Home Headlines Kambwili asks Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa to resign over load shedding

Kambwili asks Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa to resign over load shedding

NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has asked Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa to resign over his failure to manage load shedding.

Mr Kambwili said Mr Nkhuwa cannot continue as Energy Minister because he has failed to manage the Energy sector.

He has accused the Minister of Energy of lying to the people over power importation from Eskom of South Africa and EDM of Mozambique.

Mr Kambwili has regretted that many poor people who depend on electricity for their small businesses can no longer put food on the table because they don’t produce anymore.

He said the 15 hours load shedding causes by the incompetence of Ministers is unacceptable.

And commenting on the resolution by PF MPs on the Copperbelt calling for the 2020 convention to be cancelled and make President Edgar Lungu the sole candidate, Mr Kambwili said this is a wrong move that will impact negatively on the governance of the nation.

He said it is laughable that the MPs who are calling for the cancellation of the convention are all MMD.

He advised the PF that as a party in they should respect their constitution and avoid what transpired after the death of Michael Sata.

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  1. Blame whoever appoints such useless characters as ministers. Next time someone says he has no vision please believe him.

    • Not only Energy Minister…the entire PF bandits but you know the majority are easteners….Nkhuwa,Lungu,Mwale,Zulu,Phiri,Sakala,Miti..etc these are the common names in PF

    • The legitimate PF government spokesman and MCC is stating facts, let there be convention. Vincent Mwale will win, I can vote that girl, especially if he went after unfinished infrastructure in country.

    • CKinsultor may be right on Nkuwa but wrong on the convention issue. He failed to honor the dysfunct NDC’s constitution according to founder Musenge.
      All Zambian polical parties fear conventions.
      CKinsultor is still interested in PF.
      I submit.

    • How can you expect a minister to perform when the one who appointed him is clueless himself? Clueless corrupt Lungu had stated unequivocally in 2015, that he had NO VISION. Why didn’t you Zambians believe him? And now the foo1ish PF MPs on the copperbelt are calling for clueless Lungu to be the sole candidate in 2021. And yet the copperbelt has been hit hard too by this load shedding. Vote all these clowns out, starting with clueless Lungu himself, to save the country from imploding. These clowns have created a lot of problems in our country, and the damage they’ve caused to the country will take many years to fix. Next time you vote, never vote for a guy who clearly tells you that he has no vision. If you do, you’ll have yourself to blame.

    • Ignorance is a serious disease. The current problems stem out of many year without investment in the sector.
      PF was not in power then. MMD could have done better in this area. They never invested in the energy sector. PF has started new projects in the sector such as Batik and Kafue Lower. But these projects take time to mature. This Kambwili thing is just displaying ignorance and dullness to blame the current Minister

  2. Kambwili, Go and urinate in the Kariba to fill it up so that we start generating enough power. This was your response when you were information Minister REMEMBER?

    • They should all go, including scatter teeth, the worst president in the world, the earth has never seen any thing dull like this useless dull president, thieving lawyer wanna be

    • Well said bro. Thank you for remembering. We forget very quickly. That’s what he said and he was not even ashamed that zambians were suffering. This guy is a wolf in sheep skin.

  3. Kambwili, can you also in to go for a convention. Why are you only talking about Edgar when UPND has never held one

  4. CK you only talk sense when you’re in the opposite side but when you in government you support everything. I feel you must also resign

  5. What is shocking is that road shedding is only in coumpounds. Pipo in compounds have no fridges and stoves but they are loadshedded. Being poor is so bad.In high profile areas power goes after a week.So confusing.

    • … Ngatawakwata fridge don’t think it’s everyone. Defy are in Zambia today because everyone can afford a fridge or stove. Look up the word “population density” and you will understand why compounds are the most loadshedded…

    • Moscow you are wrong. actually the most affected people are those in Mayadi. most compounds are experiencing little or no load shedding at all.

  6. Zambia is cursed with buff00ns and Id!ots in opposition. Iwe chi Kambwili, are you telling those people that we’ve had the same power plants KK and his team built since the 70s?? Then ask yourself, are the current tariffs cost reflective?? Maamba are complaining of lack of payment because ZESCO pays more for the electricity they supply to us at a lower rate, no?? Don’t excite people about things you can’t even change if you were made president today, we chipuba we!!

