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Nakachinda’s Appeal Futile Exercise – Mukuka

Headlines Nakachinda's Appeal Futile Exercise - Mukuka

Hon. Rapheal Nakachinda chairing a sitting of the parliamentary select committee on the Constitutional Amendment Bill.
Hon. Rapheal Nakachinda chairing a sitting of the parliamentary select committee on the Constitutional Amendment Bill.

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Spokesperson Dr. Cephas Mukuka has said that the party leadership is not moved by the decision by Raphael Nakachinda to appeal High Court Judge Sharon Newa’s Landmark Judgement that recognized Dr. Mumba as Party President.

Raphael Nakachinda and George Kangwa who are expelled members of the MMD, today filed in a Notice of Appeal against Judge Sharon Newa’s Landmark Judgement.

Commenting on the development in an interview, Dr. Mukuka began by thanking Hon. Felix Mutati for conceding defeat.

“We are happy that the MMD Leadership Case that lasted for the last 3 years has finally come to an end. We always knew and believed that Dr. Mumba was the MMD President and the Courts have confirmed this position”, Dr. Mukuka said.

Dr. Mukuka further said that MMD Lawyers would soon commence contempt proceedings against a Mr Reuben Mambwe who took it upon himself to pour scorn and insult on the judgment and the Honourable Judge Newa.

“After Hon. Mutati conceded defeat, a bunch of hired guns led by a Mr. Reuben Mambwe who was impersonating himself as Lusaka District Secretary went on ZNBC and rubbished Judge Sharon Newa’s Landmark Judgement. Firstly, we would like to inform the Nation that those are not MMD members and neither is Mambwe a district official. Secondly, the Nation should know that our members and the general public have welcomed the judgment and are already on the ground mobilizing our party”, Dr. Mukuka said.

“As a party we have instructed our Lawyers to commence contempt proceedings against Mambwe for insulting the judiciary and the Judge”, Dr. Mukuka said.

Dr. Mukuka further said that the MMD is not moved by the decision by Raphael Nakachinda to appeal the landmark judgment as it was his right to do so. What is to be noted however is that the appeal does not affect the judgment in the absence of a stay.

“We had always warned Hon. Mutati to be careful of his dealings with Nakachinda. Nakachinda has defied Mutati, a man he called his president because it he has never believed in Mutati. To him, Mutati was always a cash cow. “, Dr. Mukuka said.

“All our members and structures have welcomed the judgment have and are happy with it. Secondly, Mr. Mutati who was the first defendant and his followers, has conceded defeat. So we wonder under whose authority he has appealed when the chief defendant has conceded defeat”, Dr. Mukuka said.

“We would like to clear the air that Raphael Nakachinda and George Kangwa have appealed in their personal capacity against the Party Leadership. Furthermore, Hon. Felix Mutati and Hon. Mwansa Mbulakulima has distanced themselves from the appeal”, Dr. Mukuka said.

“We would like to caution Nakachinda to stop impersonating himself as our party National Secretary. He is not a member of the MMD and last week the judgment clearly spelled it. Should Nakachinda ever impersonate himself as our National Secretary, we will report him to the police for impersonation and we shall instruct our Lawyers to commence contempt proceedings against him”, Dr. Mukuka warned.


  1. Mr nakachisa is fighting for his seat in parliament .It is about personal benefit but its a lost cause.
    We expect him to be dropped anytime now for he is not representing MMD anymore.
    Unfortunately , it just has to happen.
    l think its my time now to also be nominated and appointed minister .

    Happy birthday Mr President

  2. Thats the problem wen u dont know wat u stand for ba Nakachinda, I awez new that u not go any where with those unnecessary fights be real and objective, fight for the interest of the nation not yo tummy bwana. now the reality is catching up with u kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Raphael, this appeal is unnecessary. The right thing to do is to resign the MPship. Don’t put President Lungu in an awkward position. if your motive is to protect your job then know that he who hires ca also fire but if you resign gracefully who knows the president might just find use for you somewhere given that you clearly look like a useful individual.

  4. Yaba! Na mazina yamene akuti Nakachinda. Your bosses have conceded iwe ukuti tiye nayo. Koma Zambia has really become lawless mwe. There is also the habit in Zed of just using lawsuits to slow down or destabilize others. We need something of an anti-SLAPP approach that some states in the USA have adopted to discourage frivolous lawsuits.

  5. In Zambia nothing makes sense.All people serving in the MMD NEC are Nervers Mumba’s appointees, he has expelled all those that were elected with him and others have since defected. His term expired after 5 years yet the Court saw it fit to reinstate him. It’s the end of the MMD. Enoch Kavindele and VJ are still members of the MMD, it’s better they counsel these chaps. Tilyenji Kaunda has sold all UNIP assets and has adamantly refused to call for the National Congress in abrogation of the Party Constitution. It’s shameful that Njekwa Anamela has decided to follow Tilyenji. That’s how politics destroy intelligent people. You need to be crazy like Kambwili to follow Zambian politics

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