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Police deployed in Lusaka to block UPND youth

Headlines Police deployed in Lusaka to block UPND youth

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Police in riot gear have been deployed in Lusaka to block UPND youths led by their Deputy National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso from removing PF cadres from Markets and Bus Stations.

Acting Inspector General of Police Eugene Sibote yesterday directed Police Officers to be on high alert and deal with any UPND Member that will dare to go ahead with the activity.

Mr Sibote advised the UPND youths not to go ahead with their planned activity and warned that Police will not allow any lawlessness to take place.

A check in the Central Business District found Police Officers patrolling the targeted public places ready to deal with what they termed as law breakers.

According to Mr Liswaniso, the UPND youths will protect the suffering masses and ensure sanity is restored in public places by Wednesday this week.

He said the struggling marketers, bus drivers, and their conductors, and the traveling public are suffering a lot of humiliation through unnecessary levies and taxes from these PF hooligans.

Mr Liswaniso said the starting point will be Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus, City Market, Katondo and Lumumba bus stations and make sure that these are handed over to the Lusaka City Council who can run them effectively and enhance revenue collection.

But some UPND Officials have vowed to go ahead with the activity on the day Police do not suspect.

In a statement on his facebook page UPND president Hakainde Hichilema thanked marketeers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, members of the general public, and local authorities on the positive response and cooperation wthe UPND have been receiving over their intention to get rid of the PF thugs from public places.

“We are now calling on our citizens to refuse to pay illegal levies to these PF thugs as that amounts to daylight robbery and should not allow anyone to displace them from their trading places as they have the right to be there.

Our marketeers, bus drivers, conductors, taxi drivers, and members of the general public should only pay appropriate fees to legal entities such as local authorities that are taking care of these places.

We must all unite and refuse by not promoting hooliganism in the country. We should all ensure sanity is restored in these public places for our citizens to trade freely,”Mr Hichilema said.

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  1. Only a UPND sycophant and zealot would want to die for the Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers because of his greedy and bitterness…

    • Ka brain chalibafye stuck pakalwimbo kamo tata? Find someone to slap you behind that empty head you carry around maybe your ka tiny brain might come unglued from the corner of that thick skull and you might come up with new points. Just a suggestion.

    • Quote:He said the struggling marketers, bus drivers, and their conductors, and the traveling public are suffering a lot of humiliation through unnecessary levies and taxes from these PF hooligans.
      if truly that is happening in markets and bus station and the of Definition of extortion is- the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
      Whose side is the police supposed to be on this matter?
      Law academicians help us understand.

    • Stupiddy Reasoning BA Fwanya! UPND are sounding to be more in government than this Lungu Kabova who seems not to know what he is doing in state house. Yes we need sanity and peace in the country not these useless carders terrorising people. council workers are not paid because revenue go into PF carders pockets and these stupid chairmen. And you are here condemning a sensible revolution from UPND youths. JUST KNOW COME 2021 YOU GUYS WILL BE GONE AND WE WILL JAIL LUNGU AND HIS MINIONS AND ALL THE KILLERS.

    • Useless upndead gay kids.
      Useless effort.
      Useless grouping leadership.
      Aimless kindergarten maneuvers.
      Aimless and lifeless spoiled b.r.a.t.s.
      Goalless faint hearts.
      Visionless deliquents.
      Uncivil juvenile.
      Hopeless Gaddafis a.k.a dudeloverboy.

    • Bafi.kala ba upnd might have point on this one. Go to intercity & c how people are harrasing innocent people in the name of a party. At intercity they even have a room were they whip people from. Its like vigilantes during KK’s time but at a thuggery level. So these tribalist have a point on this one

    • All those guns for the youth… really, scatted teeth is really losing it, the drunk has really failed. The worst president on earth is a real loser and failure. Meno Meno is gay

  2. The ineptitude of the police command is making our officers look like they’re useless. Our police officers have lost respect because of their seniors. Our men and women in uniform can’t fail to deal with these chaps, they’re just waiting for a signal. These are the same officers that Wasakaza Ng’uni used to sort out cadres, they’re the same that Charity Katanga used to beat demons out of the UPND. Please give them a signal! We want sanity in our country. Hichilema doesn’t care even if there’s bloodshed, the PF are busy cutting deals. Please give us a break for once

    • @Spaka it’s not the job of the Freemason to remove cadres from markets and stations, the police are equal to the task. It’s only heartless morons like those in the UPND who’ll dare do such a thing. If they go ahead another life will be lost and the UPND morons will pay thugs to run along the streets with the coffin! UPND leaders get an orgasm whenever there’s a violent death in Zambia. They had people killed in January 2015 and they did it in August 2016 and they’re still doing it. UPND is an axis of evil

    • Ayatollah

      And when will the police be up to the task or removing extorting PF thugs from public places , one may ask ?????

    • Ayatollah, what do you expect if the institutions and people elected to curb such crimes being perpetrated by the PF in daylight are turning a blind eye?. Who are we waiting for to come and sort out that mess. If one see’s a problem let him deal with it. The problem why simple problems have become big problems is the syndrome of “I am not responsible for this problem let the responsible people deal with it”. When one person try to help deal with the problem you hinder him or her by building barriers against such a one. If we the people can’t fight to restore sanity in our own country who will? Or do we simply love that the chaos to continues. Has chaos become a whiskey ot drug we are addicted for it to continue reigning in Zambia.

  3. Is it the same police officers who vehemently voted for upnd against pf in kaoma last week,waiting for the big showdown in 2021!

