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RTSA wants to revoke Drivers’s Driving Licences for over speeding

General News RTSA wants to revoke Drivers's Driving Licences for over speeding

The Road Transport and Safety Agency have given seven Public Service Vehicle drivers 14 days to show cause why their Driving Licences should not be revoked for exceeding speed limits.

In separate letters dated 23rd October 2019 addressed to the seven drivers, RTSA Acting Director and Chief Executive officer Mr Gladwell Banda observed that the seven drivers had on several occasions opted to exceed speed limits with impunity thereby putting the lives of the travelling public in serious danger.

According to the Global Position System (GPS) installed on 88 long-distance buses and monitored by the RTSA, the seven drivers were singled out to have violated speed limits on several occasions to an extent of driving at the ranges of 120 km/h to 145 km/h against the prescribed speed limit for PSV buses on highways which is 100 km/h, thus posing serious danger to the traveling public.

Therefore, RTSA Acting Director is evoking Section 68(1) (a) of the Road Traffic Act number 11 of 2002 which empowers his office to revoke a Driving Licence, if in the opinion of the Director, the conduct or character of the holder of such a Licence renders to be unfit to drive such a vehicle from the point of view of the safety of the public.

The seven drivers are, Lenard Musukuma, Martin Mapisa, Kelly Siame, Yuberd Simwala, Kendrick Simusikwe, Allan Chitabankana, and Morgan Sikaumba.

The Agency is of the view that PSV drivers are expected to drive with due care bearing in mind the level of responsibility they assume. Therefore, the continuous conduct to drive above the prescribed speed limits is a serious road safety concern.

According to a statement issued by RTSA Head of Public Relations Fredrick Mubanga, the RTSA is taking a proactive approach to monitoring the speed of PSV buses through GPS in bid to mitigate the risk of road traffic accidents on Zambian roads.

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    • These drivers are under pressure to meet targets set by employers.

      Revoking their licenses is the first step, but not the final solution.

      Fine their employers, and you will see a swift shift in driving patterns.

      Unless of course their employers are ministers.

    • Why does Zambia have so many stupid people in leadership?……thieving, lying, stealing at every opportunity they get. Which gods did the Zambian people offend to be given such leaders who are now selling everything?
      The docility of Zambians is also something that’s so worrying, leaders urinating on the heads and in the mouths of Zambians who just complain when they are in their bedrooms which have no electricity.
      What a country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Rubbish. You perpetrate bus drivers parking on the roads especially near city market therefore causing congestion of traffic. Minibus drivers stop anyhow to load passengers and park at traffic lights busy loading whilst causing traffic congestion. You are a useless organization that doesn’t even deserve a penny from tax payers money’s parking spaces have now turned into bus stops especially in freedom way where zambeef is. We have rotten vehicles operating on the roads causing danger and yet you are busy getting free salaries. Get serious lives are lost because of your neglect, your fellow traffic police are even more useless and rotten to the core because of their tendency that has inclined their minds to opt for bribes.

    • With the balding extransport Officer cum ceo gone we thought things would change for the better! 2021 we shall clean up you chaps so that you know what it means to responsibly discharge duties related to public safety and licensing of both drivers and motor vehicles

  2. Just give RTSA to the councils just like it is in SA. These prevent company is just here to make money for themselves and selective few. Its a scam and am sure it shall not last. Markets and bus stations should be given back to the councils and set the standards for them .

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