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Lusambo wants ZICTA to arrest People Scandalising President Lungu on Social Media

General News Lusambo wants ZICTA to arrest People Scandalising President Lungu on Social...

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has urged the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) and Police to bring to book people using social media to scandalize President Edgar Lungu and other innocent people.

Mr. Lusambo has wondered why the institutions have taken long to arrest people abusing social media when they have the capacity to do so.

The Minister has invited a ZICTA Director in charge of cybercrime and Lusaka Province Police Commissioner at his office tomorrow to discuss how they can curb social network abuse that is rampant.

Speaking to ZNBC News in Lusaka, Mr. Lusambo said society values should be respected as they hold the integrity of the country.

He has also assured citizens that the government will address social media abuse.

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  1. As usual, more gibberish from chief cadre minister Lusambo. He thinks the president is a god?
    I suggest he is arrested first for battering major Kachingwe and Kambwili at Parliament.

    • Lusambo has wondered why the institutions have taken long to arrest people abusing social media when they have the capacity to do so.
      The internet is not easily policeable. People can boo your president from anywhere on the globe and ZICTA will be helpless because the culprits won’t be subject to Zambian law

    • Uyu chiikkala li tolle sana.
      Did ZICTA arrest Lusambo for hacking the late Kasongo? Did ZICTA arrest Lusambo for refusing to attend Court summon for demolishing people’s property at that secondary school?
      Did ZICTA arrest who shoot Gaddafi Banda in Kaoma in presence of Mumbi Phiri?
      Ati National day of prayers. Who is tarnishing Ba Edgar’s name if it’s not these dirty ministers?

    • Ba Lusambo just come back to kabushi and do your work otherwise u will leave your office with the head of state together


    • The answer to why ZICTA and Zambia police cannot bring individuals on social media to book is simply because they have NO capacity.

    • What about people scandalizing the 5th time presidential loser on Social Media?

      That witchhunt on social media is always not welcome.

      LPM was always brutalized by Mmembe in the print media day in day out. Mmembe actually killed LPM through insults and name calling.

      Lusambo, live ZICTA out’a this.
      Everyone gets scandalized on social media this time. You can’t manage to fish out everyone besides some more abusers are getting born.

    • What is this clueless id1ot trying to say? Does he know anything about Freedom of Speech? Zambians have the right to freedom of speech. You can’t stifle or take away our rights. You dictators wanna be. Clueless, corrupt Lungu scandalizes himself by his incompetence and corruption.

    • Corrupt, clueless Lungu scandalizes himself. And Zambians have a right to Freedom of Speech. You and clueless corrupt Lungu do not own Zambia. It’s our country too, and so we have a right to voice our opinion if Lungu is not doing his job right. So don’t stifle our freedom of speech, you ignoramus. Shame on you.

    • Lungu scandalizes himself by his corruption and incompetence. Don’t stifle our freedom of speech, you fooooo1.

    • Is he saying this because of that photo of the Eagle doing a gay tendency with one of his ministers? Maybe the Eagle should tell us why he was grabbing another man’s leg.
      Just imagine if it was HH doing the same.

    • People are just annoyed about the bad (when tries) and lack of leadership of president Lungu. You cannot stop them. If you try to stop them, even more anger will be vented out. Let the angry citizens cool off.

    • Lusambo kolwe pick me up
      Lukanga Kafusha Justice
      Your President is a dog that is that
      You are a DOG

    • If I ate bitter herbs at breakfast, lunch and supper, will I also have a BITTER HEART like Nose DEMON and other UPND Group 4 little BOYS or it only runs in the blood?

    • I am not surprised. I know the language of Lusambo and his team when PF start loosing. They start intimidating people. Please, don’t mind him, keep posting.

    • Ka Lusambo, Lungu is not running his mother’s farm first and foremost. The nshima, kapenta, Black lechewe meat he eats and tissues he uses are paid by the tax payer. If he doesn’t like what comes with it, Chawama is a stone’s throw away from plot 1.

  2. This guy is charging full speed unopposed for the st.upid prize. I hope he also scoops the Darwin Challenge Cup. The 21st Century is NOT for such calibres imwe napapata. Let’s leave this sort of level behind come 2021 mwe.

  3. One would wish these mongrels can issue such stain statements towards the 48 spook houses,fire tenders,disappearing game,mukula tree, than trying to shut people up.Social media is here to stay.
    These I.diots awe sure

  4. Lusambo social media tayakawiso, every time u wake up u put up thing? Is Lungu a god tht he can’t be criticised? Lusambo talk sensible ad put up issues tht will build a better Zambia, not tht nonsense, is he a God?

