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HH’s Prayer on the Day of National Prayers

General News HH's Prayer on the Day of National Prayers

HH at the New Apostolic Church Divine Service at Nakatindi Church grounds
FILE: HH at the New Apostolic Church Divine Service at Nakatindi Church grounds


On this day of prayer, our heavenly father we call upon your holy name to prevail on the nation. Our God and father we know and acknowledge that as a Christian nation, you alone are our sanctuary. That on this day we submit the country of Zambia to you for abundant blessings.

Heavenly father we understand and acknowledge that indeed you have bestowed the leadership of earthly beings to man. Man has his own frailties and fallibilities. It is for this reason God that we call on you to provide the guidance to the men and women who are in charge of the affairs of the state to live by your calling. We therefore call upon you Lord to give the leadership wisdom that goes beyond their own understanding. We call on you Lord that you will give them the wisdom to resist the temptation to use their power for their own benefit but rather for the service to your people our God. Heavenly father we ask that you humble their hearts.

Heavenly father I pray for the people of Zambia. Father we may falter from time to time, but father we ask that as a nation collective you give us the wisdom to discern good from evil. Give us the courage Lord to call evil by its name and make a commitment to address it. May you fill the nation with peace, love and harmony, may you deliver us from the clutches of hate that threaten the unity of your people and the motherland Zambia. Father we ask that as a people you give us leadership that will deliver this country closer to you. A leadership that will ease confusion. A leadership that will commit to address and heal delusion. Father we ask for a leadership that will expose illusion that takes advantage of your children. Father we submit to glory and your honour.

Father God as you guided us in 1 Timothy 1:1-3 and you said “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people; for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness; This is good, and pleases God our Savior,”

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for the healing of the nation.



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    • Amen brother H².

      But as you prayed for the nation I hoped that you’d taken extensive time to pray for yourself.
      Writing a prayer is one thing but living it is another. Take a step to respect leadership.
      As they say, this world as we know it will pass away but his word, no matter who says it, will definitely stand.
      Again, it is written, not everyone that says “Heavenly Father” will enter the Kingdom of God.
      Again, H², let’s do this. Complete it brother. Now go give all you got to the poor. That’s what’s good for the people and God.
      Accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, that he died for you. Be born again.

  1. This guy is presidential material , its only that most Zambians are dull and like former cadres and corelboys instead…..birds of the same feathers I guess

    • … Sadly, the same “dull” Zambians you insult daily are the ones that put KK, FTJ, Levy, RB, MCS and ECL in power. They have rejected hh six times for a reason!!

  2. Indeed there is repentance. HH now acknowledges that God bestows earthly leadership to man.
    May God help you keep what you have confessed.

  3. You wonder if the tonga ayatollah is genuine?? As long as he believes he is the only answer to Zambia’s leadership, this prayer is not genuine. This will not change his allegence to neo-colonialists and gay rights promoters.

    • You had to personally or physically hear H² confess or pray with his mouth.

      These written prayers could he incoherent with what springs out’a ones heart.

      Once upon Labor Day celebration in Zambia, LPM shocked the hell out’a me and other Zambians as what he read publicly from that prepared speech had a tone different from what sprung from deep down his heart – off that prepared speech.

      That said, a truly expessed prayer doesn’t walk back in a hour, in a day, in a month, in a year, in decades till death does you part.
      Will his insulting supporters tolerate H² though, let’s read these comments one after one.

  4. And you think Edgar’s prayer was more genuine? That day is Edgar parading day not the term they give it. People never change especially Edgar.

  5. I advised our party not to partake even in their own prayers. However my advice was not taken on board this time. This is normal in a democratic party to not agree on everything. The reason I strategically advised the party to not indulge in this prayer gimmick like pf is because it sets a bad precedent where by people will think that the upnd are also naive to think that a prayer can solve problems deliberately created by incompetent government. Why should citizens pray with you when you were alone when mismanaging the country? I hope upnd needs my advice in future. Let us be objective in finding solutions. Prayer is the opium for the suffering masses. It’s a placebo.

