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Nevers Mumba challenges Church Leaders to start engaging government on the evils happening in Zambia

Headlines Nevers Mumba challenges Church Leaders to start engaging government on...

Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing

Leader of the MMD faction Dr Nevers Mumba has challenged Church Leaders to start engaging government on the evils happening in the nation.

Dr Mumba said his heart is burdened with what is happening in the country among them killings and the Church has a solution to the problem.

Addressing congregants at Matero United Church of Zambia where he congregated yesterday, Dr Mumba said the hope for Zambia is not in politicians but the Church hence the need for the church to get involved in Politics.

And Dr Mumba said only the Church can unite Zambia which has been divided by politicians.

He noted that the Church does not change despite the change of governments and embraces everyone regardless of their political affiliation and tribal grouping.

Dr Mumba regretted that because of Politics and in the name of Democracy, young people are being encouraged to kill each other like was the case in Kaoma.

He said if not stopped, killing each other will become a tradition in Politics mainly because it is not the relatives of politicians who being killed.

Dr Mumba said God fearing people must start aspiring for leadership positions in order to clean the governance of the nation.

He said the difficulties Zambia is currently going through such as unemployment, hunger, poverty and poor economy among others will continue as long as the church does not start up to get involved in politics.

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  1. BsMumba,you have contributed towards this lawlessness! The church is supposed to be neutral, but you are encouraging the church to be partisan! Shame!

    • The church must look at self to see if its message is getting across to the Zambians. 90% of Zambians frequent churches on sundays and other days. 90% of UPND & PF members are Christians. Edgar , Mumbi Phiri, Kambwili, Mumba, Mutati & Kalaba are all christians and frequent churches time and again. Why then is that the vices Mumba is talking about have continued? Simple , the church and its Teachers have failed to teach . That is why the students keep failing. Do not blame the goverment.

    • The church has just become irrelevant in this arena. They have failed to convince Zambians about upholding the moral principles. They must review their methods of teaching.

    • The Church has the biggest platform to preach to Zambians. church are full on sundays and Saturdays. Why are you failing to convince the people to Change? Is the problem the teacher or the student???

    • Nevers, you are the same Church leader who sent Lusambo to go and beat ba Kachingwe and drag him the street like a piece of sheet. What are you telling us now???

    • You are so wrong, Church is not supposed to be neutral, the Church’s main interest is the welfare of the people. Church should not sit back and watch politicians fack the people.

  2. Nervers Sekwila Mumba has no shame, how can he talk about reconciliation when he has failed to lead by example? I ask him again, Sekwila have you demanded that Chipota Mutati pays you money to reconcile? Violence? You still don’t regret what you did to Richard Kachingwe? May God deliver us from Pentecostal men of god.

  3. If Nevers and Mutati squashed their beef and organised themselves, they would offer a very good alternative for those of us who are disenfranchised by the PF and UPND options


    • Information available is that the condition that Nervers has put is that he wants Mutati to pay him a lot of money then they can move to reconcile. Is reconciliation for sell?

  4. Nevers Mumba by virtue of continuously wrangling in defunct MMD has lost his spiritual authority to discuss peace amongst politicians. Intact I wonder whether there still remains a single pastor or Bishop that has the Godly authority to arbitrate in national matters. Many, if not all are compromised one way or the other. This could be the reason why we must start from scratch to rebuild Zambia. Correct me if I’m wrong. Hence the Zambian sheep has gone astray. Prayers are not being answered.

  5. Which Church is Mumba talking about? The church now is full of crooks…Homosexuals, Rapists, Child molesters, Corrupt characters, prostitutes Muderers mention them . Can you trust such to create an upright society?

  6. Church must engage itself and rid itself of the thieves, rapists, homos hiding in the name of Pastors, Apostles, bishops, etc. The problem is the Church

  7. This man is a shame to society. Do as you preach go and reconcile with Felix even if it means taking on a lower position then we shall take you seriously. Anyway when you are a form 5 drop out what do you expect?

  8. Mr Mumba the church has no solution to what is happening in Zambia. If that was the case you would not have left the pulpit if the church had the solution to the problems of our country. If you had faith that the church had the power or sollution to the current problems of the country why did you leave the pulpity to join politics that cannot solve the problems? It this kind of thinking Mr Mumba that makes you just a faction leader in aimless no problem solving politics. Stop wasting people’s time we need real solutions and not pretenders with their belly as the sole purpose.

  9. The church has the solution. Let us love one another. Let someone CHOSEN by God lead this country and this will happen if we pray.Move away from evil please.

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