    • > …Iwe chi Kambwili, are you telling those people that we’ve had the same power plants KK and his team built since the 70s

      What happened to the euro bonds that were applied to the energy sector by Mr. Lungu? Was the money stolen and no work done?

    • About $750m to $1bn was allocated to ZESCO, in your right frame of mind, is that enough to build a power plant capable of producing more than 700MW??? Batoka or Kafue Lower will gobble not less than $3.5bn each, how can a $1bn euro bond build a power plant???

    • By the way, the funds for those euro bonds were allocated by MCS way before Lungu became president, how did Lungu become the culprit for something he wasn’t in the forefront for???

  7. The problem ZESCO face is they can not make any money on imported power , in fact ZESCO make more money selling the same amount of power outside Zambia than selling the same locally,

    not because of the exchange rate but because of corruption and by the time the money people pay ZESCO in Zambia for power reachers their ZESCO accountants , there is no money left ……from a bloated PF cader workforce to corruption.

  8. Finally someone knows Kambwili has not degree, let alone a doctorate.

    Asante, Zambian citizen is right. The truth is that high density areas get load shed more than those sparsely populated. You don’t save much by shedding ten users when can shed thousands of users covering a similar area.

    It is an exaggeration to say Defy is so cheap every Zambian can afford a fridge or stove. Even here in SA and in Swaziland (eSwatini) where the appliances were made before 1994, not every one can afford them.

  9. You dont need a degree qualification to be a good leader.
    Zuma never had any of those qualifications but he tried his best than Ramaposa now who is encouraging xenophobia.Ours is a lawyer but he has very little to offer the Zambians.
    FTJ also tried to get us out of the sleepy frenzy .
    Many Zambians who are learned are cowards.
    In fact they are number 1 cadres.

  10. Mr president please fire nkhuwa and the minister of MINES these two ministries Energy and mines have really failed. And while you are at it please fire the minister of agriculture, justice and information as well as the one for lands. Also kindly remember to add chitotela as a bonus in the firing because no matter which ministry you send him to the man seems to have long hands. Finally fire kampyongo, Kaiser zulu and bowman as these will do well as door bouncers at night clubs. Thank you

    • Thanos

      Let the mines minister feel how it feels to lose a job because of your own management’s incompetence.

  11. Without even referring to CK, according to @Zambian Citizen, this load shedding is normal.

    How pathetic! PF have had years to find solutions or implement meaningful mitigating actions, including alternative energy sources like solar or wind power. We know they have not had the acumen or even political will to tackle this head on. What kind of country goes through 15 hours of load shedding with the resources that it has it’s disposal?

    The worst thing to come out of this country’s crisis is having people who defend the status quo regardless, through ignorance or because they are munching on ECL’s crumbs that fall from his opulent banquet table.

  12. Ba CK we are looking for a solution not empty talk,we are tired of that.A u a patriotic Zambian, bring the solution on the table and stop wasting peoples time alaaa iwee chimudala.

  13. The solution is to remove Lungu and the PF from power and execute tham all at the independence stadium!

  14. the Jewish say that you will pay for your fathers father sins which is happening right now and if you fathers continue sinning your children grand children great grand children great great grand children are coming to pay stop pointing and blaming each other for sins you never committed instead find solutions for the future.

    just passing by.

  15. Knowledge is power, it is important that we accept the fact that as a country we need to understand through research on the root cause to the power shortages and load-shedding. Zambia has been expriencing low rainfall due to climate change which has been a topic of the day, as we are all aware that water is life and fuel to our day to day life, it has really affected the most needed developmental projects, agriculture etc, and let to the increase on electricity tariffs due to the low water levels. Country Men and Women we should put this in our mind that Zambia is a landlocked, meaning that our country is surrounded by other countries and that in an event that we are in need of water we might admire other countries which are near by the oceans for the example Mozambique etc. However…

  16. All goes with research and find the lasting solution to every economical challenge, therefore it is ideal developing a long term strategic plan which will be a road map and a guide towards electricity and other challenges the country is facing. As Zambians it is our duty to build our country and this can only be done by putting our political affliations aside. The current government is trying to fight hard by offering the solution as well as resolving the issues of electricity and others, therefore the need to appreciate the efforts the government has offered and still offering to our country Zambia. The PF Government is therefore focusing on cultivating and developing the best in every Zambian citizen by creating a Zambia of abundance, opportunity and prosperity through hard work and…

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