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Copperbelt has enough essential drugs-Health Director

Health Copperbelt has enough essential drugs-Health Director

ARV Drugs

Copperbelt Provincial Health Director, Dr Robert Zulu has dispelled reports that some health facilities in the region have run out of essential drugs. Dr. Zulu said he is taken aback that some people have been widely spreading unverified information that some health institutions in the area have run out of essential drugs. He said the claims are not true because all health facilities in the province are fully stocked with drugs.

Dr. Zulu said drugs such as antiretroviral (ARV) which are part of the essential drugs are available across the province. He noted that people should not mistake standard drugs such as Panadol for essential ones which have substitutes and end up complaining that there no drugs in clinics and hospitals. Dr. Zulu has urged residents to consult relevant authorities on any related matters than alarming the nation.

He said despite not commissioned, the provincial medical stores hub is functioning well and the storage and distribution of drugs in health facilities across the province is constant. There have been complaints from members of the public that most health facilities in the province have run out of essential drugs and they are allegedly being served with prescriptions

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  1. Let’s develop this thing Mr. President! The boy is UNELECTABLE. He has not completed all Under Five vaccines yet and he wants to rule older ones.

  2. Sharon your useless ECL is making HH more electable just like Obama made Trump more electable. Also, Does the man know for sure there is enough because sometimes you may think you have it but physically you don’t, let the man get off his lazy behind and go physically check for himself than disputing what people are saying. With the mwibala policy who knows if those medicines have not been stolen

  3. Yes on paper it’s there. But the people are not getting the service and product they are expecting. The director is right and so are the people who are complaining.

  4. The only medicine in clinics are ARVs which are sponsored by the US through PEPFAR. Panadol, Coartem, Amoxicillin, piriton, cough mixture, Pen V, gloves, jik, buckets, umbilical cord pegs, etc you’ve to buy on your own. Even pregnancy test kit and tetanus injection. The only thing available is the under 5 scale, so what’s this chap talking about?

    • trying to protect his job.

      ARV are a different group of drugs, they not essential by special.

      even doctors have joined the crew of lying

  5. May be his boss gave him a piece of a roasted serpent and he is getting confused as well. Iwe kazulu go and verify those complaints in the field…shaaaa

  6. Why so much emphasis on ARVs only? What about other serious conditions like; diabetes, cancer, hypertention ? Have you got enough medication for these too or do they go straight into private businesses?

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