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HH condems the teargassing of Democracy Party President Harry Kalaba in Samfya

Headlines HH condems the teargassing of Democracy Party President Harry Kalaba in Samfya

DA President Harry Kalaba shows the party symbol during the press briefing in Lusaka
DA President Harry Kalaba shows the party symbol during the press briefing in Lusaka

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has condemned the teargassing of Democracy Party President Harry Kalaba in Samfya over the weekend by the police.

Mr Hichilema has described the act as undemocratic and a sign of dictatorship in Zambia under the PF regime.

He has charged that the PF are undeniably cowards who have no plan and Zambians deserve better.

Mr Hichilema wondered why the police have continued using the police to harass and intimidate innocent politicians who want to meet and talk to their members.

“Why continue fighting unarmed people who do not threaten the lives of the people and fail to deal with violent cadres. This must must come to an end”, he said.

Mr Hichilema has since advised Zambians to vote the PF out in 2021 in order to bring sanity especially in the Zambia Police Service who have forgotten to promote law and order for Zambians.

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  1. HH is very dull…what is the connection between the police and PF…Only a dictator like himself thinks that the police can be micro-managed. There must be a reason why that incident happened…

    • Facts are not enough for me to issue a measured comment.
      The article is incomplete and one sided.
      The why is missing. The journalist in this instance is half baked and has published a half baked narrative.
      AfNat H² is politicking as usual. Zema direction overruler HK’s story is political too. No meat, bear dry bones.

    • Ba Admin, you’ve let us down on this article. It’s nothing but poor journalism. The good thing is that we know your standards and we’ll look past this one-sided article.


    • How much is mealie meal under the visionless & violent PF bandits?

      Load shedding is now a norm & climate change program is inevitable excuse by PF bandits & its charlatans.

      Anyway, when will the word ~ECONOMY~ever be spoken of by Lungu & PF bandits taking the country backwards?

      How much is mealie meal you people please?

      The Skeleton Key

    • The tear gas story was aired on prime TV, we saw how harmless and defenseless people were tear gassed. The party had a go ahead given by police but later the police changed and Tear gassed them. A wrong like this can only be done due to political interference from either the Minister, PF SG or President. Pf SG has said pf must win at all costs. An indirect admittance of being an unpopular party. Where is the Commander in Chief for the police to act unprofessionally without his reprimand. Today Police cant act on their own without PF directives.

    • Oooooooh! Prime TV. That upndead station. Nice try.
      Just listen to how s.i.l.l.y you sound.
      “The party had a go ahead given by police but later the police changed and Tear gassed them.”
      Did you get this from Prime TV, MARK SIMUWE’s station?
      Luapula is generally peaceful politically, it is not like SP or WP taken on the Richter scale of violence.
      Now this a cooked up story I am believing to understand. If anything some form of staging took place to provoke police.

    • Policemen in a rural area like Samfya have never fired teargas. so when they saw Kalaba’s crowd they were excited and pulling a trigger and watching the canister fly in the sky was so overwhelming they wanted to repeat this over and over

  2. Fwanya STFU, your party has literally destroyed what Kaunda and the freedom fighters fought for. Tear gassing people in their own country, so you think those policemen are acting on their own without the blessings of PF. Davies Mwila was in Eastern province with zero permits and he wasn’t stopped or teargassed. Keep abusing people and see who will donate or loan you money, of course, no one except the Chinese. Then when they sanction you, you will be crying foul. Kalaba should sue you and yor police for wasting his time, that is not they way you do things. approve someone then go interrupt them. It’s like you want people to apply for whatever so you can go interrrupt them.

    • Instead of blabbing and issuing yada yada ablagada bla, tell us why this happened.
      Then we will judge incompetent HK and/or Police Service accordingly.

      Police will move in if there is conduct likely to cause the bleach of peace. They have a green light from me, Government, the law and the people of Zambia except the deads.

    • Thorn

      Stop lies, we all know the police follow instructions from statehouse to harass and cancel any opposition meeting the public

    • So spaka why did that happened in samfya my friend? Did our able men and women in uniform just go on rampage firing teargas because HK was in Samfya?
      Spaka you are better than this.
      An incomplete story is as good as fake news. Thats what H² thrives on. Should we blame h² or LT? What happened? 3 quarters of the story is erased or blacked out here.

