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Socialist Party describes HH as a Dealer with an Infinite Lust for Power, Glory and Fame

Headlines Socialist Party describes HH as a Dealer with an Infinite Lust for...

HH meeting Fred M'membe at the Julia Chikamoneka awards
HH meeting Fred M’membe at the Julia Chikamoneka awards

Member of the Central Committee for the Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party in Zambia Faston Mwale has said that United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema a politician couched from the capitalist bourgeoise traditions, and has an infinite lust for power, glory, and fame accompanied by a ferocious appetite for material wealth driven by unbridled greed and an inexhaustible crave for corruption.

In a statement posted on the party’s social media page, making a case for the party’s presidential candidate, Mr Mwale said that politicians of the HH type are proxies for capital and that their aim is to serve capital rather than than the expressed needs of the people.

In an indirect reference to HH’s trip to the US to court Investors, Mr Mwale wrote: ” Going on a “wild hunting spree” for investments is a dangerous excursion and this is what pits HH against the people. He is widely seen as a dealer rather than a leader. ”

Below is the full post


The question by the on-line ‘Kwacha Times’ publication requiring the members of the public to state as to who has the people’s interest at heart is laudable. There is a higher likelihood that the Patriotic Front will face an embarrassing defeat in the upcoming 2021 general elections.

The foregoing, therefore, sets the premise for the media and others to begin to shape the public psyche towards engaging in productive political discourse around which candidate would better serve the needs of the people. In order to draw useful insights, I would insist that such discourse must emphasize ideological positions rather than personal inclinations and attributes that are un-helpful. I must actually concede from the outset that I lack the ‘political flair’ of engaging in unproductive personality politics that are characteristic of Zambian politics. To avoid falling prey to backward forms of politics and make a rational contribution to the issue at hand, I will apply a Marxist analysis framework – a non-subjective and scientific method.

Comrade Fred is the preferred choice. The choice of comrade Fred is not driven by mere whims and caprices but by a clearly defined ideological path. He is thus far, the only one openly and evidently championing the cause of the working class. His leadership qualities and achievements have been pivotal in the struggle for humanity and freedom nationally, continentally and internationally. He is a valiantly independent and formidable political thinker, a feat accumulated over a span of forty years of revolutionary politics. His influence has shaped the course of history. He is among the gallery of leaders whose exemplary life is a role model and is worthy of being emulated.

A leader not motivated by a lust for power, prestige and glory and indeed not driven by material goods is all what Zambians need for a President and comrade Fred is one such a person. In him and through him Zambians are assured of a leadership that would transform Zambia into an oasis of justice, peace and equity. He is a socialist from the Marxist-Leninist tradition with robust pan African and internationalist credentials and convictions. We need him. Africa needs him and the world needs him to lead a working class collective fight against capitalism and imperialism. Our oppression, our exploitation and our vulnerability to expropriation is not rooted in human nature, so to say, but in a structural system that subjugates us to despicable human conditions. He, who has given his life to the struggle against all forms of injustices is of the people and must be revered as a true revolutionary icon and comrade Fred is.

Now, the contrast is this: Couched from the capitalist bourgeoise traditions, Mr. Hichilema is un-apologetically a capitalist. This breed of politicians has an infinite lust for power, glory and fame accompanied by a ferocious appetite for material wealth driven by unbridled greed and an inexhaustible crave for corruption. Though they speak the common language of the working class, they are not of the working class. They are proxies of capital. Theirs is to service capital rather than to serve the expressed needs of the people. That is why their vocabulary is never short of the term “foreign investment” as if foreign investment is a blue print for development, yet of the 54 or so countries of Africa, there is no one country that has developed with foreign investment.

This view, however, does not posit that investment is be despised. Going on a “wild hunting spree” for investments is a dangerous excursion and this is what pits HH against the people. He is widely seen as dealer rather than a leader.

History is replete with lop-sidedness investments. We must learn from them. A comprehensive conjunctural analysis must precede any determination of the kind of investment and the associated processes and protocols that attend a particular investment vis a vis the socio-economic, political and cultural factors that will play a complimentary role to the investment project.

In most cases, there is just a straight and ruthless rush for investment to accrue maximum profit. As a result, Africa has had a raw deal – what is invested is far too little compared to what is taken out of the continent, through transfer pricing, tax evasion, importation of intermediary products, etc. The extractive industry is a good case in point.

Given the above, comrade Fred is far more preferable than his counterpart Mr. Hichilema.

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  1. Shame on you gay Fred.

    You should focus on criticising government of the day, which happens to be incompetent and corrupt. Attacking fellow opposition leaders is pointless.

    Meanwhile, while you opposition parties fight, PF will keep on driving our country into the abyss.

