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ZESCO apologises to Olympia Park residential area for prolonged power outage

General News ZESCO apologises to Olympia Park residential area for prolonged power outage

ZESCO Muzuma substation being upgraded to KV 330 (from KV 220) in order to be connected to the national grid as soon as the Maamba coal plant station is commissioned
ZESCO Muzuma substation being upgraded to KV 330 (from KV 220) in order to be connected to the national grid as soon as the Maamba coal plant station is commissioned

Power Utility firm Zesco has apologized to its customers in Olympia Park residential area in Lusaka for the prolonged outage experienced since yesterday 5th November 2019.

Company Public Relations Manager Hazel Mwale said this is due to a punctured cable located at the junction of Kwacha Road and Great East Road.

Mrs Zulu said the fault occurred during load shedding which took place from 05:00hours to 22:00 hours yesterday.

She said this has consequently led to a prolonged outage in the area.

“We are however pleased to inform you that our team of engineers have moved in immediately and works have commenced. We are hopeful that power supply should be restored by end of day today”, she said.

Mrs Zulu said Zesco Limited deeply regrets the inconvenience this situation has caused to customers.

She has however urged the customers to treat all supply lines as live as supply maybe restored before the stated time.

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  1. What about Meanwood Ndeke we always have 05:00 to 22:00hrs load shedding we never get an apology or explaination from Hazel Mwale why?

  2. Uyu wamene Hazel Mwale ndiye Mrs Zulu? Everything is just confused. I wonder how these apologies are being made mwandini because there is nowhere that things are working well mwe.

  3. Mindolo Miseshi, kitwe had no power for 3 days straight during the parte after parte weekend and there was no apology. Ndaba ku Olympia niku ma yardy?

  4. No apology was forthcoming for Nchanga south residents in Chingola after 34hrs load-shedding last week. Why the double standards with your clients imwe ba ZESCO?

  5. Here in Jesmondine power went on Sunday 3rd November 2019 at about 1430 hours and it only returned or got restored last night, 6th November, 2019 at about 2130 hours. We made many calls to complain to ZESCO who showed a level of ignorance that I have never seen from a utility company. I don’t know if there is a way for a class action suit against companies that don’t care about its customers. I lost all my fresh produce I had just bought before the prolonged power cut and what I already had in my freezer and fridge and not been able to watch television which I subscribed prior to the prolonged load shedding. In addition to spending more money on temporary lighting and had to purchase a small gas cylinder and single plate stove. I spent nights in darkness and was not able to do any work…

    • iwe why are you complaining? Jesmondine is one area which does not experience load shedding. that was a once off load shedding you had and you are here busy crying. you see what we are going through ka? now imagine power going at 05:00 hours every single day and coming back at 01 AM.

  6. This what you were dancing for dununa reverse, PFoools…. maybe you should have a black out to understand how much trouble you are in, next time vote wisely

  7. A country failing to raise 40 million dollars to import power, 40 million dollars should be very little money for a country but to reach such levels, just know we are in for a long haul. The full brunt of this loadshedding will be felt on the economy at some point, just wait, we are not even there yet. We knew we had inadequate rainfall, logistics and other preparations for power importations should have taken place then and not just waffling now.

  8. The way you have a schedule of load shedding, you should also come up with a schedule of apologising because there are many areas that are in desperate need of apologies, even more than Olympia

  9. Kalok, I am also wondering: Is Hazel Mwale the Company PR Manager Mrs Zulu? Is it a case of any Eastern name will do?

    That photo at the top is not relevant to the story and has been used several times. LT please try

  10. I feel loadsheding hours have not been equally given,when power in other areas like Olympia go for 9hrs without power Zesco apologizes. I look forward to Zesco apologizing to Ngombe,Kabanana,Mutendere,Kwa george,Matero and these other shanty compounds where power only comes for 5hrs to 7hrs yet no apology has been made.In conclusion the one Zambia one nation motto should be shown regardles of being in Olympia,Kabulonga,Ibex and these other areas for in all these areas across our country,people strive to make a living out of the power we receive from Zamtel.

  11. I hope Zesco will also apologise to the people of zimba area ndeke Kitwe.ngateyele amaiti sana it’s from 05:00 hrs-17:00hrs, then sometimes it’s from 05:00hrs -22:00hrs.For sure we all know the situation that we are going through, but let the electricity be shared equally because it’s a cake we all want to taste. One Zambia,One Nation.

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