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Government will not allow any law enforcement officers to harass street vendors and marketers

Headlines Government will not allow any law enforcement officers to harass street vendors...

Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Bishop Dr. Eddie Chomba
Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Bishop Dr. Eddie Chomba at at a meeting with Street Vendors

The government has said that it will not allow any law enforcement officers to harass street vendors and marketers as long as they trade in an organized manner.

Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Bishop Dr. Eddie Chomba has observed that despite government reserving certain routines for vendors and marketeers in Central Business Districts most of them have continued trading in an uncoordinated manner.

Dr. Chomba stated that some businesses are lucrative for Zambians but as long as they continue conducting their businesses in an uncoordinated manner they risk being in conflict with the law, a move he said can be avoided.

He has since urged market managers countrywide to ensure that those trading in reserved routes conduct their businesses in an orderly manner.

“Market managers should start doing the right thing and ensure that everyone follows orders.” Dr. Chomba stated.

He stated that despite their businesses being lucrative, Marketeers and street vendors risk losing most of their clientele if they trade disorderly.

“Stop Chasing people who are buyers due to disorderliness, buyers should follow you, but they can’t follow you if you go near drainages.” Dr. Chomba added.

Dr. Chomba further stated that marketeers and street vendors ought to dignify themselves if they are to get the most out of their businesses.

“This is not even a political statement, this is not to appease anybody. We need to dignify our selves,” he said.

Dr. Chomba was speaking when he listened and spoke to street vendors and marketeers at Nakatindi hall at the Lusaka’s Civic center.

He has since confirmed his availability for the traders to hear their challenges and how best to go about them.

The street vendors and marketeers at Nakatindi hall at a meeting with Government
The street vendors and marketeers at Nakatindi hall at a meeting with Government


  1. This Goon water, aka -“worrahh” who uses Ambi, is just saying all this [email protected] to defend P.F Cadres who have been harassing, & extorting cash from innocent Citizens in public places meant for all citizens.

  2. Legalising the illigal. Shows short of ideas.
    Build them markets, we will all go there to buy the same way we trek to the malls. That was the way it used to be and it was orderly.
    The councils collected sufficent revenues to pay salaries and invest back in street lighing, town cleanilness and buit more houses for rentals.

  3. They know its election time soon. They will say anything to get your vote. Once they win they will throw u away like a used condom. My white wife says good morning to you poor zambians. She is really sad about your country. As for me i told her am not zambian until upnd win

  4. Okay we shall see about that. The rainy season is knocking on the door and so is Cholera. But these leaders of ours, why do they forget so quickly? It is not long ago when Cholera claimed more than a hundred lives and street vending is one of the causes. I will just be watching from a distance

  5. Trying to create order in disorderly and illegal trading spaces. What orderly manner can one talk about if the very trade of street invading is disorderly and illegal to begin with. Street vending in Zambia is illegal to begin with so what orderly can one talk about here in his borrowed wootary accent. Trying to win votes using disorderly ways does not make sense.

  6. A govt of thieving scattered teeth low lives who don’t care about the people… Jona meno meno is the worst president on earth… the chakolwa is a failure

  7. This article is misleading!! There is a link on smart eagles of what transpired in yesterday’s meeting. The government has not sanctioned street vending. The only people who are allowed are those whose market was gutted (city market) and they’ve only been given a section of lumumba road and simon mwewa lane. Do you research before you come here with your ill motive of misleading the public.

  8. Pay zampost workers or close it!
    Up to now they are waiting for march salaries and today is 16.10.2019.
    Government were are you?

  9. Pf already failed when they allowed their cadres to milk marketeers and other people. If what this man said can be done, it can a semblance of sanity in these trading places. Let him start by locking up cadres extorting money from bus conductors and other people.

    Unfortunately, it is all talk, no works!

  10. @jonny: It is a shame that you can not think twice before commenting such bad and choking words towards the leadership of the day. The President is like your father, we believe that you’re a cheap and frustrated individual who should be prayed for and repent from your evil thinking. May you start thinking like a Zambian citizen with good morals, we therefore invite you to the day of National prayers, if you will not come, we will pray for you so that God can forgive you and heal your mind. Start thinking outside the box, think of how you can change the mindset of others and what legacy are you going to leave that other people can emmulate?

  11. I have never seen a Government that has lamentably failed to run a country like PF…
    Their INCONSISTENT POLICES are cause for their own downfall.

    I fail to understand what they stand for because everything about their statements is 2 steps forward, 4 steps backwards.

    The president doesn’t even know whether he is going or coming.

    Are they not the ones who hired Army personnel to drive these vendors out of the streets? Today they stand in favour of street vending.

    Or may be they are just damn scared of losing elections in 2021.

    However, me thinks its too late for PF to redeem themselves. The odds don’t favour them any more. They had their lack but misused it.


  12. Fix the economy and genuinely empower those people instead of capitalizing on them. You used empowerment funds to buy them off Instead of helping them. Shameful for a country to have its people trade in waste places meanwhile foreigners trade in the best orderly places. You have zero policy and plan for these people stop fooling them with words and fake love just to dump more suffering on them. Hope these vulnerable section of our citizens can wake up and realize that they are only used for votes

  13. #Let_the_Truth_be_Told!

    Let every person be subjected to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God,and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed,and those who resist will incurr jugdement. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct. Therefore one must be in subjection not only to avoid Gods wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

    Issued by
    Moral Clarity Media Team

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