  5. Nonsense Mr Bowman, here’s one for you your useless president and ZICTA, take your useless thoughts to the pit latrin were they belong. Criticism comes with the job if you were doing a great job we would commend you but you’re not and if you don’t like what we have to say about your hopeless government and president then stay off social media but I have to say I’m glad you read what we have to say and it should hurt you

  6. Dear director and officer commanding you don’t have to go the hon Ministers office for him to tell you what he has said. As director you have a board and a ceo who have laid out policy ad guidelines on how you should operate. As OC you report to IG so what does he want you to tell him that you will follow his instructions?

  7. Even UNIP at its worst moments ever reached the collective gross stupidity we are witnessing in the PF.

    How do such stupid *****s get into such important offices in the first place??

    What should ZICTA do about your Cadres who insult Opposition politicians, i.e deranged spinster Sharon, or even your fellow P.F Goons who dare challenge ba Jona Whiskey Chakolwa?
    Just eat you [email protected]! Your day of reckoning will surely arrive soon.

  9. Africa’s worst enemy are illiterates voter’s who can vote for people like this guy and s,t.u.pid politicians like him. Otherwise we have everything here.

  10. Lusambo has no authority to summon a police commissioner…Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga told off overzealous Lusambo in the past that he had no mandate to call a Police commander it’s only the Inspector General and the Republican President who can do that…

  11. No wonder why they closed the Post Newspaper. This is a multiparty democracy and social media is another from of opposition. Checks and balances have to be there

  12. First and foremost, what Lusambo should do is to define scandalizing, because his understanding of the world itself may not rhyme with the true meaning of scandalizing, for example, if Kaizer Zulu does the usual thing of abusing his assumed power and people complain that Lungu is failing to control Kaizer because Kaiser may know too much about Lungu, would that be scandalizing?, if people say Edgar does not understand national leadership because he has left the country to the mercy of climatic change, would that be scandalising, most people today are just telling PF the truth and if that is scandalizing then we should go back to England and redefine the word scandalizing. by the way we are soon entering 2020 and 2021 is in full view, so begin packing your bags, maybe this is scandalizing.

  13. hahahahahahahahahahaha ubupuba tabupwa nangu umuntu bamubika bu Minister! Sit down Bowman, stop being a scare crow!

  14. Why do service chiefs entertain meetings with party cadres? Or allow civilians to tell them what to? They should know better.

  15. There is no respect given to thieves iwe. What else is there to say to you failures when all you do is threaten people day in day out but do nothing about the problems and challenges faced by the Zambian people. You promised people Paradise but gave them hell. People of Zambia next time when you see or hear something is too good to be true it probably is. Do the wise thing and fire PF and put Kalaba as president.

  16. LUSAMBO you killed Kasongo NDC you should have been locked. ECL is scandalising himself because he has no vision he told us look how he has turned this country into a battle zone. Everything about him is wrong nothing good has come out of his govt. Zambians have never suffered the way they are suffering now!!!! You want them to keep quiet trash. 2021 you are going you can rig using all FORMULAR but you will not rig the will of the people actually LUNGU MUST STEP DOWN TO CALL FOR EARLY ELECTIONS WAITING FOR 2021 is risking our country with such cronies

  17. Why are you blaming the Government of today? His Excellency the President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not rulling this country alone but we are all as one. However, you are talking about the Will of God when actually Jesus prophesied that:- If things start getting tough, hunger, people loving themselves (selfishness). Know to say the world is coming to an end. So don’t only look at the Government of today of how its doing, blaming etc, but also look at what our GOD said. Therefore, lets change our mindsets about what we think because its not His fault either, it is time. Instead lets pray for our Nation to have peace and for things to be better.

    • Boss even the israelite fought battles for their own good whilst they prayed. Do you want us to fold our hand after prayer and simply watch? These leaders need to be accountable. In fact boss you are right in a way because PF leaders are selfish.

  18. @SHARON MULENGA What exactly do you mean when you say ” turned this country into a battle zone ” ? Nagative vibes won’t solve a thing but instead speak of the things you want to be worked on and done, Zambians are not suffering! The Bible says, “What so ever you posses with your mouth you shall surely become”, which should’t be the case with us, we are well known to be a Christian Nation. Point of correction it’s not the WILL OF THE PEOPLE but the WILL OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD.
    #When Jesus says YES no-one can say NO.

  19. @MUKWASU
    We all know that His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lunga is not running his mother”s farm, yet his running our country,please let us help him.


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