Zack Songs is a multi talented artist who has been working on his craft in the music industry for the past 5 years it’s safe to say he is well on his way.

Zack is an artist who understands all the aspects of being a new age artist as far as online presence and building a brand of his Artistry is concerned.

Zack Songs has decided to go all out this time and is here to present his debut full body of work (studio project) titled ‘On My Way

With the first official release of the mixtape titled ‘Calling Me’ which was produced by Zambia’s finest Paul Kruz who has worked with Zack on his previous projects such as ‘Melody’.

Zack decided to give fans all sounds on his mixtape emphasizing that he wanted to carter all the moods human beings encounter with amazing sounds for different vibes. Zack described the music on his mixtape as world class music! That is to be enjoyed not only by Zambians and Africans, but the world at large.

On My Way‘ Mixtape can be downloaded on the link below:

Zack Songs discusses his mixtape ‘On my way’ in the interview below:

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