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Kanyama residents damage Fire Engine, blame LCC for contributing to load shedding

Headlines Kanyama residents damage Fire Engine, blame LCC for contributing to load...

The Damaged 1 Million dollars Fire Truck
The Damaged 1 Million dollars Fire Truck

Lusaka City Council (LCC) has said that it is saddened by the damage to one of it’s fire trucks by some Kanyama residents last night. The incident happened when fire fighters went to Kanyama’s Shula area to quench the reported fire.

The fire brigade received a phone call around 22:00 hours from a concerned resident that one of the houses in the area was on fire.

The fire truck and a team of firefighters was immediately dispatched to the scene, but upon arrival, it was discovered that in fact what was on fire was the Zesco transformer.

The team managed to quench the fire but no sooner than they did that residents who came to witness the incident started pelting stones at the officers and equipment.

The irate residents demanded that firefighters should restore electricity supply in the area. The residents also accused firefighters of contributing to the Zesco load shedding in the area.

The incident resulted in the windscreen of the cabbin crew of the fire truck being shattered and three (3) fire fighters sustaining injuries.

The team, however, managed to flee the scene with the help of state police.

LCC said that it wished to remind Kanyama residents in particular and Lusaka residents in general that the hostility being exhibited towards Council officials on flimsy grounds during their conduct of duty is not healthy.

Kanyama residents know very well that it is not within the mandate of the fire brigade to restore the supply of electricity neither do they have anything to do with load shedding.

LCC further said that the mandate of the fire brigade was to save lives and property from fire and fire-related incidences wherever and whenever duty calls, and appealed to all Lusaka residents to refrain from acts of violence and destruction towards Council officials and property.

The Council urged Residents to instead work with the Council to safeguard Council properties for the public good.

The Damaged 1 Million dollars Fire Truck
The Damaged 1 Million dollars Fire Truck

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    • I’m sure some will recall that I’ve argued on this site that evidence of ungovernability is now quite clear in Zambia. Since the advent of PF on the scene, the country has been run as if it is always in an election yr. Whn u go about life like that, u hv no time to pay attention to policy details.

    • People are just fed up. The economy is bad. There is high unemployment in the country.

      They see how ministers are living it large. They know that ministers do not experience load shedding. That they send their children abroad to schools, and that they get medical treatment abroad.

      Citizens are frustrated. They know that if their leaders were also subjected to load shedding, they would fix this issue once and for all. They know that if Lungu used UTH for his treatment, he would make sure that UTH was adequate.

      People just want to be led by example.

    • Have heard ati the(gift) firetenders from US , have landed pa zed, LT show us the state of art fire engines, why keeping this to yourself.

    • This is what happens when you take people for granted. People deserved justification for those 42 Wheelbarrows, you ignored, thinking with time this will fade off.
      Unfortunately, people are asking themselves was it worth it spending that amount of money on wheelbarrows instead of investing in reducing load-shedding? Load shedding compounded with hunger, iye mwandi, this is kama small boooom.
      They are not angry at LCC, but LCC is just a victim, to express their anger.

    • Sad but the fact is that there is a boiling anger in the country, never mind how some leaders are received at the airport. The anger is like firewood dowsed with fuel, ready to fire when ignited. Do they even care about public property or not? All they know is that they are deliverings a message.., a warning…just dont go there again.

      Must be a danger for Zesco workers too, not a company to crave working for.

    • Zambians are very DULL. Zesco are the last people to want load shedding because they lose money that way. The fact is they currently don’t have enough electricity to cope with your high demand. 10 cellphones per household, 4 tvs, 3 fridges, etc.

      And all you other cows who compare electricity consumption of 1979 to that of 2019 need education. Help Zesco grow to serve you better instead of destroying property. Ubusushi bweka bweka.

    • Thank you, Nubian. Since KKs era, no other GRZ has built power plants to cater for the ever rising demand. Then, Kanyama has the highest concentration of tongas and lozis in Lusaka, should it surprise anyone that they attacked a “PF” firetruck and expected it to restore power??

    • Hehehehe

      Just look at these last 2 clowns immedetly above…..ati can you compare 1979 to 2019 ????

      In 1979 Zambia owed maybe $ 1 billion….in 2019 PF have borrowed and blown $17 billion , so there should be zero load shedding.

      The country should be exporting electricity…..

    • @1.8 exactly my point. It’s likely to have been a planned move, so the person who called must be traced and get him/her arrested. Does it mean that these haters can’t appreciate the difference between LCC and ZESCO?

    • Fi kachema nafi tubulu!! Festi fyatumina ba Fire dept. instead of ZESCO when transformer is burning. Ala fi tutu ifi bantu ifi, and they are violent.

    • I would rather use 1 million worth of equipment for the job than tuma Fire Extinguishers from Zesco. Its a transformer on fire you D*%khead!!!

  1. Let us not excuse ignorance for venting. Education needs to be of high priority in Zambia again. So let me see, the fire brigade saved a transformer from extensive damage? Then they fire officers were stoned for doing their jobs of saving lives and property? I am done for the day kikikikiki.

  2. Grade 11 Rewrite ………..but no sooner than they did that residents who came to witness the incident started pelting stones at the officers and equipment.

  3. This explains a lot. No wonder electoral violence only happens in areas where certain tribes are in abundance. Bene Banda kwa Jeke ngabachi tumina ZESCO, nomba indoshi shaku southern na western… Awe sure….

  4. Why are you bothered you all want PF so suffer even more.
    On the other hand don’t worry Valden Findlay with the ka Chola boy ECL will buy some fire trucks again

  5. Why stress you all keep dancing fo PF so suffer now.
    But don’t worry Valden Findlay and the ka Chola Boy Lungu will buy the fire trucks for LCC

  6. When you have a compound were so many people just decided to become ignorant , these are the results. Kanyama is remained under developed largely becsuse a good number of people in that area don’t want to embrace new things.

    Even when you chat with a lady who has lived her entire life in Kanyama, it becomes so very difficult to reason with them unless you talk about marrying or going out to walk around kabulonga.

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