  6. Eish… these 2 clowns Zambian citizen and Thorn are amazing characters. If anyone wants to learn how to b**ch as a grown up man, you can learn from these 2. Some of the things they say don’t even make sense but they just go on and on. I am no fan of hh too but because the country has gone down so much, I am willing to give my vote to the next popular party which happens to be upnd and hh. Voting anyone else would be the same as voting back pf which is to me suicidal for mother Zambia. For me before any politician comes my beloved country.

  7. I can confess that when PF was formed, I was optimistic that knowing the truck record of Bashichilufya baSata of his performance where ever he was charged with, Zambia will prosper and become the beacon of hope. The same recycled cadres with full of hatred and driven by ensuring their berries are full paraded themselves with the power that may and went on a rampage of name calling, character assassination of Bashichilufya that he was mad, promoting homosexuality, is not presidential material and so forth. Today they have regrouped and have embarked on a very same strategy as they have no shame or are short sighted to see or understand that the destiny of each of us is crafted by the living God and not by man. I have had discussions and disagreements on this forum since its inception…

  8. You demon do not think you the only fish in the pin after law you are a rotten fish…. that nis not prayer that is political hatred of which you HV to repent from..now with the authority from heaven I command holy ghost fire to set you free from self centeredness as you can sell Zambia in Jesus name

  9. inception with people like MMD bootlicker, Maheba and many mature citizens that what makes Zambia stronger and a envy of hope, peace and tranquility and beautiful country is our diversity. If HH is destiny to rule he will rule just as Michael whom you said will never rule. Who thought my mbuya Edgar Lungu could be a president? This is how the beauty and wonders of God who uses his love, care, might and how his deeds are complex to understand reminds us that his will and love or destiny of each of us are in his hands. Have healthy discussions or disagreements as this is part of learning from each other regardless of your polical affiliations or ideologies but Love each other as images of him and be a brothers keeper as our destinies are in the hands of our good lord.

  10. I will not dwell on why these two loathe each other, I think that they know each other very well but they will never share their confidentials with us because they are common to both of them. So don’t waste your time trying to reconcile them.
    From my point of view, they both have large amounts of baggage, and none is better than the other. If we do change in 2021, let it be known that there will no change for you and me, as UPND has its share of liars, pretenders, corrupt people waiting all these years to pounce on the national cake etc, on top of a more serious disease, trible. ” If you can’t speak our language, how are you going to work with us?”.

  11. Zambian Christians are doing a great job even those who never drew near to God will be born again, very good work Christian nation keep it up zambia for Jesus, hallelujah praise Jesus.


    By; Dr. Edgar Ngoma Political commentator

    The PF Party media team have deliberately made HH popular because of the continuous mention of his name thinking negative publicity will make people resent HH when in fact they are making him visible.
    It was the same thing the Zambian watchdog campaigned for president Lungu in 2015 “ni chakolwa “continuously and the electorate gave Lungu a sympathy vote and today he is still president.

    Today some of the people that made Lungu and Sata by their negative coverage are the very people PF has embraced to start the very bad journalism that got MMD out of power when they carried out negative publicity against the duo .

    I have advised on this platform now and again for the PF media team to desist from…

  13. from mentioning HH for any other reason, instead to concentrate on selling their PF candidate and the party but bakali nu kunyoza HH. Kaya mwekha you are really making HH the real next President of Zambia.
    END. …

    • These prayers whose authorship cannot be traced should not be a subject for debate. Their is no HH’s signature so BY there can be anyone. In any, HH does not still recognise the head of state. As far as he is concerned, he alone can be and not ECO. So please stop writing prayers for him which he himself cannot even recognise.

  14. Hehehehehehehe!

    My kid brother from another mother h² the prodigal has had a prayer done for him. He must be cursing at that.
    The devils inside him could be ranting unprintables.

  15. I think you’re all lost and blind guys, you don’t what is good for you! you what, leadership comes from God don’t ague to yourself and start forcing God what to do : you’re just cursing yourself, let the almighty God choose what is good for you. he knows what is fit for you.

  16. Useless country with useless leaders. Instead of working they are busy praying. What a waste of man hours in productivity! Lazy bums love religious nonsense

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