-President Edgar Lungu laying wreaths during the Remembrance Day at the National Cenotaph yesterday 13-11-2016. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
President Edgar Lungu laying wreaths during the Remembrance Day at the National Cenotaph

resident Edgar Lungu on Sunday led defence and security wings in remembering men and women who died during the first and second world wars.

The President laid wreaths at the National Cenotaph before greeting the dignitaries that were in attendance.

Others who laid wreaths are War Veterans, Defence Chiefs and Diplomats.

President Lungu also took time to interact with ordinary people who came to witness this year’s Remembrance Day.

And speaking during the ceremony, Zambia Army Chaplain Spoon Mbewe called for promotion of peace and unity in Zambia.

Assistant Superintendent Mbewe said misunderstandings will always be there but what is needed is to resolve them peacefully.

He has urged Zambians to be humble and have control over what they say if they are to be peace makers.

The event was also attended by Former Vice Presidents Nevers Mumba and Enock Kavindele among others.

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  1. The only thing that Lungu leads well is that Sunday jogging with his rats.

    This commander in thief has failed citizens, and should be booted out in 2021 when he goes for a third term of office.


    • I love that commander in thief !!!!!!, this useless thieving lawyer wanna be is useless as they come, the chap is dull and useless, truly the worst president on earth.


  2. my british whlte wlfe is wondering why you africans are commemorating something which the europeans and british do not consider you to have contributed to even though many africans were killed. In their history they do not mention africa’s involvement in the war yet here you are celebrating rubbish


  3. It is always sad to be reading hate comments, Zambians we should denounce insultes, hate speeches and comments etc, let us remember that our fore fathers where united when they fought for freedom and the peace we are enjoying today. As we always say, ‘united we Stand, divided we fall’. Those in opposition unity with the rulling party PF under the leadership of President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, one leader at time and that does not mean that when you get united with the rulling party then you can not speak and advise, you need to use the language which will Unity Zambia, which will focus on the national development.




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