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Save Lower Zambezi ,Petitions EAZ

Economy Save Lower Zambezi ,Petitions EAZ

The Unspoilt Lower Zambezi National Park
The Unspoilt Lower Zambezi National Park- however new mine coming soon

By EAZ President, Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka

The news that mining has been given a go ahead by the courts in a project that has been disputed since 2012 has worried me the past few days.

I have had the privilege of visiting the lower Zambezi and I tell you there is not a place beautiful in Zambia than that place.

I must admit that most animals prefer the Zimbabwean side because of human encroachment on the Zambian side.

Poaching is also rampant amongst us Zambians. Indiscriminate cutting down of tree is also a big problem.

The Republican President decreed that he wants to see tourism the second contributor to GDP. This is achievable and as the Economics Association of Zambia, we are working hand in hand with the government through the ministry of tourism to ensure this is realised..

In order for us to achieve that, we need to have a different approach towards tourism management as well as management of our natural wonders and parks.

Mining in lower Zambezi will have the following negative effects:

  1. Mining will pollute the surrounding environment and since animals are sensitive, they will run to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Our generation will be seeing lions in other countries or at zoos which we don’t have.
  2. Mining will create unplanned settlements in the lower Zambezi National Park as the mine will attract all sorts of people that will come to benefit from mining activities. Even if the mine builds planned settlements for its employees, these settlements will need maids, gardeners, tailors, mechanics, Electricians, etc these people will come and build these unplanned settlements and removing them from there will be a political issue just like any other unplanned settlement in Zambia. In fact politicians will protect them therefore destroying the park completely.
  3. The mine after attracting shanty compounds will be unable to provide electricity and even energy for cooking. There comes in charcoal burning. The first 10 years the mine will be operational, there will be no trees left!!!
  4. This mine won’t be profitable in its first 10 years just like other mines have done in Zambia. But the damage that will be made in the 10 years to the environment will be enormous.
  5. Increased animal human conflicts
  6. Agriculture activities will start in the park making it difficult for ZAWA to operate
  7. Zambia will have no right to talk about climate change. The world operates like a cartel. Once you approve mining in a National park, no green funds will flow into the country and tourists will never come. We shall be “blacklisted” by tourists because of these actions. The blacklisting won’t be formal but in the minds of tourists. The same way customers companies running racist adverts.

The verdict is that we need to all come together and stop these people from mining. The economic and environmental benefits of keeping a National park outweigh those of mining. Just the other week the mines were laying off employees.

Kabwe is an example of what happens after mining activities. We have found it difficult to revive vegetation there. Chingola is an example of the negative effects of mining due to pollution as fishermen and farmers can no longer produce.

Farmer Langsu Mumbelunga in his polluted field near the Mushishima stream, Zambia. Photograph: John Vidal for the Observer

We are now talking about the Kafue and Zambezi rivers. These two rivers meet in the Zambezi National Park.

This doesn’t even need a court decision. It needs an administrative decision.

ZEMA did not approve the mine. Then Minister Hon Harry Kalaba is said to have overruled them. The current minister can reverse the decision in the interest of the nation.

The government should start giving all parks under private management to avoid future companies seeking to mine in the parks.

We are already cutting down trees at the source of the Zambezi, and now we are moving to the parks. What kind of people are we???


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    • Lungu does not understand that minerals do not last forever. They will finish one day.

      This government has shown to have no regard for wild life at all. That is why they are busy selling our wild life. They sold off even the wild dogs hoping people would not notice.

      Zambia is one of a few countries in the world that allows big cat hunting. Why???

      This PF needs to be flushed out now.

    • I normally disagree with Lubinda Habazoka. This time we’re singing from the same hymn sheet. Great, Lubinda. On this one, u hv earned my support. The judge who passed the verdict to allow mining to go ahead has just lowered the standing of the judiciary in the minds of right thinking people.

  1. Welcome back to Earth Dr, indeed the cons outweigh any pros by far! The world is losing natural resources at an alarming rate, so we need to manage ours to leave a priceless legacy for future gens. We say no to short term gain, if any…

    • Lungu will not listen to the voices of reason.

      That is why Chitotela is so confident selling off our rare breeds of wild life.

      Chances are they have already chewed kickbacks for this mining project.

      All this destruction just for another thick brown envelope.

  2. Where are the UPND and independent MPs to condemn this? No where as usual. kikikiki. Zambians we are our own worst enemy.

    • There is no opposition in Zambia.

      We are on our own I am afraid.

      That is why we should stay united, just like the locals in Mfuwe that chased those thieves that tried to steal animals. We should voice concerns loudly, just like Nsama Learns that exposed the black lechwe thefts.

      We are truly on our own.

      Those with bank accounts in Panama or Swaziland will leave the country even though it is them that have destroyed it.

    • You are the rats condemning UPND and HH when they say anything……now you are seeing for your selfs others reporting the looting of Zambia and now you want to cry for UPND and HH ??????

      Ati chiputa baaati…..

  3. Zambian courts also are a big let down!
    But we should be surprised if anything sensible happens in Zambia. We are a country that are so used to Dununa Reverse! Nothing in FORWARD GEAR will ever make sense.
    Our biggest problem as a country are the dark evil forces behind and surrounding the presidency! It begs the importance of Zambians knowing the sources of funding for all political players in Zambia! If forest 27 was not spared, the Lower Zambezi and all its riches are no exception! I’ll be surprised if our head of state will intervene in this case. It would also be interesting to read the court’s judgement and appreciate how common sense was overlooked in this ruling! This is why we say the wisest leader Zambia ever had was KK! He has been aware about the existence of all these…

    • And lungu being the only president to plunder and loot these has to be the worst president Zambia has ever had , and should ever have had if Zambia is to survive as a country….

  4. Lungu, the PF and Valden “drug dealer” findlay ha e simply destroyed our country for personal gain. They have screwed mother zambia to death. And we want to vote for these dogs. Shame on you zambians for being in a coma while the PF thugs get away again

  5. We have been telling you , the raping of mother Zambia by lungu and his gang goes on unabated…….

    The reserve forests , then the wild animals now game parks as a whole are in their sights ……..lungu and his gang need money and no one and nothing in Zambia can stop them…

    Only threats of international boycotts of the Zambian tourist sector might pump some sense into lungu……

  6. If the mining operations go ahead in the Lowe Zambezi Valley we should, as Zambian and led by the current government, go back to our caves.

  7. Can’t we start an online petition, where we can gain numbers to hand in to court. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t. It might gain international response…

    • There is an ongoing mobilization of signatures by Avaaz – an organization for community petitions.
      Stop ALL mining activity in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.
      3,041 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000

  8. It’s actually an international organization and this petition was started and intended to be presented to MICHEAL CHILUFYA SATA. Mining plans were put on ice only to resurface as they reckon there is a weakling with long fingers and can tilt the ruling in their favor!

  9. Where can we find this petition for signing? We need to stop this as citizens of Zambia. The foreign companies don’t care. All they will care about are the profits. It’s up to us as citizens to care for and protect our environment and our renewable assets such as the Lower Zambia National Park which can provide for Zambia for generations to come.

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