she is involved in charity work donation for rural Zambians that sometimes cannot be reached via conventional government channels
she is involved in charity work donation for rural Zambians that sometimes cannot be reached via conventional government channels

The Ministry of Health in partnership with Merck Foundation will next month send medical personnel to India to specialize In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Assistant Director Clinical Care and Diagnostic Services, Daniel Makawa says the specialized personnel will help in harvesting eggs and complete the process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Dr. Makawa says currently IVF which is the artificial fertilization of egg and sperm is only offered at a private facility.

He says Government is now championing that the service is being offered in the public facilities so that all the aspirations of the people are realized.

Dr Makawa told ZNBC News in an interview in Ghana, that the Ministry wants to ensure that such services are offered at public institutions to ensure everyone has access to basic health care services.

He, however, stressed that there is a need for men to come on board and address the commonest causes of infertility among men and women.

Dr Makawa urged the male fork to understand that infertility is a two-way thing that can affect males and females.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health Assistant Director Cancer, Sharon Kapambwe has called on Zambians to start the dialogue on issues surrounding infertility.

Dr. Kapambwe said there is a need for more awareness among stakeholders so that a proper legal and ethical framework is drafted around Infertility.

First Lady Esther Lungu is leading a Zambian delegation to the Sixth Edition of Merck Africa Asia Luminary Conference in Accra Ghana.

The First Lady will during the Sixth Merck Africa Asia Luminary Conference in Accra be awarded a Special Recognition Award for her works and initiatives as Ambassador of Merck More than a Mother.

Zambia will host the seventh edition next year.

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  1. Since when did zambians or africans need ivf. This is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle******Deleted****


  2. iye so ivf is about harvesting eggs? do you also harvest the sperm? awe this process is cumbersome. its better to just adopt mwe.


  3. Merck may mean well but does the country have the capacity to handle such a venture. So you teach doctors the practicals but who will pay for storage of these ova, with rampant corruption, the potential for short cuts and possibility of switching Iva is just way to high. Meek is able and I wish they could direct funds to another area such as cancer care, help provide badly needed therapies for patient. The IVF venture as good as it may be on paper should not be a priority from a practical perspective



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