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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

President Lungu to attend inauguration of Botswana’s Masisi

Headlines President Lungu to attend inauguration of Botswana's Masisi

REPUBLICAN President His Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu has declared October 25th, the day after Zambia’s Independence Day, a public holiday.
REPUBLICAN President His Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu

President Lungu is scheduled to travel to Botswana tomorrow to attend the swearing-in and inauguration of his counterpart Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi as President of Republic of Botswana.

The swearing-in and inauguration of Dr. Masisi as President of the Republic of Botswana follows national elections which were held on 23rd October,2019 in which he emerged winner with a landslide victory, and was declared winner on the Botswana Democratic Party ticket on 25th October,2019.

The President returns home as soon as the event concludes.

President Lungu has since congratulated Dr.Masisi and commended the people of Botswana for holding peaceful elections in line with the revised Southern African Development Community Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections,as a demonstration of the commitment that Botswana has to continue upholding democratic tenets.

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    • Here we go again…these trips are costly…why not wish him well and designate a Botswana based Zambian envoy to attend on his behalf…and whilst in Botswana Lungu will announce another expensive foreign trip…..and meanwhile Esther Lungu is wasting tax payers money with a Bedroom attendant

    • Ba lungu never gave power to the speaker. How much is fuel today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much is meali meal 25kg ? Ba lungu please please say anything about economy please please. Mr lungu say anything about economy please please. Economy Mr lungu please.

    • Question to African voters, is it a God given privilege that all african presidents should automatically serve two or more terms?, why is it not the case in western democracies e.g USA where only about 30% of presidents that have served have gone on to be elected for a second term. Or is it the usual african political tactic during elections that voting for the incubate, will make same them give time tofinish, their unfinished projects , surely can any individual finish government projects, when governments are forever until kingdom come.
      What criteria do American voters and African voter use to vote someone for a second term.

    • Mr airport there he goes again. How much is fuel today Mr airport? How much is meali meal today 25kg ? When do u work? Any chance of say about the economy please please. Economy Mr lungu please please say anything. Mr lungu you would be a great pilot since you prefer flying then been Mr PF president.

    • “If it were the guy soon to be put in a Museum going to Botswana, this would have been good!” UPND INCOMPOS, Group 4s.

    • When money is not coming out of your pocket that’s always the case….African leaders too much wasting money and they rush to the western world with a begging bowl…no wonder everyone runs away from them at UNGA

  1. Meanwhile we have 15 hours of loadshedding and the guy doesn’t care!! Uyo ku Botswana.. further depleting the little money required to import power. Very frustrating!

    • Meanwhile we need to put him in a Museum – Livingstone Museum because there are artifacts on display there used by wizards and witches and people who have Three Mansions.

  2. He has no shame this lungu , congratulating his Friends on peacefull elections while under him we have caders killing and brutalising ……

    With not even a word on the on going game park mining saga bothering the nation , the corrupt crook is off again

    • Just look at how widely read posts from

      “ spaka, most influential blogger “

      are…. …people are reading and taking notice , thumbs up or down , but people are following…

  3. Pay Maamba Collieries and stop wasting money on these useless travels in your expensive private jet that was bought with tax payers money

  4. He’s traveling record will be extremely hard to break even the great kamwendo munjila himself ( R B) is now sitting down in submission.

  5. That’s the only thing he does better running away from problems and pretending to be working. Sit down for once and address us through a press conference, this is a curse to have befallen Zambia.

  6. There goes Jona Meno Meno, tomorrow there will be speechs on the run, this failed leader thieving lawyer wanna be is useless, Maybe he is following 24hrs of electricity…. Useless as they come

  7. Travel well sir, please go and learn how neighbouring Countries conduct elections without hacking each other with pangas nor wielding guns. So peaceful rendering victory very sweet, no blood lost, just sweat. Where is this culture of extreme violence coming from?

  8. Zambians have to grab the keys to that plane and let this man work he can’t continue getting away without working. Attending these ceremonies is not work but leisure. 15 hours of loadshedding and this man is allowed to loiter around

  9. Expect more travelling as a number of African countries will be going through elections plus the number of tu ntembas in Zed that need commissioning

  10. Welcome to Botswana your excellency.We hope you will enjoy your stay.During your visit please find out from His excellency Dr. Masisi how the campaigns were done ,how many people were killed during these campaigns and how long did the electoral commission take to declare the winner of the elections.
    Let me remind you sir, the opposition were given freedom to campaign. There are no cadres in Botswana.Oh no load shedding.
    When you go back to Zambia ,tell your party how to treat opposition members.They are not your enemies.They are Zambians.Remind Mr Mnangagwa to bench mark how to run free and fair elections.

  11. He could delegate, (less costly) or send a congratulatory message. But as usual, he takes his favourite expensive option.

    When has he sat down to face the nation on the numerous matters that are bleeding the country? When he is home, he is gallivanting around the country ‘commissioning’ things that can be done by district officials. If anyone can’t see this extravagance and a complete lack of governance acumen by ECL and his cohorts, they need their minds examined

  12. Mwandi Chagwa, enjoy while it lasts!
    No one should point a finger at you.
    Zambians are very dishonest!
    You told them you have no vision but they refused to believe you! When you are back, please increase loadshedding to 24 hours!
    By the end of 2019, our GDP will be down to $24 Billion and our total debt will be $21 Billion.
    Please consider buying another presidential jet to enable you fly 6 days every week! Let the haters continue hurting! Let them talk!

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