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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Zambia can not depend on hydro-electricity- UNZA Vice Chancellor

University of Zambia Vice Chancellor Prof. Luke Mumba says there is need to invest in alternative energy sources in Zambia so as to carter for those living in rural areas.

Speaking during the renewable energy solutions for rural Zambia workshop this morning Professor Mumba says the country can not depend on hydro electric schemes considering with issues of climate change.

“The scientific and industrial revolution of the past few centuries has led to higher standards of living in many countries, However our lifestyles growing population and industrialisation are upsetting the natural balance of the earth and damaging its life support system and leading in part to global climate change” Professor Mumba stated.

Professor Mumba says investing in alternatives like the mini grid is the one way of ensuring that most rural parts of the country are electrified.

In a speech read on his behalf by Dean School of Engineering Michael Mulenga, Professor Mumba said the use of renewable sources of energy including solar, wind and hydro among many others has emerged as the most powerful way to mitigate climate change.

“It is necessary to have a convergence of academics with different specialisation for the purpose of sharing ideas, research methodologies and findings on energy use in Zambia, with an emphasis on rural electrification with the ultimate aim of finding lasting solutions” He stated.

Professor Mumba says in Zambia hydro electric remains the dominant form of renewable energy and is failing due to increased demand.

Speaking during the same workshop UNESCO chair renewable energy and environment Professor Jain said with the effects of climate change African countries should prioritize funding towards alternative energy sources as the Zambian government is doing.

Professor Jain says the effects of climate change will be more adverse if countries do not invest now.

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    • That should’a started 10 to 15 years ago. Zambia need not depend on Zesco alone too.
      Zesco preaches switch and save. How do you make money like that? If we effectively save ati no we need to hike tarrifs. Kaili when I save I essentially save my Kwacha.

      AProfessor what do you teach graduating students? Theory? There is surely nothing practical out’a them. They go attach themselves to the idealess EIZ and dose off. These Engineers you give Zambia are usually sleeping in offices and work like operators in the field. UNZA, give us a prototype out’a this mess. Go on, move.
      Sick Electrical Engineers.


    • He is one to say when UNZA churns out good for nothing engineers whose main occupation is beer guzzling.


    • It’s called division of labor. We aren’t supposed to do everything. Some should be thinkers and others labourers


  1. All talk and nothing to show in terms of practice! This is the reason most people have lost faith in University Education! It only teaches you to be a Parrot, to be a spectator and to clean and maintain what greater minds have invented or manufactured! What a mess! Chifita alifita mubongo bongo!


  2. Professor Jain should be retired from unza in national interest. He adds no value to scholarship. He is deadwood and part of the reason unza is at the heap of international rankings.
    And this speech is so shallow that it lacks the erudition and rigour that should be associated with the office of a university vice chancellor. The speech has no punch and no depth. Professor Lameck Goma must be turning in his grave.


  3. Cambridge university has discovered a leave that there will be make-king ,than at some point distribute the whole world,And the leave will be producing a chemical that will creat Rain , the some leave will be used to make car fuel ( patrol)


  4. Education in Zambia is about having papers and titles, not practicality. Usually, these paper holders pretend to be good by making speeches riddled with technical jargon to deceive people as themselves feel good. This Professor Mumba is not even pretending -his speech is so hollow and shallow that even a grade 12 can do better.


  5. When he says something bad, people of Zambia are not supporting him, when he tries to say something good, people of Zambia still don’t support him.

    I think we all have a role to play in ensuring that we change this type of culture… It’s seriously not taking us forward. Imagine what would have happened if we gave the prof the moral support, I mean even if you have a problem with certain things he does, I think the positive response of the people one way or the other would bring about some change.


  6. What do you expect from visionless people like Sharon and the other PF call boys even on LT? Alternatives are derived from visions.


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