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Nevers Mumba is the legitimate President of MMD, Lusaka High Court Rules

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

By James Mulenga

Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa has declared that Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba is the President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

This was in the case in which Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Acting National Secretary Winnie Zaloumis took Felix Mutati, Raphael Nakachinda, George Kangwa and Mwansa Mbulakulima to Court to find out who gave them authority to organise the MMD Convention of 2016.

Judge Newa in her Ruling this morning said that the MMD Constitution only mandates the National Executive Committee (NEC) to call for a Convention.

“According to the MMD Constitution, only the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Party can call for a Convention. Furthermore, the resources of organizing the NEC are supposed to be organized by the Party Treasurer”, Judge Newa said.

“The NEC that sat in 2016 voted unanimous to have the party convention in 2017 and not 2016. And the party treasurer Hon. Elizabeth Chitika didn’t even use one ngwee to organise the 2016 Convention”, Judge Newa.

Judge Newa then declared the 2016 MMD Convention illegal and the election of Felix Mutati as Party President null and void.

“After considering the testimony by both the plaintiffs and defendants, I hereby declare the 2016 MMD Convention null and Void. I further declare all the elections that took place there including the election of Felix Mutati as Party President as null and void. The MMD President is Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba,” Judge Newa.

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    • @ Nemwine,
      I doubt your judgement too!
      Despite all the irregularities and illegality you still call him sober? What is sober to you?
      Lawlessness, corruption, etc

    • I see all the politicians currently active as possible options for Zambians to choose from. That’s how I see politics.

    • If he was sober, he would not have been ruling a party on fraudulent term. Even if he is your uncle, this means Nevers is actually the better man.

    • Its just the high court. They can appeal this. Even all the way to the constitutional court. We are not yet fed up of this drama. Tuyenayo!!!

    • Listen critics, wht can Nevers Mumba bring to any discussion table of the big issues facing Zambia and the world? Precious little if any, otherwise nothing. NM only qualifies to be chaplain of the MMD.

    • Dear fellow citizens, the more important part of the presidency is mostly invisible to most voters. It involves policy formulation, discussion and implementation, applying your mind to proposed legislation, interaction wth civil servants and ministers in a firm but non-threatening way, scrutinizing various reports and correspondence , interrogation of advisers’ advice etc. Visible parts of hw the president waves to the public, hw they conduct themselves whn facing the media etc are wht most people base their attitude towards the office.

    • Nevers failed to run his christian party. He was poached by LPM and later damped, he found Mutati in MMD and now can he run MMD?
      Anyways, we will see what happens.

  1. This is a case of two men fighting for an 85 year old woman. MMD is finished and not interesting anymore….kikikiki.

    • Kuti waseka kwati nachiwama…..Atase!!! kwati pali icho balelwila. Both of you just join Chishimba kambwili. Mweba Bemba twalimishiba utumano.

  2. Congratulations to the Nevers Mumba camp, this is a demonstration of the democracy in the MMD. I hope the Felix Mutati camp will accept the ruling now that the courts have provided guidance. Its time to revive the MMD and contribute meaningfully to Zambia’s democracy that was delivered by the MMD.

  3. It is not about the perceived goodness of Nevers or Felix. What is important is adherence to the rule of law. Anyone who comes illegally into power is likely to think they are bigger than the laws. This is the case today for Mr. Lungu and his minions.

  4. MMD as a party does exhibit much more mature politics than the two big parties combined. In PF to challenge thy leader is treasonable and UPND the idea of challenging thy HH is not contemplated.
    Kambwili is the party and the party is him. Bwafya

  5. I hope this fracas is now over because the zambian people are just tired of it. Whoever appeals chiwelewelefye

  6. But why are opposition parties not allowed to hold rallies in what is called a democratic country. This abuse must come to an end. This is not right and cant be right and somebody must show some leadership and stop this. This cant continue

  7. Could this be the End of Felix Mutati`s political career? is he going to formally join the PF? is he walking a political tight rope? is he going to re invent himself? whither Mutati now? Seek thee RB and all things shall be added unto you.

  8. Congrats Dr Mumba. Please keep up the good work; you have brought morality and sanity to our politics; You have always been polite, sober and objective in your contributions. The Courts also must be commended for this fair verdict. God bless Zambia!

