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Unscrupulous civil servants deserve punishment- President Lungu

General News Unscrupulous civil servants deserve punishment- President Lungu

REPUBLICAN President His Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu has declared October 25th, the day after Zambia’s Independence Day, a public holiday.
REPUBLICAN President His Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says civil servants and public officers who benefit from programmes meant for vulnerable citizens should not only removed from the payroll but arrested and prosecuted.

President Lungu directed that officials from Lusaka City Council who are implicated in the selling of earth moving equipment for Kanyama and Munali constituencies, to be arrested.

He expressed disappointment at the behaviour of the Council officials who are fond of authorising the sale of equipment meant for waste disposal for the two constituencies.

The President said the Members of Parliament for the two constituencies and the Ministers responsible for the council should take interest, the matter, in order to ensure that the culprits are prosecuted.

The Head of State wondered why the culprits are still on the loose after selling public equipment meant to serve the Zambian citizens.

The President also said that the law enforcement officers should move in and prosecute all civil servants and public officers who have been caught up in the payroll scandal and FISP meant for vulnerable farmers.

President Lungu said the 4,000 civil servants who have been earning salaries several times in a month should not only be removed from the payroll but also arrested and prosecuted.

The President said the selfish civil servants should be prosecuted for depriving the country and other citizens of the resources that could have been used to provide services.

Earlier, Minister Livestock and Fisheries Nkandu Luo and her Gender counterpart Elizabeth Phiri told the President that the earth moving equipment for the two constituencies have been sold by named council officers.

Professor Luo said Munali and Kanyama constituencies have had their equipment sold by the Lusaka City Council Officials who are still free and working.

And Ms Phiri revealed that she has gone as far as reporting the matter to the police, but added that more information will be given at a later date, as police are still handling the matter.

The two Ministers were complaining during a cluster meeting for reducing vulnerability and poverty at State House today.
The cluster was being chaired by Minister of Community Development and Social Services Kampamba Chewe.

Mrs Chewe said the cluster wants to introduce the cash plus concept in giving empowerment to vulnerable citizens.
She said her Ministry is coordinating all empowerment programmes from various ministries, in order to ensure that vulnerable citizens receive empowerment in a coordinated manner. She said implementation of social cash transfer has faced financial challenges which has led to beneficiaries not receiving their monies.

She disclosed that so far 632,000 people are on social cash transfer, which is likely to rise to 700,000 soon.She announced that the cluster has proposed that the Central Government to consider stopping the starting of some roads so that money can go to empowerment of people and reduction of poverty amongst vulnerable people in the country.


  1. The people who sold the pieces of equipment were only taking a leaf from the CEO (chief embezzlement officer) of Zed. “Ubomba mwibala…………..

    • What about the cabinet ministers who were paid illegally? Will they Not only be fired, but be arrested and prosecuted?

    • Look who’s talking….hypocrisy at its best…the same man goes around preaching uubomba mwibala alya mwibala….Lungu you are bandit in chief

    • And Lungu you deserve Jail time as soon as Zambians vote you put in 2021….am told you read all the Lusaka Times comments…so get ready for Prison..you and your PF minions Tutwa,Makebi,Kaizer,Miti,Sikazwe,Siliya,Kapata Kampyongo,Chitotela,fake colored Mwale,Lusambo and the entire PF cabinet….you guys have caused way too much misery on the people of Zambia

    • Stardy Mwale his appointed Defence PS is right under his nose who has eaten project funds meant for a public clinic.

    • Choma municipal council which is run by the UPND has bought a grader to open up woodpark plots but the grader has just been parked at the council offices with time running out before they start grabbing the expensive plots from people who paid for them.
      Goes to show the kind of government HH would preside over.

  2. Lungu , your civil servants see you not even denying that you are a corrupt thief……

    no one cares about being called a corrupt thief because you lungu ,

    We have been telling you to deny allegations everyday that you are a corrupt thief , but you chose not to

  3. Where are the Sharons and other cadres, they flee away from such stories unless if HH was mentioned then you see them fill up the comment section. You want Lungu to be the sole candidate in 2021 so you can continue stealing because he is so weak. Unfortunately, this won’t go anywhere since Lungu’s background as a thief and his association with criminals is only inspiring more thieves.

    • Please select the right answer in Grade 7 Social Studies:
      1. Zambia was the most peaceful nation in Africa until …..
      a. The European Union arrived
      b. Great Kalu came
      c. HaTribes Union and HAZALUZA HAGAIN came on the scene
      d. ZNBC introduced FM

    • Please don’t mention the Demented Satan Sharon, it does not know what it’s doing, & really deserves more sympathy than hate.
      Ask it’s Psychiatrist, he can shed more light on this Canker sore.
      This Dull diseased P.F infested Sharon is TOO TOXIC, that when it eventually expires, it’s grave will emit Toxic Sulphur smoke for a Hundred years.

