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UPND challenged to denounce the ALN gay rights agenda

Headlines UPND challenged to denounce the ALN gay rights agenda

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe at a media briefing
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe at a media briefing

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has challenged United Party for National Development (UPND) to publicly denounce the gay rights agenda being implemented by the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) in African countries.

At a media briefing yesterday morning at Mika Lodge, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe maintained the UPND is a member of the ALN which promotes homosexuality in Africa as part of its liberal values.

“Instead of silencing people from asking questions with a possible legal action or otherwise, the UPND leaders must simply come out to state the party would never allow the ALN agenda of homosexuality to be implemented in Zambia, and that Zambia, under them, shall have a non-tolerance for homosexuality as it is against moral, cultural and Christian values,” said Mr. Ntewewe

Mr. Ntewewe said the current discourse in which citizens are examining the voluntary association by the UPND to the Africa Liberal Network, an association which promotes homosexuality, goes to the root question of what morals political leaders in Zambia are prepared to defend, the country’s cultural values, and the sincerity of leaders in professing Christianity and yet having no problem to associate and collectively champion homosexuality in countries across the continent.

“The information in public domain strongly point to the fact that the Africa Liberal Network, to which UPND and 46 other parties are members, promotes homosexuality across the African Continent as one of its key agenda,” he stated.

According to the ALN website, the UPND and the 46 other ALN member-parties are bound by the ALN Constitution which states that they exist to ‘ensure….minority rights are recognised in the countries where they would form governments,’ among other reasons. In its true context, “minority rights” is a veiled reference to gay rights or sexuality, in other words, the recognition and practice of any sexual orientation.

Mr. Ntewewe has extensively quoted from the cases in Botswana and Nigeria where the Africa Liberal Network stated that they are together working with our sister parties at the African Liberal Network to speak against the criminalisation of those liberal values of homosexuality and fight against laws that criminalise homosexuality.

Mr. Ntewewe said the then President of the Africa Liberal Network, Olivier Kamitatu Etsu, in condemning the bill in Nigeria that banned same-sex marriages, stated that such a Bill stood in direct opposition to the ALN’s Liberal Manifesto for Africa, adopted in Abidjan in 2012.

“The message is clear: promotion of homosexuality, under the veil of minority rights, is one of the core agenda constituting the ALN’s Liberal Manifesto for Africa. Our question then is, why is there denial among the UPND leaders on their membership to the Africa Liberal Network whose agenda is to promote homosexuality? Zambians may wish to also know that UPND, a full member of the ALN, is part of this Network that set out they call, ‘ALN Human Rights Framework’, which is based on among others, the ALN Liberal Manifesto for Africa,” he said

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  1. HH never comes clean on anything. Q. “Mr Hichilema, how did you became rich at a very young age?”. Ans. “That is not the point…”. Mr Hichilema explain only a Tonga can rule UPND, still mute. Tell us on Freemasonry, Panama papers and gay rights. Answer is I will sue you. Is this the man people can entrust with the instruments of power? A gay Freemason privatization thief.

    • HH had a press conference and he categorically stated that he does not support gay agenda. Further Android Banda gave an eloquent expose of the ALN. This Andew Ntonyonyo is being ignorant

    • Ichi nacho chi Mtewewe, so dirty, can’t even brush teeth. Look at his friend trying to enter the floor from embarrassment.
      Mtewewe just go suck Tutwa’s amatoole as you always do…. nobody cares.
      Next news is HH, you will see 300 comments, not imwe mwe mbwaa

    • HH is desperate to get to State House and will associate with anyone who gives him cash to get there. Bloody money, gay cash etc

    • Judas iscariot did not betray Jesus because he hated him, no but because of the money offered. HH too, may not fully support the idea no wonder he’s married to a woman, but because of the money involved. So one can safely conclude that this man is a traitor who can sell the country for anything because he stands for nothing. Chipante pante mwaeba.

    • @kci. You seem to have a bit of information on how HH became rich. I agree that we need to scrutinise the people that we want to lead this country. Look at where the lack of scrutiny and voting on songs has gotten us – we have people that inflate the cost of everything in there bid to get richer than HH. We have people that can not balance a republican budget. We have people that have ‘sold’ our country to all kinds of loan sharks out there. As you rightly question HH, can you also ask those in power where our resources are going currently? Animals in a game park are no longer safe, trees are no longer safe, money at BOZ is no longer safe, we have houses that construct themselves.

