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Who shot UPND’s cadres in the Head?

Columns Who shot UPND's cadres in the Head?

The UPND leadership led by Secretary General Steven Kakunta at UTH awaiting for news on the condition of cadre Lawrence Banda who shortly died


FOLLOWING the fatal shooting incident involving rival campaign teams from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) conflicting statements have flooded the media.

Two versions have emerged: the first is that a known PF cadre shot the UPND cadre while the second is that a UPND cadre who was firing at a motor vehicle carrying unarmed PF officials, mostly women, accidentally shot his fellow UPND cadre who had stolen a hand bag from a female PF official and was trying to flee with it.

The shot UPND cadre was found lying on the ground with the hand bag he had allegedly snatched.

A UPND cadre only identified as Gadhafi died after being shot in the head during the fracas as the two parties campaigned in the Thursday Kaoma council chairman by-election.

A private tabloid gave a UPND member of Parliament a free full page on which he gave his lengthy version of the shooting story.

In his sympathy-seeking account, the MP accused the PF of killing his party’s member.

While in Kaoma, President Edgar Lungu condemned the violence and directed police to arrest and prosecute those involved regardless of which political party they belonged to.

Shortly after the incident, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema issued a scathing statement in which he called the PF “thugs” and ordered his cadres to “kindly defend” themselves should they come under attack from the ruling party.

Many people have, however, condemned Mr Hichilema’s statement saying it has the potential to fan more political violence. They have urged him to tone down and promote peace.

Hot FM radio station belatedly gave the PF a chance to give its side of the story.

During the Breakfast Show programme the presenters called PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri, who was at the scene and was caught up in the skirmish.

Here are excerpts of a distraught Ms Phiri’s eyewitness account:

Hot FM: We have on the line PF deputy secretary general madam Mumbi Phiri. Good morning.

Phiri: Good morning mwebana (children).

Hot FM: Good morning.

Phiri: Aha, nimwapusukeni (it was a narrow escape).

Hot FM: Madam, you were in Kaoma on Sunday when the incident happened. Just run us through. What exactly happened?

Phiri: I was there. We moved from Mongu at 06:00 hours to go to Kaoma and we arrived around 03:00 hours, and we divided ourselves. We were the three of us: myself, Honourable Kampamba Chewe, Honourable Olipa Phiri. The two, Honourable Kampamba Mulenga and Honourable Olipa Phiri, went to the Catholic Church.

I went with the candidate to UCZ where to congregate from. We prayed; we went back to our campaign centre, and we started now going where we were supposed to address a rally.

Me, Hon. Kampamba and Hon. Olipa we were in the third vehicle. You know kulya kumushi kwalibo tushila twatondo (in the village there are bush tracks). You give each other way.

We saw a UPND branded vehicle and we just heard gun shots, we started scampering in different directions, running for our lives.

Hot FM: And you were in the car still?

Phiri: We were in the car. Me, Hon Kampamba and Hon Phiri we were in the same vehicle, which was the third. The UPND blocked us because we were in the third vehicle.

The first vehicle, it was blocked and that’s when we heard gun shots. So we had to run for our lives.

It was in the morning. It was before 12(:00 hours], somewhere there. Yes.

One was shot in the leg, and the other one was shot in the head.

The police were having a meeting somewhere with the Electoral Commission of Zambia. Because it was not far from town they also heard gun shots. That’s how they rushed to the scene beside where those shots were coming from and they picked those two people because the one who was shot in the head and in the leg, they couldn’t walk.

They were picked and taken to the hospital. The others who were injured were taken.

There were no exchange of fire. There was one person who was firing indiscriminatoy [indiscriminately]. Just one from the UPND. There was no exchange of fire. The locals who were there, they know each other. That is why it is not good to bring people from outside because they will know that you, you are new there. So, the locals knew the person.

Later, this guy disguised himself, moved out of the vehicle, and got on a Honda (motor cycle) and because the locals knew him, a Mr Chola, an ex-soldier he was followed.

It was citizen’s arrest. They caught him, and guns were recovered from him.

And those people who were not there who are saying what they are saying, that guy who was shot in the head, I am sure the bullets are still in the head.

I am sure the police will match the guns which he had and our group is the group that picked even the magazine because it was dropped and we handed it over to the police.


Daily Nation


    • Where’s the plane that was intercepted at KK International Airport and later diverted to the Zambia Air Force base where it was searched and found to be carrying stacks of US dollar bills with names of the intended beneficiaries in the political opposition and politically-connected lawyers inscribed on them? The Daily Nation quoted sources in security agencies and the MP for Chinsali Hon Mukosa? Why’s the paper not following up pn wht happened nxt?