  4. So this head of state is surprised that the culprits are still on the loose?? He’s still on the loose himself with the rest of his thieving partners!! Am wondering why he has not called upon the police to arrest them just as he does when he gets paranoid and insecure with the opposition HH. If the evidence is there then they should be arrested and banged up in jail just like any other criminals.

    • Nzelu

      Lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia cheap for foreigners to strip all equipment and export, he then drank all the money…..even going on to steal from a widow

      At least HH is now employing hundreds of Zambians from that money

    • There are no words worse than incompetent maybe unqualified or ineligible to describe this useless President Edgar Lungu, he is so detached from reality. Please bar man give him another drink as he is sobering up!

    • Come and see here
      The maize field has no fence any more its a buffet, banquet, gluttony all rolled in one. This workshy man is still issuing warnings. We told you nincompoops, did we not tell? Economy has ground to a halt no electricity 20 hours of loadshedding!

  5. What about the “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” statement? Mr. President, please hand over yourself to police for this statement. You and all other thieves should be prosecuted for theft.

  6. How I wish the President could start with his fellow politicians who are the biggest thieves! Those that get their shelf companies all the tenders and fail to deliver on projects, the obscene expenditure on 42 Wheebarrows to the tune of a million dollars each, the Mukula thieves, the Forest 27 Saboteurs, the ministers who have refused to pay back despite court orders, the Billions of dollars revealed in the FIC and Auditor General reports! We’ll take him seriously when he starts by firing Stardy Mwale! This is what happens when you entertain Ubomba Mwibala philosophy! No one should be arrested for following directives!

  7. Does the president need to get involved in petty issues? Honestly can’t the police and relevant authorities handle this on their own?

  8. I believe aLungu afika…epo apelele! EVERYONE WHO IS UNSCRUPULOUS, goes IN, off to watching swedish curtains!! My word, to think this guy could be my relative! I shudder!!

  9. Uko ubomba mwibala… Lets roll. We start with fire engines scandal and end with Lusaka/ Ndola duo road and everything in between. Where is evidence bosses – mwalaba ati :”provide evidence” before we arrest them and get them fired.
    Ubomba mwibala zoona filechitika!

  10. Why do we have ministers if the one time things move is when the president give directive? In any case how effective are these directives? Just asking

  11. Yeah? Okey start with stardy Mwale then the illegal minister stay, the one who brought those wheelbarrow called fire trucks, then chitotela for selling endangered animals that is when people will take you serious. Don’t forget those implicated in the digital migration scandal too.

  12. You rubbished the FIC report, justified the $42m for 42 fire tenders, your wife brought ancient fire trucks, Stardy Mwale is still PS, ministers have not paid back so what are talking about? selected justice

  13. “Evil Servants” are more involved in corruption than politicians. They then hide in shadows while the politically charged media takes the role of judge, jury and executioner against politicians they view as enemies. Like the 48 houses which excited opposition supporters but after the truth came out, a loud silence befell the land….

    • @Zambian Citizen. I agree with you. Some of Civil servants are so unscrupulous. I seem not to understand how the 4000 potentially criminal candidates could be getting multiple salaries in a month. We need an overhaul of quality control management systems in public service and generate strictest procedures in financial handling.

  14. Going by the blogs in the social media one can safely say that HH has done very well in the media but in the ballot papers he still falls short. The news that Garry Nkombo might challenge Sammy Hichilema Chintombwa might just bring sanity on our political scene.

  15. President Lungu has made pronouncements let’s support him. The law enforcement should now conduct their roles consistent with the pronouncements.

  16. The 4,000 civil servants who have been earning salaries several times in a month should not only be removed from the payroll but also arrested and prosecuted. This is a wise statement. There is need to appoint a Task Force to implement the presidential directive. The TF must include Church leaders, retired judges, and public accountants.

  17. Ifintu ni Lungu 2021, come rain come sunshine President Lungu must not retire until 2026, after which he can hand over to Freedom Sikazwe with Bowman as the running mate.
    Zambians please understand Lungu is chosen by God and there is nothing we can do about it. If God wants Lungu to rule for life then let the will of God be carried out.

  18. The two ministers seem to know that nothing happens in Zambia unless the President says so. That is how moribund our institutions of governance have been made to be, police, ACC etc.

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