Kabwe Municipal Council (KMC) has seized assorted foodstuffs worth K6, 000 from various chain-stores in the district with a combated weight of 9 kilograms (Kgs).

KMC Public Relations Manager, Waluka Mwaekwa, disclosed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe.

Ms Mwaekwa said the local authority is mandated to ensure food safety as guided by Section 6 of the Food and Drugs Act, Cap 303 of the Laws of Zambia.

She indicated that the municipality will continue carrying out random checks on chain-stores in the district to ensure that expired, exposed and unwholesome food articles are not sold to consumers.

Ms Mwaekwa mentioned that consumption of unwholesome food articles can lead to dangerous outcomes such as stomach upset and death in some instances.

She has since questioned consumers to take keen interest in checking on the expiry dates on food products before purchasing them because expiry dates relate to products taste, adding that it also triggers food poising depending on the type of food.

Ms Mwaekwa also warned shop owners to desist from displaying or selling expired foodstuff to consumers in order to keep in check good health of the people.

She further stated that the local authority remains committed to its mandate of carrying out random exercise of inspecting food products to make sure only fresh products are sold to consumers because issues of public health are paramount to the authority.

The confiscated items in included yoghurt, peanut butter, assorted bottled and caned drinks, source, potatoes, and cheese among others from some chain stores and supermarkets.

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  1. Very good.

    It is very true citizens must take interest in checking the expiring period for a product before they buy. Because of the many products merchandised and later sold in chain stores, it is very possible to have expiries. I must indicate that sometimes it’s not the intention of the chain stores management,- @ times I happens when merchandisers and floor sales managers become reluctant


  2. It’s traditional for South African supermarkets to display expired or about to expire goodies during the peak periods that run from 20th to month-end. This trend has been there for a long time now. You must be very cautious especially on cereals and infant milk and porridge, especially imported brands. Be suspicious and not excited when you notice that there’s a price reduction



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