  4. Akainde and his minions will bring war to this peace loving nation. Put these clowns where they belong before it is too late.

    • And what do you say to the poor marketeers , bus drivers and public using markets and bus stops being held at ransom by your fellow PF thugs ???

    • You chaps have never been to war torn countries to appreciate what I am saying. Wars easily starts when the systems allow people like Akainde and his brainwashed and misguided followers cause confusion in the name of democracy. continue supporting this hogwash at your own peril. Akainde will run to Panama where he has stashed the privatization loot while your bodies will be eaten by maggots

    • So you want to the extortion of the public by of thugs to continue ????

      It is lungu you should be warning of civil wars for taking the public for granted

    • Sungwe…you are another Zambian educated moron thinking using his stomach. A sane person can not support cadres harassing people . It may be coming from UPND but they have a point in putting our stations another public places in order. Diick head!!!

  5. @jonny: It is a shame that you can not think twice before commenting such bad and choking words towards the leadership of the day. The President is like your father, we believe that you’re a cheap and frustrated individual who should be prayed for and repent from your evil thinking. May you start thinking like a Zambian citizen with good morals, we therefore invite you to the day of National prayers, if you will not come, we will pray for you so that God can forgive you and heal your mind. Start thinking outside the box, think of how you can change the mindset of others and what legacy are you going to leave that other people can emmulate?

    • alangizi

      You are the same PF thugs hidding behind prayers with your lungu while the public are being brutalized by your fellow thugs in markets and bus stops…..while kaizer Zulu terrorises other Zambians trying to have some entertainment time…

  6. Those thugs holding the public at ransom by extorting money from them and denying the council’s much needed income are lungus foot soldiers……

    That is the payment they get for violent campains for lungu, a free hand to extort the public is a method of payment used by failed dictators…….

  7. Poverty, ignorance and hunger are bad vices for this nation. These have been created by corruption. No matter how we pray as long as corruption is in our midst nothing will be achieved. We have cursed our nation because of corruption. The souls of people who have gone to the grave prematurely are crying to God because they could not access drugs in hospitals owing to corrupt elements who stole money to save their lives. Corruption has created unnecessary suffering in the nation. Politicians have made policies to suit themselves so that they steal from the masses. We have allowed a curse of suffering because we pretend to be Christians but in actual sense we are wolves in a sheep skin. No matter the prayers, as long as corruption is in our nation,suffering will continue.

  8. @spaka: Get this right, we are not hiding in prayers, our core value is to change the peoples mindsets, we are here to make this country change for the better by promoting good morals not insulting leaders in government. Every governing authority has been appointed by God.We are not thugs but aim at uniting the Zambian citizens . There is always a way to speak out, not standing on the mountain through insults. We only have one Zambia, and we can not support the way it is cracking by frustrated individuals who wants to divide this country. It should make you start thinking of your own children and the seed you want to plant in them. Is it by insulting leaders?. Mind you God is watching you.

    • Alangizi,

      Yes God is watching me speak up for my extorted traumatised people…….

      The African proverb of the axe and the trees rings true here……

      The axe convinced the trees, because he has a wooden handle, to vote for him, which they did. Only for whole forests to be chopped down…..

  9. Let me bring sanity here. Firstly the UPND are supposed to have video evidence, then sue the PF if and when their cadres occupy markets. This is the reason I say both the UPND and PF are ridiculous.
    No sense of agency or logical thought. Use the courts to their fullest capacity. Even crooked MMD knew this.

  10. Nzelu go to intercity and see evidence in clear sight maybe you are Stevie wonder you can’t see but will feel it. I have seen with my own eyes bus owners trying to circumvent those extorting thugs by dislodging passengers before leaving and loading them outside. You and your PF leadership are so disconnected from reality that you keep asking for evidence because you’re so consumed with stealing that you care not to look. You stopped listening to the people l bet you’re going to hear them at the ballot when it’s too late

  11. Had it been PF thugs who wanted to do this the useless police would have put their tails between their legs. Police are like toilet paper for PF thugs, get used and thrown away for good. None of these grade 5 graduate police think of their futures all they see is an area on someone’s body to inflict pain if you are not PF. The drivers and marketeers are useless too or ignorant about their rights. Bus drivers are easily exploited by even small kids or useless komboni thugs who have created bus stations along the roads to collect money from whoever stops to carry people. Stand up for yourselves and stop acting as you beg for your own rights.

  12. Lack of formal employment is to blame. Can the extortionist approach by these kabovas be formalised? Who substituted the councils for these peopl?

  13. If you serious think through this death, you will conclude that it was a set up by someone who wants to take advantage, this boy must have been sacrificed.
    How do some one die in Kaoma then be buried in Lusaka the killing also could be suspicious why choose to shoot someone from Lusaka.
    By the way is okey to take cadres from one province to the next and have them killed it it is a shame for these politicians and quickly he is adopted by the party.
    Lusaka is the campaign place where their leader is supposed to make a mark since Kaoma is a small place they have to go where there are more people to celebrate, evil is very present here only a few would come to such conclusion.

  14. The last time I was in Zambia, I had to pick up my dear mum from Lusaka Bus Terminus and what I saw deeply broke my heart. The hussling and extortion generated by PF cadres was so disheartening to say the least. When my mum left two weeks later, I hired a car to drive her safely all the way back kwahae. Now you know I know because I saw that happens at these stations, so why is the police on the side of thugs? Surely, things in Zambia are upside down, is it not the government that is supposed to stop this rot at the markets and bus stops? It clearly shows criminals are now running the country.

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