  3. PF surely in all fairness and in upholding democratic tenets, you were allowed freely to campaign and impart your messages to the masses throughout the period you were in opposition by the MMD.My fellow Zambians how could we do this to ourselves by allowing this party in power? MMD we miss you like crazy

    Kalaba & Kambwili used to be the same shouting loud for the Alpha & Omega of Zambian Corruption [email protected], whilst eating with him, & NEVER saw anything wrong with P.F repression.
    Manje’ they are on the outside, they are surely enjoying the fruits of the same repression they wholeheartedly endorsed when “they were eating”
    A lot of the P.F Goons SHOUTING BaJONA chabe, no convention will be the same ones enjoying free Government teargas treats, once they are not adopted as P.F candidates, & rebel.
    Muzadya Oonga!!

    • It is not only Kambwili and Kalaba who realized their mistake but a lot of other Zambians too. So don’t even blame them, don’t judge them

    • Should such language come from u? It’s not helpful at all. HH and Harry Kalaba are both citizens and are involved in a lawful activity. I don’t understand why this should unsettle u. The definition of fascism includes wht u hv just said.

    • Better he opposes wrong things than your dull self who praises the trampling of Zambians’ rights to assemble. That is stup!dity mune.

    • If PF tells h² that Mutinta is beautiful and is your wife.
      H² would vehemently oppose. After 72hours he would come back to his s.e.n.s.e.s yet not admit it in public that indeed our sister beautiful Mutinta is his wife.
      Opposition in the making. H² w.a.c.h.a.b.e.

  5. Yes 2021 let us vote in Larry he at least has a vision is young and his stint as foreign affairs minister stands him out from most political pretenders

    • Checks and Balances | Background checks.
      We need to learn how he overuled ZEMA, misled CABINET and how much his cut was in his recommendation in the LZNP mining license scandal first.

    • In Harry Kalaba I see someone who defines success in politics as having been able to get elected and held some political office and then watch as the law is applied unfairly on those who hold different views. He only realises it whn the law is applied unfairly against himself as in the Samfya teargassing incident in which he got caught. However, I would definitely prefer Harry Kalaba to Chishimba Kambwili. He’s a more sober person than Kambwili ever will be.

  6. Hahahaha, Edgar is a thief and swindler, HH has a privatisation and freemason issue, Kalaba overruled ZEMA and as a result branded corrupt, kambwili sold a railway track has an illegal company issue and simply rants without giving thought right. So who among these perceived devils is a better devil because these are the frontrunners in the upcoming elections that people have to choose from or be helped to choose from by ECZ who seem to know better than the people and act in bias ways. Are the people of Zambia going to say let’s not vote for any of the above because in some way they are similar and opt for a person without history of crookedness?. Edgar will surely have had about 8 years from which to be judged from.

  7. If you want a crying adult in Zambia talk to HH because he will even cry over things that do not concern him
    If you want to feel sad and demotivated about life in Zambia sit with a UPND Cadre or its leader then you can even get BP after listening to them.
    If you want to know how to amplify a problem sit with a UPND cadre.
    If you want the little hope you have about your business to varnish then let Dr Kambwili talk to you because even taxes that do not exist will be introduced to you.
    If you want the true description of bitterness sit with Dr Kambwili and HH then you will understand the word properly
    If you want someone to tell you how difficulty life in Zambia is call UPND cadres.
    If you want to know opportunities that are in Zambia talk to foreigners .
    If you want to know how…

    If you want to know how good Zambia is look for a hardworking Zambian.
    If you want to know how to create something from nothing go to Matero.
    If you want to know a person who understands talk to ECL.

  9. @Thorn in the flesh and Fwanya, really? Instead of doing your homework to find out what happened, for you it’s just irrational denial, denial – how pathetic, even if you want to defend your cohorts at all costs.

    Kalaba was given the go ahead and then at the last minute the police ‘changed their mind’ (of course because of instructions from the primitive top) and went to the extent of forcefully dispersing people with the use of teargas. How can you defend such? How low can some of you sink?

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