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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Nevers Mumba’s MMD faction to respect Tuesday’s highly anticipated MMD Leadership judgement.

Headlines Nevers Mumba's MMD faction to respect Tuesday's highly anticipated MMD Leadership ...

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) members from across the country have indicated that they shall respect Tuesday’s highly anticipated MMD Leadership landmark judgment.

This is in the case in which MMD acting National Secretary Ms. Winnie Zaloumis took Felix Mutati, Raphael Nakachinda, Mwansa Mbulakulima and George Kangwa to court to find out who gave them authority to organize the Party Convention of 2016.

MMD Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson Mr. Chisunka said that the illegal convention in 2016 impasse had weakened the party.

“MMD members on the Copperbelt Province, are extremely happy that this case which has dragged on for the last three years is finally coming to an end. Our friends caused a leadership Impasse that divided the party and weakened it. For the first time, MMD failed to field a Presidential candidate in the 2016 General elections. Furthermore, we now have only 4 Members of Parliament from the over 50 MPs that we had in 2011. To add salt to the wound, we have not participated in any by-election since 2016”, Mr. Chisunka said. He expressed hope that MMD members had been eagerly waiting for this day to come when they would regroup and move the party forward as one strong organization.

Whilst MMD Northern province chairperson Mr. Noah Mulenga challenged the Mutati group to respect the Court’s decision on Tuesday.

“The MMD, unlike other parties, was founded on the rule of law. We the New Hope MMD in Northern province are calling upon everyone to respect Tuesday’s MMD Judgement. Our President, Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has said he will respect the judgment by the courts. We call upon Hon. Mutati to also echo Dr. Mumba’s sentiments. The MMD is bigger than any grouping and we shall never again allow anyone usurps our party Constitution for their selfish ambitions”, Mr. Mulenga said.

And MMD Southern Province Chairperson, Mr. Kashinka has said that MMD members in his province are ready to move the party into a major political player after Tuesday’s judgment.

“As pioneers of Democracy and the Rule of Law, we had to go to court to protect our party Constitution. We will accept and respect Tuesday’s Judgement and move on to mobilize the party. We the members will ensure that our party reclaims it’s position on the Political arena and not allow anyone to hold the party at ransom”, Mr. Kashinka stated.
Meanwhile, Proprietor of Capital Busses Ishmael Kankara who recently announced he would stop the transport business because of harassment by PF cadres lamented that some of his busses have been damaged by the cadres.

He said the cadres have been harassing his bus drivers and demanding money for a long time.

Mr. Kankara confirmed that some of his drivers have been beaten up for refusing to pay.

He has reiterated that the PF risk losing the 2021 election if they do not tame their cadres.

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  1. Now that you are both finished , it doesn’t matter to Lungu and the PF, enough has been done to ensure neither has any chance of resurrecting their presidential ambitions …so it won’t matter who the Mantle is given to

    • From above; we should respect and learn some sober leadership from MMD.
      – Nevers Mumba never ever insulted Mutati.
      – Mutati never ever insulted Mumba.
      Compare that to:
      – KBF vs Edgar
      – Kambwili vs Musenge
      If those MMD joined forces and adopt the hotty Speaker Namugala as 2021 candidate, even HH would throw-in towels.. am telling you.

    • But Mumba is supposed to be in jail, that’s why for a long time we have not been hearing from him. He was contemplating his days behind bars for abuse of office which he was found guilty of. The prosecution has appealed his acquittal from being found guilty. So if they make a mistake of encouraging these small presidents to sit on the position for 20 yrs without a convention, like the other, this one will leave a vacant post when he goes inside.

    • The party to watch is Socialist Party, rest are rebooted front capitalists stooges, a few getting richer while silent majority living miserable life

    • Just cast some lot okay or a dice or do heads and tails. Or bring a chess board or piki piki napidolo.
      A number 2 in this probability game can be a vice to the other, tough call yeah.
      If all fails, let NSM go back to his flock, yes the pulpit although he has tested the vice presidency of the land.
      Mutati has been politian. He can be more politically correct than abusa.
      The fracas has brought us to a point where the deads are number 2. A number 2 deads affair bleeds court sessions and petitions.
      The deads can never do without the current wrangles in double M D. Looks like THE HOUR has gone into oblivion.

  2. Dear Nevous and Felix; regardless of the ruling! Shake hands come together hold a convention prepare for 2021 go and embrace gogo RB,recall you members country-wide those who crossed due to neglect and they are many embrace the Edith’s, Nalumangos, etc this can be done stop holding pride parties or forever be buried after 21

  3. Felix must be careful. Is not Mumba who sent the MMD youths to beat Kachingwe? Under Mumba’s instruction ba Mudala ba Kachingwe ba ponona no ku bachita kwati kapondo in the streets of Lusaka.
    Felix watch out . This Pastor is does not play games.

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