    • HH knows if a Cadre dies he gets sympathy votes and the attention that he always cries for so expect more UPND Cadres to be sacrificed during the 2021 campaign season…..this is how evil Politicians are…..

    • HH knows that of a Cadre dies he gets sympathy votes and the attention he always cries for so expect alot more Cadres to be sacrificed during the 2021 campaign season

    • I don’t why Ba Charles wrote this way, maybe the headine should have just been ” Mumbi Phiri said…”
      Who can believe Mumbi?
      Olipa Phiri can’t lie, let her give witness statement.

    • kindly defend” themselves should they come under attack from the ruling party. Did you expect HH to say when attacked just let them kindly slash you with the machetes ,or shot with guns.
      Tell me ,who armed the pf cadres? Who has the power to disarm them and stop the violence? This violence was there between MMD and pf because pf was attacking MMD cadres, Now they are armed and are ready to kill anyone who opposes them.
      If pf cadres are not disarmed expect an armed conflict because citizens will also arm themselves.


  2. The next question is – who gave the orders to sacrifice an innocent person? The pattern is clear UPND sacrificing it’s own.

  3. The next question is – who gave the orders to sacrifice an innocent person? The pattern is clear UPND sacrificing it’s own. If the evidence leads to HH or his lieutenants, Zambia Police should make an example of them.

    • ” It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled ” (Mark Twain)

      No truer words were ever spoken regarding PF/ECL supporters!!!

  4. 90% true, the forensic investigation by police will prove the other 10%.

    May also explain why, while in Kaoma, His Excellency condemned the violence and directed police to arrest and prosecute those involved REGARDLESS of which political party they belonged to. He did not take sides.

    On the other hand, shortly after the incident, UPND’s his excellency, the Trible Hakainde Hichilema, issued a scathing statement in which he called the PF “thugs” and ordered his cadres to “kindly defend” themselves should they come under attack from the ruling party.
    Sounds like the story of a thief who was being pursued by a mob, he points at an innocent by stander and shouts thief!! thief!!! to distract attention from himself.

  5. It’s not above up and down party to sacrifice one of your own for political mileage. Causing havoc and playing victim. They sure took advantage of the death. Came and made noise in Lusaka branding gadafi a hero. No gadafi was a thug who was shot dead chasing a woman and grabbing her bag. Probably by one of his own. Sorry but I say he got was was coming to him

  6. How was she able to see that only one UPND person was firing when she was in the last vehicle. Why have those in the first or second car not given their side of the story. How was the magazine picked by PF who Mumbi claims were scampering for their lives because if the UPND person was shooting from the car which blocked the PF the magazine for the Gun would still be in that UPND car. If UPND fired at the PF cars why are those cars still intact without bullet holes. Lastly how is her statement conflicting with that of the police. Gaddafi was killed execution stile, if the mumbi claims the bullet that hit Gaddafi was from a UPND gun they claim were being fired at them please explain why the entry point of the bullet that killed Gaddafi entered from the top of his head and not the side. PF…

  7. There’s another version by diggers.news. With them they have talked about 2 shooting incidents. It’s only the police that can give a true account because they’d have collaborated the evidence. The UPND fights whoever doesn’t support the Freemason and always fabricates stories so it’s difficult to believe what they say

  8. Left Mongu at 06hrs and arrived in Kaoma at 03hrs…thats 21hrs of driving. Upon arrival they divided themselves into groups. Mumbi’s group went to church to pray at 03hrs!! She goes on and on blah blah blah….this woman is sick in the head. She wasnt anywhere near the shooting and she is just making up the story as she goes. Shame on you woman. You time will come to tell the truth.

  9. PF graduates from simple felonies like theft,fraud and corruption to capital offences,murder and they think they will be saved by lying,can they explain why the PF Police statements does not support their lies.These f00ls,from facing possible 3 to 7 years for their corruption and theft now line themselves for execution, dullness is expensive…

    Mumbi would be in a Police cell this hour, for giving that half baked account full of holes & inconsistencies, had Zambia been a functioning State.
    Unfortunately Zed is currently a Failed project under the violent, & visionless P.F leadership.
    Problem is the PFOLICE FORCE starting with Kanganja is fully infiltrated by P.F, Cadres in uniform, & they will tamper with evidence, & cook up a story to suit themselves.
    Truth will only come out, once P.F is out of office, & then people who were there will start singing like tu nyoni for a few Kwacha’s, watch this space!

