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Kambwili urges Journalists to be bold and brave , and ask tough questions

Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili
Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili
Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili
Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili

As the journalists go to their get together with president Edgar Lungu today, National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has urged them to be bold and brave.

Mr Kambwili says the whole country has so many questions and Journalists have been afforded an opportunity to ask questions relatating to some of the stark policy contradictions his ministers constantly furnish the country with.

He said the whole country would like to know from the president what exactly is going on in the country because everything is falling apart and the buck starts and ends with President Edgar Lungu.

“Today journalists you have a chance to ask on behalf of the bereaved families who have had their children killed by PF cadres, you have a chance to seek answers on behalf of these families on when the known perpetrators will be brought to book. You have a chance to ask why President Lungu has decapitated democracy through police brutality. You have a chance to ask why he keeps quiet over politically exposed persons close to him who are riddled in corruption”, he said.

He said journalists today have a rare chance to get real answers from the head of state among them the ESKOM and Maamba Saga which also needs the head of state to be categorical not these various wild statements coming from his ministers.

Mr Kambwili said Zambians are looking forward to the President’s attempt at addressing the nation.

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    • Mr Lungu, please answer the following questions?
      1-Why were you disbarred from practicing law by LAZ?
      2-Is it true you stole money from a widow?
      3-Are you aware that you a Commander in Chief, wondering because you have failed to control the violence by PF thugs?
      4-When will you finally have a vision for the economic growth od the country?
      5-Are you in a position to serious tackle corruption in covet?

    • Stoopid advice. He should have given this advice when he was government spokesperson. Now it is just an instigation

    • Some one should ask that ka worst president on earth when he is leaving seeing that the f*cker has failed to run the country, scatter teeth or rather thieving lawyer wanna be.

    • It was a live program but social media like lusakatimes, zambianwatchdog and the zambianobserver shunned the event as they had no facts on which to base their wild claims

  1. Lusaka Times you should have streamed this live on Facebook or YouTube. What an embarrassed to not sensing the news value of this event for your readers in the diaspora. Real Journalism in Zambia is dead. We only have desk and press release, copy & paste copy writers.

    • Was suppose to be. Its been delayed. ZNBC is showing the time right now. Waiting for it as well. Let’s exchange notes on this fora afterwards, dude.

  2. Chimbwili, the President is not addressing the nation, but pressman. It is not the usual press conference where pressman ask questions on our behalf.

    “He will also have one-on-one discussions with the Journalists before inviting them for a photo session.”
    This is what is worrying, one-on-one discussions with journalists? Why? How many are they and can he manage the numbers?
    One on one sounds like intimidation to me, that is why Chimbwili’s advice to be strong and brave comes in and makes a lot of sense.

    • you have inferiority complex, so you mean you can’t believe in your own journalist or media institutions.

  3. 1. Ask him to explain why he bought a Private Jet for millions of dollars for his personal use in the name of Zambia Air Force, when there so many other important issues to spend money on that many Zambians will be benefit
    2. This November, ask him why the prices of mealie meal not reduced as he promised
    3. Ask him why he is flying everywhere he is invited around world
    4. Ask him why he has to personally inspect in all Provinces when their ministers he has appointed to represent him
    5. Ask him why it has taken 5 years for him to hold a press conference

  4. Atase, this fool also, does it know when to shut its pratside to stop all this verbal diarrhoea oozing out??

  5. Ask him if Chulu did not announce 29000 votes and later change to 21000 in a consituency in the East and also how many more followed suit. Kikikiki I am not Chulu, ask him when he holds his own conference. Kikikiki.

  6. If you want the little hope you have about your business to varnish then let Dr Kambwili talk to you because even taxes that do not exist will be introduced to you.
    If you want the true description of bitterness sit with Dr Kambwili and HH then you will understand the word properly
    If you want someone to tell you how difficulty life in Zambia is call UPND cadres.
    If you want to know opportunities that are in Zambia talk to foreigners .
    If you want to know how good Zambia is look for a hardworking Zambian.
    If you want to know a person who understands talk to ECL.
    If you want a crying adult in Zambia talk to Dr Kambwili because he will even cry over things that do not concern him.

  7. Jounalits have wasted very important time with ecl. we expected to ask y retirees are not paid. y police are blocking opostion parties to campain. y mealie meal is not reduced. y he cant allow pf members to challenge him in 2021. y he cant face the pipo of zed on media platforms like prime, diamond , radio etc to ans many national issues unlike masha chilemena wasting time talking on football instead of matters to do hunger and payments of retirees. shame.

  8. Ask him if it’s true he refused to handover power to the speaker when the pention was logged in as stipulated in the constitution and ask him if it’s true some ballots or votes where found in the dust bin again ask him what happened to the Ugandan who was caught in the the control room at mulugushi conference center and ask him what was the reason Obvious Mwaliteta was arrested keeped in jail for a long time all these questions need to be asked because we don’t want a repeat of these things in 2021 no rigging.

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