    • This fact that Pf and its surrogate entities are only concerned about a non emergency issue of homosexuality, instead of finding solutions to the poverty of many Zambians and corruption is 100 percent evidence that Pf has no solutions to the challenges we face today. The only solutions they are desperately looking for is how to win elections even when you are un popular. They are not giving hope to many suffering Zambians. Why don’t people like Mtewewe speak about the poor people being evicted from homes at night. This is shameful.

  2. I would rather am ruled by an effective gay chimp than a failed dull rat like lungu. Yali all deserve to be burned with tyres.

  3. Andrew look at you still talking about gays ma rubbish, look at your mouth like a gay. Sometimes keep quiet if you have nothing to talk.

  4. Instead of talking about high debt, hunger, load shedding, corruption; you’re busy yapping and accusing upnd about gay rights. You hair-brained nicompoop, when will you shut up your filth oral cavity?

  5. Ntewewe, you thieving maggot, if you have balls you pedophile pervert, organize protest against LGBT human rights in front of diplomatic missions of UN and its Agencies, EU member states, USA and its Agencies.
    What are you afraid maggot?
    Show them that you have balls like a man you pretend to be.

  6. What is difficult with UPND severing ties with the gay rights promoters. Surely, UPND standa to lose out on those gay supporters. Believe me, UPND will regret this campaign in 2021

    • He has lost already, that’s why he is making too much noise everyday. He has just lost an opportunity to enter state house. I changed my mind a long time ago when I realised that he has no leadership qualities. Zambia is still far from having credible opposition leaders. Sorry to say that we are stuck with Lungu till 2026. Vote me down, but the truth must be told. Those who will try to vote me down I know you will stop supporting bwana hechi hechi in the next 1 year. Your eyes will be opened and you will see your leader for who he is.

  7. Kainde sold his soul to neo-colonialists who are funding his armageddon campaign against PF. The deal is when hh gets into state House they will share the country’s natural resources. Are the gold deposits discovered a coincidence?? The neo-colonialists know what’s under our feet and want hh in control so they can get to the loot.

  8. Another energy drainer trying to waste everyone’s time on $stupid issues! This YALI is so full of Negative energy! Anyway, they have the democratic right to behave $stupid! Let everyone have the freedom then to even be gay! It’s time Zambians learn to mind their own business! Even Jesus was accused of mixing with sinners! If it is true that HH mixes freely with people of different characters, then he is a true Christian and Democrat! That is the attitude in a leader that brings out the best in people and not these good for nothing holier than thou imbeciles whose righteousness is as filthy rags!

  9. YALI President Andrew Ntewewe is he normal? Iwe,wembwawe what are u saying? They is an issue at hand and you bring your own nonsense and foolishness. & more over your ngo got cash from the donors and you have failed to account for it. You,are a big fool. If u are being paid tell your masters that u have become useless. Ndiwe imbwa maningi. U are stinking *****.

  10. ALN is constituted by UPND and 46 other parties and ALN promotes homosexuality, it can be deduced then that UPND promotes homosexuality.

    Why don’t u just say it like that Nthewewe? This is my end vote for these parties. Now will give Kambwili my vote

  11. I have a problem with Ntewewe in that he is not very objective……Ntewewe does not believe in GOD. I know him….. He used to be a Jehovah Witness but stopped competely….. He does not go to church and does not subscribe to any religion…..
    Homosexuality is evil in the eyes of GOD…. Then if you don’t believe in GOD, how can you be on side of GOD on homosexuality? food for thought….. Don’t not be used my friend Ntewewe to fix your friend’s enemy…..
    Which church does Lungu go to? food for thought…..

    • This is how useless your comments are. Going to church or not, this is a cultural value. Robmwale, I also know u are gay. U used to stay in George Compound and went to same Jah Wits before u got expelled.

  12. Ntewewe and Sunday Chanda remind me of Chanda Chimba and Shikapwasha
    We all know what happened to the MMD in 2011 after a vicious tax payers funded campaign to brand Micheal Sata as a gay rights supporter.Everything came tumbling down.
    In 2021,the PF will in the same way collapse before their blind supporters.

  13. Ntewewe is a true leader very objective. What I like about him is that he is so eloquent and clear. but he is also very courageous and straight forward. Unlike Kambwili, he speaks from an informed point of view. He normally has data

  14. Upnd is underestimating the damage ntewewe is doing to them. I listened to him yesterday on millennium radio. Dangerous. Upnd smell the coffee



  17. Some body educate me please,
    Does it mean that load shading will end when HH denounce the so called gay whatever?
    Njala nipamene izasila?

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