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People are angry and frustrated -Bishop Lungu

Headlines People are angry and frustrated -Bishop Lungu

Bishop Lungu

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops President Bishop George Lungu says people of Eastern Province are becoming angrier and frustrated with many failed developments in the province.

Bishop Lungu who is also Chipata Diocese Catholic Bishop says the situation has gotten worse, with people killing each other for simple by-elections.

Bishop Banda has urged Zambians to brace themselves for more violence in 2021 if nothing is done to arrest the situation.

Bishop Lungu says it is shameful that a life could be lost during a Council Chairperson by election in Kaoma District an indication that more violence is expected in 2021.

Bishop Lungu said the escalating cases of violence are a serious concern and should be addressed.

He says that the country is faced with a number of problems such as power load shedding, poor road network and lack of food in hospitals, which calls for special attention.

Bishop Lungu says that development in the country is not equally shared, as government has concentrated much on developing Lusaka, leaving other provinces with poor road infrastructure.

He says that the situation is fearful as more people are becoming more angry and frustrated.

Bishop Lungu said the economic situation has deteriorated and has challenged leaders to be truthful about happenings in the country.

Bishop Lungu was speaking during mass to mark the closure for the year of the Mission at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Chipata in his Extra Ordinary Evangelization Homily.

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  1. The Bishop is so right. The problem we have in Zambia is having a president with no vision. A clueless guy who once store money from a widow and was disbarred. How can someone with such a resume be president and you expect the country to prosper!!!!

    • one thing traditional church preachers will always advise you is that you can never fix the country’s economy, political and social affairs by using abracadabra. everything comes with hard work then prayer is just added bonus for blessings coming out of your sweat. preach bishop, preach..

    • Rightly so, John. The global economy is bad right now and some people expect miracles from Zambia as if it’s not connected to the global set up. China just reported the lowest growth in 20 years, commodities remain subdued, cost of transporting oil had shot up more than 10 times, the Sin-American trade war is biting everyone and this clergy armchair critic wants us to listen to his hot air from his backside??

  2. Well spoken Bishop, he’s a true Bishop not those con men who paraded themselves to celebrate Edgar’s day on 18 October. None of them dared speak about the death in Kaoma. Edgar is a disaster. Hospitals are struggling, nothing is working. If they can’t hear the voice of reason from the Bishop then I don’t know who they’ll listen to.

  3. John Chinena, you are 200% plus right!! What is the church doing about the hungry, and angry people? The church of today has run of ideas and has resorted to inciting people. Can the government really manage to feed each family? The really Zambian Church of yesteryear used to encourage people to work hard on the land and to divesfy the crops. The nshima syndrome came into being when the unip government command everyone to grow maize. If one ate tute, ifipushi, amale was regarded as poor person. Diseases were fewer as a result of eating natural nutritious foods!!Beni serious bachurch.Feed people.Don’t run away from feeding as did those disciples of Jesus.Anyway, Jesus instructed them to do something about it. So do something!!

    • Roka; If you got yourself familiar with the activities of the Catholic church among communities, you wouldn’t have generalized like this.

  4. Honestly these so called men of the cloth, how can he speak in flesh terms instead of calling issues for prayers to God? The Bible says only Satan is interested in the affairs of Men, meaning if a Man that claims to serve God involves himself in issues of men such as is the practice with these so called president of this and head of that church body it is not God that they are serving.

  5. Matthew 16

    23 But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

  6. Why not look within your institution first and see how conceited the system is? A religious syndicate built on a fallen European empire, amassing wealth, manipulating and deceiving millions of souls with pagan worship should be the real cause for anger and frustration amongst Africans.

    The Catholic Church is the most powerful and the richest religious institute on earth. Yet no one, not even Bishop Lungu dares to question the headquarters in Rome where all the money goes.

    Word of advice: stop stating the obvious and start offering offering words of consolation and encouragement to the people because this is what a clergyman should do. I have more respect for one Bishop Desmond Tutu because he was a real rebel with a cause.. not these tuma other Bishops.

  7. The biggest problem in Zambia is actually tribalism. The bishop is just being real but we have sane people questioning his statement. Some educated morons are even asking the church to start feeding those hungry. Are you for real?? They can only assist but the onus is on the government to provide the basic needs of its citizen. We are not going to solve current problems by being defensive or in denial.

  8. No jobs is the cause most violence and frustrations in Zambia.

    Most jobs for youth are those of being used as PF enforcers

  9. Well done Bishop, let the truth be heard!!!. Those of you exposing and promoting your ignorance about the Catholic Church please get a life. It is not the responsibility of the church to feed the masses but to supplement government efforts in uplifting the living standards of the most vulnerable people. In Zambia, the catholic church is actually doing more than what the government is doing…In Zambia, stealing is the order of the day and impunity is the default response!!!! Enjoy load shedding.

  10. Bishop don’t waste your time, concentrate on your call to bring people to Jesus, remember your calling and stop wasting God’s time alaaa ba so called ‘Bishop’.Go hide your self in a closet and pray than coming on social media braaa braaa braaa alaaa.During the time of Jesus when things are bad Jesus will withdraw for prayers so did the clergy,but todays Bishop kalilo.Remember your great commission Bwana Bishop don’t lose focus.

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