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HH promotes Zambia’s investment potential at US speaking event

Headlines HH promotes Zambia’s investment potential at US speaking event

HH speaking in Washington at the Woodrow Wilson Center.
HH speaking in Washington at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema is in the United States of America to speak about the current state of affairs in Zambia.

Mr Hichilema is in Washington D.C at the invitation of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

On Thursday, Mr Hichilema addressed audience in a presentation titled the “State of Play in Zambia.”

Mr Hichilema says he will also use this opportunity of being in the USA to meet other stakeholders who have an interest in Zambia.

“I look forward to addressing ways to attain meaningful economic development, job creation and democracy at the Woodrow Wilson Center in my presentation dubbed “State of Play in Zambia.”

He said the US is at the centre of global finance and that he is honoured with the opportunity to engage with a number of investors and fund managers, looking into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr Hichilema said the opposition party must promote Zambia’s investment potential.

“We will share our views on how Zambia can attain meaningful economic development that will create jobs for our people, the state of human rights and the rule of law in Zambia, as well as our vision and mission as UPND in our presentation on Thursday 17th October 2019.”

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States of America.

The Woodrow Wilson Center was chartered by Congress in 1968 as the official memorial to late President Wilson.

It is the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue to inform actionable ideas for the policy community.

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    • HH is a true patriotic Zambian. Went there praising his country.
      Ba Edgar should go welcome him at airport and shake his hand, that’s how humble leadership should be.

    • No, how does he tell anyone about investment opportunities in Zambia when he has hidden his investment in Panama? He should just be clear that he is going to bad mouth the country to his financiers. 2021 is coming so money is needed & financiers are being reminded

    • Is this not the role of the government?

      Is HH acting on behalf of the government?

      And if investors are found, do they go through HH?

      Do you think Lungu would ever accept this? Without handing over brown envelopes?

      This is very confusing.

      HH needs better strategies for 2021.

      Unless of course he is raising funds secretly for 2021.

      Yes. There must another reason he is there.

    • Speaking at the woodrow wilson centre is a big deal. This is huge for Zambia. Whether this helps your political ambitions or not, hope you represent us well. And congrats Hakainde.

  1. HH for Twenty (20) years you have been decampaigning your own country. Maturity is important. Even where you are there in the US the Republicans and Democrats differ, but they still maintain their patriotism to their country. Where has been yours (patriotism)?

  2. Oval head is an1d10t among 1d10ts. He is there to decampaign his own country. Each time he opens his d1rty mouth, he speaks rubb1sh about Zambia instead of speaking rubbish about tribalism in his region.

    • Learn to appreciate just like you PF force us to appreciate the cheap ripoff roads the Chinese colonizers are building. He is the best man to do this considering that he is rich, self-made millionaire in a country where people live off one dollar. We cannot be having broke people, former call boys and other criminal losers representing us about things they know nothing about. Tell us about your credentials can they fit HH for you to criticize him, when you also suffering as a result of PF’s economic mismanagement.

    • HH is not a “self-made millionaire!” He is a PRIVATIZATION THIEF, money laundering Thief, Inside trading thief and a TRIBAL LEADER. Tax evader Thief. He took the money to PANAMA because he store and he fears it can be taken away, right?

    • “SAKWIBA you cannot be UPND PRESIDENT because you Ha NOT TONGA! Only a TONGA can be UPND President,” SeJAni UPND TRIBAL HaHINCOMPOS Group 4.

    • Bipolar disorder?

      I always suspected split personality and mental disease.

      The same diseases that her boss suffers from.

  3. True President, someone else wasted his whole opportunity talking about climate change when he is the chief causer of it with endless loading shedding leading to more trees being cut down. Just one meeting and he is outdoing Lungu who has made 200 foreign trips with no meaningful results or investor to talk about. White people can tell who is genuine and who is just reading a script for the sake of it.

  4. My president. We have a lot of hope in you. Although we are good friends and associates, if you after becoming president you became like lungu I swear I would personally effect a citizens arrest on you. I am glad that you are heeding our strategic advise by not lowering yourself in personal political attack responses to pf. This is what zambian deserve. A president who is giving them substance. I thank you. My white wife and I are your supporters and have invested alot of our time and personal resources in this fight for a better Zambia. My white wife says uleeeebwanji in a London British accent. We thank u

  5. So the some thing, if HH said Up some people will insult him, if he said down still they will insult him. if he keeps quite.. the very people will still insult him.. Life of an African

  6. Comment:I can’t trust this man he as a hypocrise,and he will be never trusted to all any meaningful Zambian citizen thank you twiponta

  7. Anglo American were definitely ones sponsored that occasion.The hidden agenda is ANT COMMUNISM on sub Sahara Africa.The problem with Anglo-American “LOVE TO MILK “ African continent carelessly.
    Africa has her human development depleted by the west through typical capitalism state of governments.Anyway it’s the WEST vs CHINA……. supremacy struggle.

