Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says bus drivers play a critical role to the promotion of sustainable public transport system.
Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has said that bus drivers play a critical role in the promotion of sustainable public transport system.

Speaking when he met bus drivers in Lusaka, Hon Kafwaya said his ministry is in support of the recent directive by President Edgar Lungu to both the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and the Zambia Police Service to ensure that there is sanity on the roads by way of conducting patrols.

“We are in full support of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s directive to RTSA as it is timely. We don’t want to lose lives on the roads when we have a chance to avoid them. You drivers have families, equally passengers have families. No one wants to lose a loved one,” he said.

Hon Kafwaya also advised RTSA officers not to harass drivers in the name of bringing sanity on the roads but that they should collaborate well with them.

The Transport and Communications Minister said bus drivers are a very important stakeholder in the public transport sector hence the need to work closely with them.

He added that President Lungu has made it clear that his administration will not leave anyone behind in the quest to develop the country.

Hon Kafwaya emphasized the need for RTSA to intensify road patrols to ensure that road traffic rules are observed by motorists.

“Another reason I came here to meet you, my colleagues, is to tell you that you are free to engage me on anything that is affecting you. We are in these offices to serve you our people. You should have access to me and my team,” he told the bus drivers.

He also encouraged bus drivers to complement the government’s efforts in keeping the surroundings clean.

“The President launched the Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign aimed at maintaining our surroundings. This is not the program for the President alone but for all of us including your bus drivers and the passengers,” he said.

Hon Kafwaya implored the bus drivers to ensure that they join in the cleaning exercises that occur every last Saturday of the month.

The bus drivers were from Kulima Tower, Millennium, Lumumba and City Market.

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