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I’m the sponsored candidate for PF and ready for the Party convention-President Lungu

Headlines I'm the sponsored candidate for PF and ready for the Party convention-President...

President Lungu Speaking to the media
President Lungu Speaking to the media

President Edgar Lungu has said that he is a sponsored candidate for the ruling party and ready for the 2021 general elections.

Responding to a question from a Journalist during the Presidential Media Engagement at State House yesterday afternoon, President Lungu said if some PF members want to go to the general conference, he is ready for it, adding that he has been fought several times through contestation and that he believes in democracy.

“I am just a sponsored candidate for the Patriotic Front and I cannot determine how PF wants to run its race till 2021. And the Central Committee and General Conference are all organs of the PF. So if the PF chooses this route or that route, I am ready for anything,” he said.

“For me, I am a democrat. I am a champion of democracy.”

President Lungu further said the Patriotic Front is a leading player in terms of embracing democracy.

“We will go to the general conference if that will be the wish of the PF. In short, I am game,” said President Lungu.

And on the perceived reconciliation with Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili, President Lungu said he has nothing against him.

“Yes, I went to Church to remember my late President Michael Chilufya Sata. I didn’t know that Mr. Kambwili was also in the church. So the priest called me and I shook hands with Mr. Kambwili. I was lamenting at that time when called for reconciliation because I have never differed with him,” said the Head of State.

“In short, I have got no issues with Chishimba Kambwili myself except he has offended some members of my family by calling me a thief, a corrupt person, and a drug dealer. After the church service, the priest saw it fit and called us to his office where he (Chishimba Kambwili) said he has suffered, his business and family are suffering.”

The President insisted that he has not differed with Mr. Kambwili.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has called on students in high learning institution to take the lead in governance issues and participate in matters of national development.

President Lungu says the country can only groom better future leaders if students are allowed to voice out on issues affecting the country.

The Head of State adds that Zambia is currently struggling in a lot of areas because some of the solutions could be suppressed in some students.

President Lungu was speaking after his routine morning run with students from the University of Zambia, Evelyn Hone College and The National Institute of Public Administration-NIPA.

Zambia Association of Colleges Students Union ZACOSU president Peter

Bwalya hailed President Lungu for coming up with the routine morning run.

Mr. Bwalya said he happy that the practice is slowly being becoming rife among Zambians in most Townships.

He said the union will endeavor to spread the practice in all high learning institutions in a bid to fight non-communicable.

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    • And this so called democrat will not allow opposition leaders to mobilize . He sounds more like a fraud and not a democrat

    • Question 1
      Bwana president did you call Chushi directly and told him ‘nge ifyo naumfwa (what about this I’m hearing?) Can you cancel it!’” according to Kalaba.
      It seems politics to you is a game, then you are very decitful.

    • HAZALUZA HAGAIN! He is scared HAGAIN! This time if he disturbs Zambia with fulish injunctions we must take him quickly to Chimbokaila or Livingstone MUSEUM.

  1. This man is a liability not only to his useless party but to the entire country. He failed to tell the nation how he would resolve the many challenges the country is facing and instead just as predicted he went on a rant telling us about the problems that we face. We know the problems but your job is to find solutions to those problems. Even my whlte wlfe can run Zambia which has a smaller budget than the companies she runs .even I was head of a company with a bigger budget than Zambia as a nation. So how can a so called lawyer fail to manage a small economy. The man is full

  2. Ba president please step aside. You are the only reason Zambia is in problems. Your style of leadership is very bad. Even in you own party people have no confidence in you. You are definitely not a patriotic citizen. You are also the reason why corruption has escalated so much. Now look at how people are suffering just because of you. Hospitals are now in mess. People cannot afford proper meals. The Agriculture sectors is also in a bad shape. Look at the Kwacha too. Other political parties have limited space in their own countries. You are busy brutalizing them using the police. You are killing democracy that we have work so hard for. Honestly step aside before citizens start complementing how to get read of you in case you impose yourself on Zambia through the backdoor .

  3. Talk about narcissistic personality on show!! The great I am is gathering students for extra support and a few votes….. it’s all about selfishness and no thought about these students most of whom are underweight because this same government doesn’t feed them enough. They are being forced to run with a president who eats very well and can afford to burn calories when they have none to burn.
    How come these students are being told that they should take lead in governance issues when only he other day someone was discouraging journalists from doing the same and leaving ;politics to politicians?? Is it because students are young and can easily be manipulated??

  4. Wht so special abt yo white woman, if u don’t hv anything to write abt jst shut up ad let who hv constructive ideas write. Umuzungu uyo wine, wht is she made of, gold? Yaki !!!
    Let us read something constructive tht will build Zambia, not tht rubbish of a white wife, we’re also married mind u.

  5. Is this the same lungu talking about democracy who saw to it the expulsion of students from Evelyn hone for seeking sponsorship from HH and UPND ?????

  6. Last time Lungu used improper procedures to be adopted as candidate.This time make sure it’ll be a secret and truly competitive PF intra party ballot.

  7. Democracy is in the hands of the electorate. They know who to vote for or not. Individual expressions are important but what matters most is the majority vote. MMD came and people decided they must go and people voted them out. Someone has been on the ballot paper for 5 times and people decide not to vote for them atleast the majority don’t. So the real power is in the hands of the electorated. What armchair critics say is is only important to themselves. or at best wishiful thinking.

  8. Democrat really – Kikiki! But kwena politicians are really thick skinned with short memory. The PF is the most intolerant party Zambia has seen in years. If MMD was this bad I dont think PF could have won anything with Sata (MHSRIP).

  9. Hahahaha. The man is bold or stubborn indeed even when he knows he is headed for doom he still wants to go ahead and stand. He is the true captain of the sinking titanic who wants to sink together with his ship. Anyway good luck trying to convince the people of Zambia. The way I see it PF need to either inhibit DP, NDC and MMD or integrate these parties into PF again because they are most likely going to steal votes in PF strongholds if they go ahead to independently contest elections. For the UPND they may have no clear cut chances of winning the elections outright but would have a chance to usurp power from PF if the coalition government thing goes through in parliament. However I do not speak on behalf of the people of Zambia as they have the ability to independently make their own…

  10. “I am just a sponsored candidate for the Patriotic Front and I cannot determine how PF wants to run its race till 2021. And the Central Committee and General Conference are all organs of the PF. So if the PF chooses this route or that route, I am ready for anything,” he said.

    “For me, I am a democrat. I am a champion of democracy.”

    Tell the President that we have that before from all African dictators. The only democratic way is to go for a convention or general conference as per your party constitution, anything else is undemocratic (including and especially trible HH ‘s UPND).. The interesting thing is that none of these politicians cite costs as the reason why they can’t hold conventions. Cost is not an acceptable reason anyway, but consensus is not acceptable either. So try…

  11. ..so try another excuse, the only excuse, i.e. go to a convention.
    Any other way is dictatorship because other interested candidates do not have the priviledge of influence and power that you enjoy. PF, UPND, NDC, none of them are democratic going by their utterances.
    It is really shameful that our President can reduce his party to undemocratic levels of Trible HH’s UPND or Chimbwili’s NDC. Shameful.

  12. Chief Democrate Indeed wjo can afford to source a private jet at $63m but failing to raise $23m for improtation of electricity, lets not forget $52m for useless fire truck but can’t address the hunger situation in parts of Eastern, Southern & Western province yet busy thinking in campaign mode, a misplased democrate indeed…. CNP

  13. People must know what they are boasting about. What is a democrat? It certainly is not one who is protected by a criminal libel law. A democrat would not hide behind criminal libel protection whenever he is criticised.

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