    • Been doing some small business of late in Zambia….no guys things are getting worse am even surprised Lungu has the luxury of going out Jogging….on a full stomach i guess together with his minions but the majority of Zambians cant even go Jogging on an empty stomach….something needs to be done

    • Everyone knows Mmembe is jealous of HH because he knows he cant beat him. Mmembe and his Post were the ones calling UPND as Bantustan because of his jealous and venom against HH – we haven’t forgotten that.
      Mmembe has tried business but the fella doesn’t know how to businesses are run. As a pay back, Sata helped Mmembe with his Truck and even Oil businesses but failed lamentably. Instead of doing genuine business, the crook started dodging taxes which is quite toxic in business and led to the liquidation of his businesses. I still dont know how he escaped Jail…was it Edgar Lungu’s mercy because you cant just close the business and let the proprietor free! The problem is that Mmembe thinks he is cleverer than most Zambians but most of us know that he is an evil and hardened crook -…

    • You are an *****. Your sister is a lesbian and your father’s brother was a gay, a toyboy for your mother’s uncle.

      You get what you sow gay-lesbuan family of hochohochom

    • @Indigotyrol, you seems to be a paid troll. You cannot be a Christian to judge others, rather you are concocting hate against fellow Zambians. Talk issues. I will definitely vote for gallant Fred M’membe the one who was instrumental in bringing in Multiparty in 1991. He has stood and spoken for Zambians when many were deD scared of KK, FJT and even RB and Lungu.

    • Let’s say that again, shall we, ati H² is a politician (replace politician with crooked
      businessman ) couched from the capitalist bourgeoise traditions, and has an infinite lust for power, glory, and fame accompanied by a ferocious appetite for material wealth driven by unbridled greed and an inexhaustible crave for corruption
      Realistically this is not a laughing matter. Though not new to some and many of us, that’s why ECL will groove on 2021 blessings.

      @ 1 IndigoTyrol fwebabemba tutila Bakolwe basekana ifipato. So both Mmembe and H² are gay. The later and his grouping are members of ALN. Maybe both are tree mansions too.

  2. A befitting description of the Freemason! Hichilema lacks credibility no wonder his statements lack detail. No one in this world can throw the money in the amounts Hichilema talked about just like that he’s a damn liar!Hichilema can sell the whole Zambia in a flicker. Sata got frustrated by the West that’s why he settled for Chinese loans which don’t dome with stringent conditions. The whole Africa is borrowing from China so from where will Hichilema get the money to refinance Chinese loans? He’s a ruthless Economic Hit Man and that’s how he behaved during privatization. While Zambia lost HH walked away with a whiff of money. A UPND in govt will be the worst disaster, worse than the blow a blow from Nyami Nyami

    • Peter Tosh – Lyrics
      If you live in a glasshouse
      Don’t throw stones
      And if you can’t take blows brother
      Don’t throw blows
      Harm no man
      Let no man harm you
      Do unto others
      As they would do to you
      And to every baldhead
      Respect the Rastaman
      Cause he’s the only man left on creation
      ’cause ’cause to see I
      Looking so humble
      Would you like to try something
      But your world would a crumble
      Caught behind I back
      You lied to grumble
      And before I face
      You always a fumble
      You build your world on lies and illusions
      But you never know that
      This is the conclusion
      No chance no hope for those
      Who kept it a goin’
      ‘Cause you never know that
      The truth is showing
      I’m on this earth
      To give Jah praise
      And all I ask for
      Is longer days
      I come to do the things that are right

  3. Boza. How can upnd govt be worse than pf? The snake eating pf can never be equalled in its evil! As for so called socialist party, first that fred is the author of the evil pf; second, in which residential area does fred live to be equal to the poor? Third, both russia and china follow capitalist economic practices. Lastly, it seems a fashion for failed political parties to paint hh/upnd black? Cant z socialist party sell its ideas unless they talk ill of hh/upnd which is not even in govt?

  4. This Socialist also!
    You think by attacking fellow opposition leaders will win you the presidency? Ask Nawakwi and Chipimo and they will tell you how wrong that strategy is!
    Socialism has no place in Zambia!
    Capitalism has served us well so far!

    • Socialism is on the rise. In Australia, Canada, UK they now talk of looking after the poorest of the poor. HH is a crony politician. No sympathy with him.

  5. Each party believes their manifesto is the best and they should concentrate on convincing Zambians why they should be given a chance to rule. Attacking one another is not correct.

  6. Gents/Ladies, the old adage of saying, the DEVIL you know is better than the one you don’t. Basically all these parties are DEVILS. Here is an example UPND wants to remove PF from bus stops and markets typical of these DEVILS, behaving the same. In PF owners of houses are not known, whereas with the other DEVILS may be the houses won’t be known. Basically these DEVILS are the same.
    Sunday Nkonde (PF), Anthony Bwalya (UPND) and now Mwale (SP), they all criticize each other as a way of winning votes. Nothing new really. Therefore, one can not be far from the truth that, the DEVILS in opposition envy what the DEVIL in government is may be enjoying bad or good governmenace. So Mr Mwale is telling us what SP thinks about UPND. It is a vicious circle.

    • Awe @GMS, it is the DEVILS we know that have consistently screwed us over. Your hypothetical projection of a fearsome future is what is keeping Zambians back (and down). Try a new devil – yesss I said it!!!

