acts .This shows that all acts by the government are not done without fault nor acknowledgement the Government has an objective ,hence voting is not done by force , people vote according to their free will.
    Truth be told vote buying and vote rigging is not a strategy for the PF, the Government under His Excellency
    Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has an objective and a goal for the well being and development of the country .

  29. A loss is a loss. PF just lost again even with electoral violence created by themselves. Dont try to spin the results.

  30. I hear the Tribles UPND are celebrating in Lusaka and disrupting traffic. What are they celebrating? Is that margin of win what Trible HH called a vote for change? This is their so called “stronghold” isn’t it?
    This party must be mentally deranged.

    • Even in soccer a 1 nil score line really hurts, take it like a man. MORPHINE DOSAGE POLITICS, we understand it hurts.

    • Check your facts correctly, only 2 or 3 months ago, a parliametary election was held in the same Kaoma district, mangango constituency and pf won with a small margin and today a council election for the two constituencies in kaoma , mangango and kaoma central and upnd has won, now you want to talk about margins? THATS WHAT WE CALL MORPHINE DOSAGE POLITICS,remember narrow wins really hurt, take for instance soccer if your opponents score more than 2 goals or more, you will take , but a 1 nil score, all gosh that really hurts.

  31. I think the big winner is PF. After the UPND sacriFiced a life for a sympath y vote you couldn’t expect PF to come that close.

  32. Nothing bad with PFs numbers. An honourable second. LET US REMEMBER GENERAL ELECTIONS around the corner. These bye elections are just an indication of the hard work required to turn these numbers around.

    UPND Candidate Austin Muneku scored 7 8 01 votes (CONGRATULATIONS), PF Candidate Ngebe Ngombo polled 7 649 votes which is impressive considering it was UPNDs hands before. PF should be elated.

    The issues we need to discuss is how we can stop to y parties splitting votes. 421 to UPPZ is a waste of votes which might have buoyed PFs numbers. Because clearly they did not want UPND PF needs to pull these small parties into their fold.

    • PF has had it’s head in the sand because the economic climate has been challenging. However, they need to start plastering their achievements NOW to drown the opposition negative messages on PF, which is holding water among disgruntled citizens faced with drought problems.

      Its a fight guys, get the gloves out.

  33. Country men and women we are apealing to parents and relatives to all the youths in this country to be responsible enough by thinking outside the box, all these energies and anger for one another can be exhausted to developmental issues by way of creating their own wealthy.

    Chinese, Rwandes, Burundes to mention but a few are doing very fine in this country and their focus is to work hard and make money while you are fighting. We need to sit down with our youths and counsel them and make them understanding the importance of life we live once, and what legacy are you going to leave? fighting? hatred? insults? God created as in His own image, the need to contribute to national development. We only have one ZAMBIA and we are ONE..

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