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Over 20 houses and churches have had their roofs blown off by heavy rains in Manyinga district.

The heavy downpour has also destroyed household property worth thousands of Kwacha and left one person injured.

And several shops along the Mwinilunga-Manyinga road in Kamyanda area also had their roofs blown off.

This came to light when Manyinga District Commissioner Queen Manela visited the affected families.

Ms. Manela expressed sadness with the increase of disasters in the district.

Just last week about three schools had their roof blown off by wind.

Ms. Manela promised to report the disaster to the provincial administration and provincial Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU- for action.

She advised local people to construct permanent structures which could stand any weather condition.

Meanwhile, Headman Kaluyi has appealed to government through the DMMU to provide affected families with tents and household utensils as most of them were destroyed by heavy rains.

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  1. Yaba BaLT whats this now: “Over 20 houses and ??????? churches have had their roofs blown off…” Mwatibvuta!!!


  2. God has relieved us of drought. Praise Him and Thank Him.

    Our Fasting has brought favour upon us. Praise Him!

    God’s gift arrived with full virgour, unfortunately weak unsecured roofs came off. A bit of collateral damage. They should be given relief aid to build stronger structures.




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