  7. “…Given the above, comrade Fred is far more preferable than his counterpart Mr. Hichilema…”.

    I see. So Fred is less worse than the Trible HH? Agreed.

    Now isn’t this the same Fred who brought us Sata and PF? Fred was pure PF until Sata turned round on him, and Lungu went on to finish the job with his expertise in liquidations.

  8. Membe should focus on providing solutions to the many problems the country is facing than this primitivity acts of attacking others especially HH. I don’t know why we should be entertaining chaps like Membe considering that whoever he endorsed went on to ravage and cripple this country. When I see how bad the country is I feel like beating the hell out of Membe. You loser stop misleading people with false claims just based on fallacies

  9. #4 Mukwita “Why are U fighting each other? You all have one common enemy..”

    That’s correct, and the common enemy of all Zambia’s political parties is none other than UPND and its HH. Why? The triblism of UPND only is enough, we don’t have to say anything more.

  10. Everyone who is enlightened knows that ” HH has an infinite lust for power, glory, and fame accompanied by a ferocious appetite for material wealth driven by unbridled greed and an inexhaustible crave for corruption”. How else can you explain a chapp who jumps on the position left by his late father and holds on to the power like a flice? Mmembe will not transform himself after enjoying the sweet of of capitalism. Is this (Mmembe) not the guy who before his post was liquidated enjoyed riding in Hammers etc? After losing his loot through tax evation he is now a born again socialist who has realised that he needs to share his wealth.

  11. The truth is that democracy in Africa has failed. Yes, it has. Just see how the Opposition are fighting on the ground while the ruing party is watching and amassing the Resources.Shame on these so called learned ones!!????

  12. Here we go again, opposition attacking fellow opposition, Zambians I think the opposition is failing and PF enjoys such micro fights…

  13. This is how socialism a poor man’s wet dream dies. For me socialism is an offspring of ebola, hepatitis and herpes when they have a threesome, I stay away from it, I don’t even look at it.
    What we need right now are a group of capitalists that can utilise the dormant human capital that is currently wasting away, socialism will never provide those solutions but capitalism. Sinkamba, Mayele, HH and Kalaba have a bit more spine and good will, it comes down to who is likely to win, since non of them is the best.

  14. Why fight a fellow opposition when there’s a common enemy in PF that has brought down this country to its knees? HH has never even been given an opportunity to govern this country, so why judge him so prematurely?

    • Fred has never been an hh fan!! He linked up with him to try and stop the “common enemy” Edgar Lungu becoming president. Fred was the architect of hh’s armageddon, he masterminded the current media barrage of slander against ECL/PF simply because he hated ECL and hh was just a tool. Today, you see his true colours.

  15. This is truth and good from Socialist party, they described your HH appropriately, and this is just the beginning, Comrade Mmembe has all the data on privatization in Zambia, how your HH stole from Zambian economy, and he will publish before 2021.

  16. In a democracy nothing wrong to attack your fello opposition, u need to sell your party and manifest. infact u are fighting for one position to become president of zambia.we chose multiparty system,

  17. The time for expounding Marxist theories is long gone. The countries where such theories came from don’t even regard them as useful.

  18. Fred was a salary of K1 million at the Post Newspaper whilst his workers went month to month without pay on low salaries. Which Socialist pays himself that much. A socialist who drives expensive cars…ha ha ha

  19. A statement in this context coming from another opposition is very annoying. Socialist party is now Opposing opposition meaning they are very far from forming government. If that statement is meant to justify my statement then it’s justifibale and understandable. Continue opposing the opposition and not the government.

  20. Ati Socialist Party. These Tuntemba parties are very common in Zambia. I now agree with ECL on the closure of the Post Newspaper for tax evasion. Tax evasion is THEFT . We have THIEVES leading this so called socialist party.
    We are all sure here as bloggers that this article was written or edited by Fred himself. Fred should have learnt from Nawakwi’s party and other tuntemba parties before proceeding to form a party which will add to the list of doomed parties

  21. Basically the script goes this way: Take a concept and rub it in the sand until everyone’s teeth rattles when they taste it. Then add some fear factor to a future unknown based on present and not too distant wrongs (by incumbents). Then put in a few factoids to enable weak minds grasp at something they are too lazy to prove. Then voìla, you have captured a whole horde of clueless and hitherto deprived masses. That’s it.

  22. Nice try, ba Mwale..but no doughnut! Like the great Rick Sanchez says “Don’t s the ghost of his d too hard!”

  23. It seems that now Zambian politics are not policy based but who is cleaner and holier than thou. It is a pity that these politicians are busy smearing faeces on each other while the country is being ruined and robbed by the PF led govt. For as long as these silly politicians with no agenda but accusations are there, Zambia is doomed and destined to destruction.

  24. Maybe if you talk about the broad daylight theft going on in this country maybe I can give you a little respect. Also talk about how you wanted to have Wynter Kabimba’s nyash for dinner Mr gay man clear your name before you start with HH. Remember you tried this same crap with Michael Says did it work? You shameless thing.

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