    • HAZALUZA HAGAIN and his sponsors will be disappointed HAGAIN. He has THREE MANSIONS: in Kabulonga, in Monze and in NAMWALA.

  8. Sharon were do you belong do you even know who you are or its another Sharon praising HH to today I think God is opening your eyes now keep it up.

    • @11 It is HAZALUZA HAGAIN TRIBAL UNION posing in my name! HAZALUZA HAGAIN! This little boy will NEVER be a PRESIDENT in Zambia. He is a PRIVATISATION THIEF and his TRIBAL UNION Ha calling him a self-made millionaire! HH tribal union talk about people suffering they thing if the snake became president Zambia will be like Germany! HAZALUZA HAGAIN!

  9. I cannot trust HH to market Zambia because his heart is terrible!!! Since 2006 HH has never marketed Zambia to the outside World.In Washington DC Kainde is only speaking rubbish about Zambia behind the cameras!!!Anyway,who cares because he was just invited there by friends who support gay rights and those who sponsor UPND whom Kainde has been promising our copper mines since he replaced Mr Mazoka and nothing better about mother Zambia!!!
    Come 2021 ni PF nafuti nafuti in 6.5 provinces!!!

  10. Practicing for a role he’ll never get. Is this not fraudulent? Who authorised him to hold these talks?

    Typical of this character, off to the West with his ‘state of fake play’ in Zambia. Asking for election funds disguised as ‘investment.’

  11. This guy is so desperate for Presidency! From Gay HaRIGHTS to HOODWINKING as though he is a President! HAZALUZA HAGAIN because he is PARADISE PAPERS.

  12. HH simply ran away from prayers since he knows too well that in Zambia 18th October is the day worshiping the Lord God!!!
    Anyway,we thank God that we can at least breath fresh air Zambia without Kainde in our beloved country and our prayers will be answered!!!Please Zambians,lets turn up in large numbers at praying places tomorrow and on Saturday lets all be at Heroes Stadium to support Chipolopolo boys against Eswatin national team!!!

  13. Imwe he is just avoiding and running away of national prayers. Observe each year and time near day of national prayer he leaves the country. Does it mean that when he becomes presido he will abolish that day. Zambians careful!!

    • He has done almost 90% of what 18th of October is all about, forgave Sunday sinyangwe, which is the first step towards reconciliation and will pray for the young man, what else do you want him to do come and fast before your eyes? What you need to concentrate on is pray for the owner of the 48 now 51 houses to be found, pray for zesco to be competent,pray for your cadres etc.

    • Who needs national prayers when God has provided you with a beautiful country, abundance natural resources and good weather? You need to praise God and not asking him to sort out your mess when he gave you brains to solve problems. Why fast? You *****s. Iam praying that God throws away your prayers you stupid people.

  14. I am sorry about the negativity I always unleash on HH but for once my mind is looking up to him as he’s trying to bring investors to Zambia n revive our economy which is now heading to the ICU, keep up the good work Boss, my vote is now slowly turning from green to red all for the sake of a better Zambia. Hi think Hazawina palast.

    • @17 HaSharon Hatribes Hagain! HAZALUZA HAGAIN because he is UNELECTABLE and “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE A PRESIDENT OF UPND,” Larry Mweetwa Union.

    • So that you as a Country can export Goats to the USA? Fact is we do not have leaders in Zambia amongst those who claim so. We need new kids on the block to turn things around. Not these self proclaimed small Gods. Lungu and Hichilema these 2 are the same. Nothing will change with any of the 2 in Office.

  15. Poverty is really a big demon. People literally refusing to see better options. They would rather be poor than accept chances in humility. Let those who are wise go beyond politics and learn from those that have made it unlike being hateful. Zambia, cry for yourselves. Too used to poverty. You cant just see opportunities. Forget about these divisions and grow up.

  16. We would rather have thieves than those that can be of better service it’s like in the bible. Jesus and banabas. But the stone rejected by builders soon became a cornerstone. Be careful what you say. Self retrospection bane. Kaya.

  17. HH should be commended for this act of nationalism no matter which side of the political divide you’re on.Some stuff is bigger than petty politics.