  11. There is only one person who has the power to stop VIOLENCE in this Country Zambia . Don’t even cheat yourselves that they could be any other person to stop that, Zambia police can’t stop violence, the Army can’t stop violence, Air Force can’t stop violence, Nation Service can’t stop violence, Zambia paramilitary can’t stop violence, Zambia commandos can’t stop violence, the Zambian people can’t stop violence. Only one person can stop violence in this country. Stop pretending and get real, it is actually foolishness to think that they could be someone else who could stop violence in this country other than the only MAN. He is the only one given that mandate so why shot at non existent targets

  12. Good morning zambians and fellow upnd supporters. I write in my capacity as upnd chief strategist. I can inform you that we have a suspect in this killing and have reliable witnesses. We will soon institute legal action. As we are aware that the police in Zambia is infiltrated by the pf thugs we are ready to take this to international criminal courts as this is a breach of human rights. For legal reasons I cannot give you more information but I will endeavour to do so at the advice of our legal advisor. My white wife elisa says hi to you all . She had a busy day welcoming my parents all the way from Zambia.

    Chief strategist of upnd and husband of elisa, a white woman

  13. This part has caught my attention, “We saw a UPND branded vehicle and we just heard gun shots, we started scampering in different directions, running for our lives” So because they saw a UPND branded vehicle and heard gunshots then then gunshots must have come from the UPND vehicle? Since the UPND was sandwiched between vehicles carrying PF officials isn’t also possible that the UPND branded was being shot at by individuals in the first vehicle?

  14. @N.ee.z (upnd strategist -Your feelings of inferiority are so deeply-rooted hence the reason why you have to always mention your “white wife” – who cares whether or not she is black, white or Asian etc. What has your wife got anything to do with politics. You are so incredibly childish and unrefined. You are miserably inadequate who spews gibberish on a daily basis. You are an embarrassment to your own people.

    God help Zambia if you are part of UNPD!

    • Bro dat is a fake n.e.z hence the speling of its name. The real one was very fiery and intelligent who got blocked out of fear of his posts here. This fake one is trying to bring upnd down by posting useless things. Just ignore fake oe

  15. LT you want to be taken seriously as a news media organisation you should not publish such hogwash in the name of news stories. Does it make sense to you that someone can leave Mongu for Kaoma (a distance of 195km) at 06:00 and arrive at 03:00 and proceed to church? How does her account that, “it was before 12(:00 hours], somewhere there.” add up? How did a person who claims to have ‘scampered’ see who was shot where? This is hopeless and wreck less journalism.

  16. Guys it’s time to arm ourselves as citizens, what I saw on Friday afternoon in the business district of Lusaka was sad, PF Cadres attacking innocent members of the public, a gentleman was punched in the face by a PF cadre yielding a machete and went on to smash a windshield of a vehicle while the police just stood helplessly!! We shouldn’t stand for this as citizens, I’m personally arming myself from here on and I just can’t wait for 2021, I supported Micheal Sata but I didn’t vote for thuggery! Enough is enough I personally won’t take it

  17. Katuka and the two UPND women went to confirm the sacrifice for the supreme leader and wamuyaya president of the cult Akainde icilema.

  18. On Hot FM radio:
    I was there.I heard gun shots and run for my life.There was no exchange of fire.Only one UPND cadre was firing indiscriminately
    On Muvi TV;
    I was there.I saw that UPND cadre move from there side to us.He went and stole a handbag and thats how he was caught in the cross fire.

    Very conflicting statements from the same person

  19. hhhhhm awe this kind of testimony is shocking. umulandu taubola. We saw were the incidence took place, banda was killed along a very big road not in a bush track. We saw that picture. secondly, how come you scampered for your lives but you such details as if you were in the very act. thirdly you are saying the one who short the cadre came by a vehicle, the he quickly disguised himself after shooting and took the motor bike and left? where did the motorcycle come from within such a short space of time? What made you to collect the magazine or whatever from the scene when the police where there who came immediately after hearing the shooting. they could only collect the body an left such important evidence on the scene for you to do. THIS SOUNDS TO BE A BLACK LIE TO BE BELIEVED. Umulandu…

  20. what is the price of sin? lawrence banda’s death is the price of his sin, he went to kawoma to rob to cofuce people of kawoma. those are the people who puling upnd down. to suport HH to win 2021 we need to work together, people vote to remove or to put in . if you use vaolece voters will not vote for vaolece . on your on think how many people dead in alder to put HH on leadership. you believe that HH can win 2021 with southen province and westen to north westen province no we need to work on all zambia at lange. HH work on your caders and mr Lungu work on your caders . in alder to keep on moving.

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