  9. Some of these rulings bring tears of laughter the judge ruled “the party treasurer “didn’t even use one ngwee’

  10. Congrats Dr Mumba
    This is really sweet democracy. I will be available to offer solutions for Zambia in your party, esp on energy.
    Conratulations man of God.

  11. Congratulations.
    This is really sweet democracy. I will be available to offer solutions for Zambia in your party, esp on energy.
    Conratulations man of God.

  12. “As Bob Marley put it in a reggae rhythm, they are playing smart and not being clever, they’re working iniquity to achieve vanity. No weak heart shall prosper.
    Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in it, shall fall in it, shall bury in it.”

    From: The Mast

  13. Mutati sold the MMD to the PF once he took over as President so that he can be given a position which he was while Nevers wanted the party to be aligned with the opposition. This is why the two were fighting for this shell.

  14. It is funny to hear people argue about who the better politician is when none of the Zambian politicians discusses policy that will move the country forward. Who ever has louder and physically stronger hooligans/carders wins, sad but that is what politics in Zambia is. The rest are content with a free T-shirt and chitenge during elections.

  15. Destabilising the MMD wasba clever move by the PF because they knew MMD would split some votes in PF strong holds while the UPND would have gained ground by maintaining its strongholds. PF and MMD have a familiar strong holds so taking them out of the equation and seemingly merging the mutati faction persuaded those aligned with MMD to vote for PF. Even now PF is working round the clock to destabilize the opposition and if opposition fail to realize this now then they are headed for a shock surprise.

  16. Nevers Mumba took the once ruling party from a 48 seat party to almost zero while he got 1% in the presidential vote. Really what is there to celebrate about?? A failure taking over the party?? Rafa, the mps report to Felix, so what’s Nevers coming to do??

    • It is common knowledge that RB was the one who caused that problem because Dr Mumba didn’t allow him to just take over and stand.

    • RB left the seat to be contested. Nevers won and embarked on a slander campaign against Sata and PF. Felix warned against this as his mission was to rebrand MMD. What resulted was a detachment from grassroots and the departure of the bulk of able leaders from MMD. Nevers thought his oratory gift would endear him to the voters but he got a rude shock. RB remained very influential in politics, even playing kingmaker in the ECL presidency. Nevers fell from grace after the jailing and conviction for abuse of office.

  17. Mutati was used and dumped that
    Is life.When you are of use people
    Take advantage and then dump you.RB is very clever thats why he
    Dumped HH and joined ECL.

  18. Felix my man, just form your own party dont waste time fighting Sekwila. I can assure you that all the members of MMD from both factions will rally around you, not that Sekwila. The country is desperately looking for alternative options for 2021.

  19. Pipo are saying RB and PF have lost, no they used mmd through Felix mutati when it was useful. Thr is no mmd today Mutati killed it, he was used, he is a sell out. This is one thing Zambian voters don’t see Mutati knew that his presidency was illegal and because of the fighting mmd was going to die but just because he wanted to eat he did not mind. Unfortunately these are the type of learders we support. Being genuine is something we don’t value in zambia, that’s why we move backwards.

  20. I don’ t personally see any materials or principles in Felix Mutati. The I see in him are flowing speeches without a comma or full stop. The man has never talked tough on corruption and infact he is a beneficiary of it.
    Now Nakachinda or is it Nakashana will have to face the law for theft of party properties they misappropriated if Nevers Mumba and his cohorts decide to do so.

  21. I would like to congratulate the learned people for the fair judgement and would urge my brother Nevers that work starts now if you have win 2021 be a good listen and ensure you do what Zambian people want so that you live a legacy.Our God is a God of second chance , you are now given another chance and let God led.I can only wish good lucky and watch your lavish life which most ZAMBIAN are scared of you and this most of the times have costed your political life. be a leader for the most valuable in society like our late MS MHSRIP. PF has diverged and failing at the faster rate.

  22. Very fair and just judgement.If Mutati now wants to stand he can at the convention of the party.Better they have one party that solid and do the right thing.If any other suitable candidate they can revive this once strong party. They need a good candidate

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