  18. The writing is on the wall. they have invited HH why becoz they are prety sure he is the next president. ecl just went to show the americans that pf have no plans (climate) every line he read there were climate change. so they have seen that HH is the right person to call. you jailed him now it is his turn to do the same. Prepare to run. only poeple who have 5 sences knows that ba pf have failed us period. kuyafye. even you guys supporting pf you know that your boss has no vision. who is the owner of the 48 hses? which ministry does valden findlay head? pf leadership gave themselves 100% salary increament, you got 4% nonsence.

  19. Very well spoken. This article brings fresh air. Not everytime he speaks, its about bitterness. this us the way he should talk about our great nation.

  20. “…..We will share our views on how Zambia can attain meaningful economic development that will create jobs for our people, the state of human rights and the rule of law in Zambia, AS WELL OUR VISION AND MISSION AS UPND PARTY….”

    “…Woodrow Wilson Centre is the nation’s key NON-PARTISAN policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue to inform actionable ideas for the policy community….?”

    Trible HH cannot read English. This is a non-partisan forum, so you are not expected to promote trible politics of your party.

    Just as bad as PF leaders who say “the PF government” even when addressing the UN General Assembly. Or the ministers and PF officials who cannot address any even international gatherings without mentioning “His Excellency…

    • A quick search on the Wilson Woodrow Center website shows that the only event on on 16 October 2019 was the “Africa-China Relations: Causes of Tension and Possible Peace Pathways—A Case Study of Zambia”. The speakers were Monde Muyangwa (seated next to HH in the picture above), Emmanuel Matambo, Yoon Jung Park and Patrick Quirk. So what was HH doing there? We need to be very careful with this chap am sure he had another hidden agenda and that’s how he wormed his way there.

  21. …..Just as bad as PF leaders who say “the PF government” even when addressing the UN General Assembly. Or the ministers and PF officials who cannot address any even international gatherings without mentioning “His Excellency … Edgar Chagwa Lungu” said this and said that as if other countries have no Presidents. They literally attribute everything to their His Excellency, including developments from Independence Day 1964. DISGUSTING SPEECHES really.

    Nowadays I deliberately miss the first five and last five minutes of ZNBC TV News to avoid listening to such si.lly, fake, and disgusting references and praises of a fellow human being.

  22. ….Actually due to these disgusting praises, I am beginning to find myself these days giving a thought to a trible HH Presidency whether it would make a difference. Then I check and remind myself that it would be exactly the same. Add to that the OBNOXIOUS trible politics that he promotes, AND I GET REALLY DISGUSTED with the misfortune that has befallen our country where the main political contenders should not have been there in the first place.

  23. hh is god given. this time we dont want to be mislead by these illiterates who after Anderson Mazoka died that is when they saw the potential in him. for sure if zambia benefits from this invitation wont zambia be a happy nation. but we know a thief fears that the usa government will be attracted to monitor the economic management which is in the hands of koswes, this is not what they want. thank you hh do your best for the country. we are ready to give you a big vote 2021.

  24. I agree with @junoir jj. These politicians will want to make us believe that the inviting organizations care about their political inclinations. But it’s got nothing to do with that at all. They just want to hear your take on the situation in your country. Not that they support you.
    Watchdog even went as far as saying Trump invited HH. But his invitation to speak there was facilitated by Dr. Monde Muyangwa, Director of Africa Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

  25. I hope he doesnt make a mistake to court CNN like when he went to UK he went on Card talk to complain about his being tried for the limulunga saga. Then he was politely told about how silly that move was and how if it were in the do called ‘democratic big countries’, he wouldn’t have loved to see another day.

    • @30.1 That is why it will LOSE HAGAIN. The hate is not against the failure of the president to perform. He has done a great job! The hate is in the UPND Statement of Purpose: “ONLY A TONGA MUST BE PRESIDENT!”

  26. Congrats HH, and ignore the low life thugs who are bucking since thats all they know better. Either they are stealing, market & bus station user fees ,building 48 ghost houses, or they are kiling a UPND members. We pray that God may soon reward their sins. Disappointed voter.

  27. I am just bitter at the way HH fired me from his farm . I used to be his farm manager till that day when equipment n supplies were stolen , that’s when HH fired me otherwise he’s the right man to take Zambia pa sogolo noti dununa reverse. Hazawina pa last.

  28. Zambians must know that delaying HH becoming President of Zambia is detrimental to every Zambian’s prosperity. HH will not retard Zambia’s economic growth like the PF government has done being responsible for the suffering the citizens are going through. Example of delaying HH is the action of Kaizer Zulu’s production of fake ballot filled boxes during elections as we have seen during by elections as a continuation of 2016 elections. Every Zambian must police the votes and promote true democracy. Zambians must hate cheating during elections.

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